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Where Will You Call Home?!? (6/2/2016, Message#2)

Updated on December 18, 2020

The Life on Planet Earth!

The Blue Sphere Which is Our Home!
The Blue Sphere Which is Our Home! | Source

The Lives We Are Living Right Now? What Do They Have to Do With the Next Destination?

As we go about our daily lives, whether we are aware of it or not, we are all a part of a system of control, bondage or enslavement. We go to bed at night; we wake up the next morning usually off to work, school or we are off busy doing something. It would seem that we have "Freedom," but do we really have it? Sure we have free will to choose to be and what we want to do in this world, but still, are we really Free? I want you to actually ponder this statement?

What does it mean to be Free or to have Freedom? For right now in America, we have Freedom of Speech; Separation of Church and State; the Right to Bear Arms and so forth. How long will this all last? According the Bible (the Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth), there will come a time when those freedoms which the USA, at present still offers, will come to an end. One thing I have learned in reading the Bible, whatever the Lord God says, it will come to pass or putting it plainly, it Will Happen just as He said. Jehovah God is true to His Word, better than any bank, car lot, Mortgage Company and/or any form of government. People will fail one another, the Lord God never fails anyone; especially those who choose Him and live for Him!

Even still, this begs the question, are we really free? According to this world and the way it is structured by man or by the governments for us, the answer is no. This shouldn't be a surprise, if you think about it or really ponder the life you live and how you live it.

True Christians Know This World Isn't Our Home, Do You Know This??

The Land of the Free, the USA!?!?

The Land of the..., Free?!?
The Land of the..., Free?!? | Source

The Land of the Free?

For most people around the world, whether it’s a morning job, afternoon job or a late night job. At some point we must wake up, start our day and go to work for someone else. This is done so we can earn a living, have a place to stay and a means to get to the workplace. Whether we live in a home, house, apartment or condo, when we go to work; we must leave the place we worked so hard to acquire. This is supposed to be where we have a resting place, where we could raise a family, invite friends over and so forth. To go to work, we have to leave this area, which we worked to achieve?!? Can you see where I am going with this? Look I know we must work, even the Bible states: "If a Man does not work, he shall not Eat." I get that and it make sense, however this does not mention doing the bidding of a company or government just to survive or make ends meet. Based on just information, can you begin to see that The United States of America, the Downfall and the End of the American “Way” of Life is coming Soon!?!

After we finish High School or College for others, we go out to look for work if we weren't already working while in school. In either case, we are told how much income we are going to start with, say $10 and hour for 29 hours a week of work. So that $290 before taxes, wait what? After taxes you might be lucky to keep about $200 a week, for a whole month of work this is about $800 to live off of. In the meantime you have rent due, car insurance, water to pay, electricity bill and a phone or cellphone bill. All of which must be paid each month for your survival or existence in this world. For those who live with their parents while in High School or College, their burdens may not be as intense. However, for college graduates there is something else added to their monthly expenses..., Student Loans!!! If those same folks are living on their own, earning that same $10 an hour at 29 hours a week; yeah it’s tough and why so many say: I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y!! I don't think many people even realize this fact, for every young person that is beginning their life in this world, their parents are currently doing the same things they are about to embark on for themselves. Ponder that for a minute or two, Are We Really Free?

Living This Life or a Lie...?

The Lies of This World Have Led Many People Into Destruction!!!

When Will It Be Time To Turn This Around!?!?
When Will It Be Time To Turn This Around!?!? | Source

What Happens If We Just Live "Our" Lives?

As we all know, naked we enter this world and naked we leave this life. As the Video and I have mentioned already, we learn this world, live as the world is set before us and all the while we accumulate or acquire things in this existence. It would seem the correct term while we are here is we "borrow" what is received in this life. We come into the world with nothing and we leave this world with nothing. Then why is there so much emphasis put upon acquiring more stuff? Could this be a distraction and if so, from where and why or did you know these are The Devices of the Enemy!?!

It would seem the acquisition of wealth or more stuff has caused so many people to miss the real point of this existence. Sure wealth and stuff can be passed onto the next generation, but what then? More than likely, the next generation may or may not appreciate the hard work which it took to achieve the wealth or stuff by the initial generation. If there is enough to be passed onto the generation that follows, wealth or stuff is not usually passed on much further than three generations. So we work, miss time with family and friends, achieve more wealth or stuff. Become wealthy or acquire more stuff, in doing so, the family and friendships are constrained or no longer are existent. So what happens to the relationships which are supposed to mean so much more than wealth or the acquisition of stuff?

Is It Really Worth It?!?

This is the Meaning of Our Modern Lives?
This is the Meaning of Our Modern Lives? | Source

Work, Work, More Work and Then...

By now I hope you are beginning to realize there has to be more than just this Life. Before we get there, we still need to realize at this point in time, there are Billions of People who are entangled in the web of a deceitful system we call "Living this Life on Earth, in the Modern World."

Now let's get back to the rest of the daily and yearly struggle to acquire wealth or more stuff. After you have graduated from college, you spent years upon years in the workforce. Along the way, you got married, started a family and all while working a job. Life should be good right? The desire for working increases, because now you must provide for more people. After college it was just you and a $12 an hour job helped you make ends meet. Now that isn't sufficient anymore, so what do we do? We all attempt to climb the corporate ladder or at least try to make more money to survive or least this is the initial intention. As you begin to make more money, and now since you are married. You are beginning to start the family you always dreamed of, Life is Good or getting comfortable.

As the family begins to grow, now I need a bigger living space, my bachelor's pad apartment will no longer support my growing needs. I need a house to keep my family comfortable and more vehicles to get back and forth to work; the wife needs one, and one extra just in case. Now it is becoming very apparent, that more income will be needed and if you haven't yet by now; you have probably gone back to school to earn a Master's Degree or a Ph.D. This may not be the case for everyone in this scenario; however there are elements which apply to everyone living today. Money is how this world works and what drives the whole system of "more" wealth.

Wealth for Prestige or Honor?!?!?!

Now I Have More Stuff..., Really?

I Have More Wealth and More Stuff, Now Life is Good...
I Have More Wealth and More Stuff, Now Life is Good... | Source

Working in the Later Years...

As the needs continue to grow, what was once a desire to provide for the family slowly turns into the need for more wealth or stuff! It’s no longer about family, but rather me, mine, and I. What was once a beautiful family, divorce has crept in, children have become disrespectful and the father is no longer in the picture. He is too busy establishing more wealth for a family he never sees or interacts with because of more responsibilities from work attempting to make more money. A Family needs a Daddy a Man, a Mother a Woman and Children (Boys and Girls). Take any one of these away; there is no more a family, just people who are trying to survive in this world or the system. I am not stating here that a single-parent home will not work in today's society. What I am stating is the proper family structure is a Man/Husband/Father, a Women/Wife/Mother and Children/Boys and Girls, which interact with each other in the biblical principles on how the Lord God intended a Family to be.

By the time you get some age on you and you have worked most of your good years or prime. You begin to realize, relationships and making connections with people are more important. During this phase, correcting the mistakes made with your immediate family has become impossible to correct or restore. You have achieved so much wealth and acquired stuff, that you are indeed wealthy or have you? Let’s Talk About Money and find out if this one of The Devices of the Enemy. None of this wealth or stuff you can take with you when you pass on, so you "will" it to the family you neglected to achieve it. During this time while you were achieving this status, your family has become very wroth, and displeased with you and now you are going to pass onto this same family all that you have achieved. Do you see now why wealth or stuff usually stays in a family for about three generations?

It would seem that spending more time with a family; being a part of the structure of a family is far more important than giving them stuff. Somewhere along the way, we seem to lose sight of this. I wonder what else we lose sight of while we are living here in this Life, What else do We put off or pass up on? Just Maybe, this is why there are so Many Distractions (The Devices of the Enemy) in this World?

The Last Living and Final Statement?

The Dying Will for Giving Away Stuff!?!?!
The Dying Will for Giving Away Stuff!?!?! | Source

The Choices of the Next Life After This One...

This person has worked their whole life, has been divorced for whatever reason and didn’t make much attempt to spend actual time with his family. Whether it was his brothers, sisters or parents and/or not just his wife and children, his main focus became to acquire more wealth. Do you think his next destination after he closes his eyes from this life and enters into Eternity will be peaceful for him? Well?

Unfortunately, there are many people who are entangled in this trap. The trap which most people never realize until they enter into the next realm, Pulling People Out of the Fire? Once you enter into the afterlife, there are only two destinations, one of Eternal Rest, Peace, Joy and Glory; the other of unrest, torment, never any peace and Complete Darkness. So this begs to ask the question, which is more real, this Life, Heaven or Hell? Could the distractions of this life, sports, social media, news programs, movies, commercials and celebrity information be the tools to keep people in the dark, and away from knowing the hope of Heaven and how to get there? These are the tools and The Devices of the Enemy!!!

Is there a way to make sure we can change the outcome of our destination in the afterlife?

What do We Put off in This Life?

Hold Up, I am Not Ready?

You Make Your Choice While Living Now?
You Make Your Choice While Living Now? | Source

Is Hell Really Real?

If Heaven and the Lord God are Real, then Hell has to be real as well. To be honest, Father God never intended for Humanity to be sent to Hell. Hell is the punishment that is set forth for the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his demons (the Fallen Angels). The goal of the devil is to trick or fool people into following him. Since we are born into sin at birth, he owns us even though Jehovah God created us. This goes all the way back to when Adam and Eve ate the Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, according to the Bible (the Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth). Also by this same book, the wages of sin is death, so what is death? Hell is death and death is Hell.

Putting this plainly, Hell is simply put, a place where the Love and Light of the Lord God can't be found. His Presence will not manifest there, there is no Love or Charity, No Peace in Hell, there is nothing there that would lead you to know God. Yet once you get there, you know there is a God and that Heaven is real. At the same time you desire to have him save you from this new reality, there is No Life or Hope There, only Misery and Gnashing of Teeth.

If you never took an opportunity to come to God or acknowledge Jesus Christ, the Son of God and what he has done for you at Calvary's Cross 2000 Years ago. Hell becomes your reality after you die in this life, for all Eternity!

Time is of the Essence, don't wait and make Heaven your Home Today, Do It Right Now!!

The Place Called Hell

The Place that was Never Meant for People
The Place that was Never Meant for People | Source

Hell, The Place of Gnashing of Teeth!!

The Bible states, Hell is a place of no rest and gnashing of teeth! If we have already addressed some of the attributes of the Goodliness of Father God and we now know that Hell is total separation from Him. So what is this place called like? In Hell, there is no Love, Peace, Joy or otherwise. There is nothing but extreme pain, sadness, misery and anything else you can imagine where the presence of the Lord God can't be found.

This means in this Life, when it rains on Earth, when the Sun Shines and the Greenery Grows, this takes place in the Presence of Almighty God? Yes, anything Good in this Life is because of Father God, not of man. Tragedy and Misfortune is not of God, but this is whole other topic. The purpose of this article is to "Pull you out of the Hell Fire!" Nor do you want to be torn to bits; this is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Many of the "Fallen Angels" already are walking the Earth! Soon they will be Visible and seen with the naked eyes, there is a way to escape the soon fast approaching darkness!! The Lord God Gave Humanity, Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, as Explained By the Lord Jesus!!

More than Just a Fantasy or a Story, It's a Very Real Reality!

Heaven, the Dwelling Place of the Lord God the Father and the Lord Jesus!!

Hope, Peace, Love in Jesus!
Hope, Peace, Love in Jesus! | Source

Heaven, Eternal Rest, Peace and Love!

Heaven is a place that is basically indescribable in any Human Language. I am going to try to do so here. It is the place of Holy Father God, where the richness of His Glory is made manifest. There is no sunlight, His Glory shines forth in Heaven, He is the Light! Heaven is a place of Peace, Rest, Hope and Love, which surpasses all understanding and Human Knowledge. In as such, it is easier for man to relate to darkness than it is to recognize the light or truth and a place of no sin or evil!! There is no darkness there, nor evil or any vile thing. God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son of God dwell in a Perfect and Pristine Realm, in which Heaven actually is. Father God's Love abounds and His very Presence is everywhere, Glory to the Lord God of Heaven for this Hope and a reality someday soon for those who have chosen Him! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

To make Heaven your Home, you Must turn away or Repent from your old life and acknowledge that you have sinned. This takes courage and yes I am speaking from experience. In TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions, I share my story! You also must realize you need the Lord Jesus; accept Him as Lord and Savior of your Life and Repent of your sins, Pick Up Your Cross and Follow the Lord Jesus. If possible, find a church in your local area and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit or prayer to receive the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name, and Live each day for the Lord Jesus Christ. Seek the Will of Father God in your Daily Life and spend time reading the Bible.

You could even use TeamSTM's Preparation Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, as an example to follow. Jesus states: "Follow Me for My Yolk is Light..." With the burdens of this World, who could use less stress, worry or doubt? Cast all of your cares, concerns, worries and even doubts onto the Lord Jesus Christ, He wants you to come to Him in All Things. The things of God are not hard, letting go of Ego and Pride can ruin this Life and the next. Chose the Lord Jesus, Follow Him and Make Heaven Your Home! The Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, as Explained By the Lord Jesus is about to Happen Soon, Will You Be Ready Before It Does!?!?

See What Awaits Those Who Love and Live For Jesus!

Make the Choice for Eternity Now!

Which is More Real?

See results

Urgent, Come to Jesus Now!

There is no Time Like the Present! Act Now!
There is no Time Like the Present! Act Now! | Source

Make the Best Decision for Your Eternity Today!

Come to the Lord Jesus Christ, the one who defeated all those things with His very life at the cross. He physically died so we don't have to spiritually die and this goes for anyone who comes to Him. Jesus is waiting, will you come to Him and do it today, right now! Don't Wait, Tomorrow isn't promise, your very next breath isn't promised either!! The Lord Jesus is calling you to come, let Him write your name in the Lamb's book of Life in Heaven. Come; accept Him while He may still be found! Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord", believe in your Heart that Father God Raised Him from the dead and you will be Saved!

It's so simple and Jesus will hear you wherever you are, at home, at work, in jail, in the bathroom. Wherever, whenever, we can call upon the name of the Lord Jesus; you too can become free of this worldly system and have life with Him in Heaven!

This Could Have Been You or Somebody You Know!!

What's Your Answer?

Have You Decided Yet?
Have You Decided Yet? | Source

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