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Dreams Explanation: Money And Banking - All About Money- Part Four

Updated on September 15, 2014
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Money Dreams

In this article and as promised, I will be writing about the explanation of being near a bank, seeing a bank and some other different images.

There will also be an explanation for seeing metal coin money from all kinds ( copper, silver, golden)

This is part four of dreaming about money explanation, there are three other articles that talk about seeing money in dreams so if you're curious about knowing the other meanings then check out the articles mentioned below:


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flickr - Commercial use allowed- | Source

Money: Metal Coins

In general, dreaming about metal coins can mean : health issues, family issues, harsh arguments and troubles, this explanation is not always the same though because it depends on what you've seen and all the other details seen in the dream.

If you find money coins on the street or floor or any other place: You'll face a trouble.

If you dream that you have paid by money coins: All your problems in your life would come to an end or you will be finding many solutions to your problems ( especially financial issues).

If you throw money coins in the dream: You will get rid of many troubles, and if you put them in a machine it means: you will be facing hard problems.

Silver Money Coins - if you find it shining and glittering it indicates: Friendship and new circumstances. If you don't find it shining and glittering: Good circumstances will turn into bad and also you'll be having some problems with your friendship(s).

Copper money coins: Envy,malice, hatred and sickness ( in general) If you see yourself giving it to somebody it means: You will know for sure who's that person who always envy and hate you.

If you see somebody is giving you the copper money coins in the dream: Your relationship with someone will come to an end because of some problems. ( The dream tells you that your relationship ending with this particular person is better for your own sake)

Golden money coins: If you get it: success, new contacts and people - This explanation applies if the golden money coins in the dream are given from someone that you love, this person can be a friend,lover,mother etc..- Or even if the coins are given from someone that you don't know. These images also indicates: getting healed from a certain illness or a disease if you're sick or ill.

Paying with golden money coins in the dream means: Meeting a new loyal person and ending of health issues.

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In general, seeing a bank in the dream indicates: passing through some bad financial periods.

If you see yourself standing in front of a bank in the dream, it means: A bright future that holds special and good news for you.

If you notice that the building of the bank is huge or if you get surprised by its shining and glittering window glass, it means: You will be getting a very rare chance and an astonishing luck. " Try to get advantage of this at the right time" If you're someone from those who have missions,projects and plans, the dream tells you that your projects will find success and great luck.

If you see yourself being an employee in a bank or if you see yourself entering a bank to complete some of your important paper work: Complicated financial issues.

If you see yourself entering a bank and leaving while holding money: The meaning of this is related to the kind of money that you were holding - paper money, currencies, coins etc..- but in general this means: outer administrative troubles, complicated paper works or the meaning could be about getting you rescued from danger.

If you don't remember seeing yourself leaving the bank while holding money, it means: Financial troubles ending or getting help and acceptance for your paper works.

If you see in your dream a bank full of lights or if the lights get your attention, it means: an amazing luck, for employees: Promotion and upgrading, for job seekers: acceptance and for those with big projects: Successful interactions.

Check out these interesting topics below.

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