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Famous Waterfalls

Updated on October 22, 2011

Waterfalls are on of the most beautiful natural wonders of this planet Earth. They are formed as a result of almost vertical interruption in the flow of rivers. Waterfalls are part of rivers or large streams that meet this vertical elevation point, from where water starts to rush down at high pressures.

The amount of water flowing downwards depends on the river conditions. In dry season, the volume of water is low, whereas in floody conditions, the amount of water flowing, is at its peak.

Water falls are classified into; block waterfalls, punch bowl, cataract waterfall, horsetail waterfall, plunge water falls, fanny water falls, multi step water falls and cascade water falls.

Here are some of world’s famous waterfalls:

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Angel falls also known as Salto Angel (in Spanish) or Kerepakupai meru (in Pemon) which means ‘waterfall of the deepest place’.

It is a part of Carrao River.

The waterfall is located in South America in Bolivar state of Venezuela.

It was discovered in 1933 by an American adventurer James Angel and to honor him this waterfall is named after his name.

The waterfall is world’s highest waterfall and is about 3212 feet (979 meters) high with a single longest drop of 2648 feet (807 meters) and has 47 numbers of drops in all.

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, one of the world’s most famous waterfalls, located at border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa.

This water fall has another very interesting name that is Mosi-ao-Tunya which means ‘the smoke that thunders’.

The Victoria Falls stands among the largest falls of the world. Although it is neither widest nor highest with the width of 1,708 meters and height of 108 meters, but the water sheets this waterfall forms, is largest among all waterfalls in the world.

By many authors and adventurers, it is considered as one of the seven natural wonders on the earth.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular places not only of American continent but of the whole world. These falls are on the Canadian and States border.

It has three drops; one is horseshoe falls, other is American falls and another one is Bridal Veil Falls. The things that make Niagara Falls stand apart from other falls of the world are its unique physical features and its appealing beauty.

Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls are 948 meters high and stand on 2nd rank among the world’s highest falls. These falls have a total five numbers of drops.

The falls are located in province KwaZulu-Natal (in Royal Natal National Park) of Republic of South Africa and are part of Tugela River. The word ‘Tugela’ in Zulu means ‘something that startles’ and so does it.

Rhine Falls
Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

In spite of the fact that Rhine falls are just 23 meters high and 150 meters wide these falls are one the most fascination and scenic beauties of Europe, which attracts tourists and adventurists from all round the world.

It is said that these falls were formed about 17,000 years ago in last ice age. The Rhine falls are located in Switzerland near the canton of Zurich and Schaffhausen.

These waterfalls are a part of river Rhine and have an average water flow on 700m2/sec in summer and 250m2/sec in winters.

Jog Falls
Jog Falls

Jog Falls

Jog falls are located in the state of Karnataka in India. It is one of the awe-inspiring scenic beauties of Asia.

With a height of 253 meters and having a single drop, this water fall stands as the highest plunge waterfall in India.

This waterfall is a part of River Sharavati. This river splits in four divisions, cascade divisions, but this waterfall is most magnificent among all four.

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, also known as Iguaçu Falls, are shares border in Paraná state of Brazil and province Misiones of Argentina.

The composition of these falls resembles a horseshoe, but this horseshoe is thrice of the horseshoe at Niagara Falls.

An interesting fact about this falls is that it is wider than Victoria Falls. Iguazu Falls is Australia’s second highest waterfalls with the total number of 275 drops.

Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite falls are located in Yosemite National Park of North America in the state of California.

These falls are highest waterfalls of North America and world’s eighteen highest falls with the total height of 739 meters and total number of three drops (highest drop is of 436 meters).

In late spring, it is the major attraction of the park as water pressure is at its peak.

In the season of little snow, some of the rock climbers dare to climb this rock near the spot of waterfall.

But this is one of the most dangerous risks one could ever dare to take, as even a little thunderstorm will vanish the climbers from this rock.

Famous Waterfalls In Philippines


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      Aimee Hornby 

      9 years ago

      good info maby make it more appealing to the younger eye xxx

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      10 years ago

      good job hassam, very impressive work!!


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