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Feng Shui and the force of intention

Updated on February 4, 2014
Intention works like a fuel for a rocket
Intention works like a fuel for a rocket

The most powerful means of Feng Shui

You are about to add to Feng Shui the force of intention! Intention is a desire, a willful choice of a goal. This is what happens in your head and soul, when you make your first step on a physical level. This is a synonym of will, passion and mission and it works like a rocket fuel to launch your projects in Feng Shui.

For example, if you simply make some change in the career area of your bagua (in the south), without really thinking of what you will get (you will paint your door in red, dig nine Chinese coins near your entrance, put a fountain there), you will probably notice some improvements in your work. But if you clearly visualize your goal (promotion, book authorship, etc.), if you visualize your success clearly and put all your passion in it, be sure then that your red door, your fountain and your coins will do the best of their job.

Our thoughts can influence the Universe
Our thoughts can influence the Universe

Intention and form: the relations of body and mind

How do intentions work? According to Feng Shui, whatever you have in your head, this can be realized in a material world. If we send our mental chi to the world in a concentrated and decisive way, it will vibrate with the chi of the universe and will bring back the result that we have been waiting for.
For the intention force to work, it is unnecessary to be a Buddhist, a mystic or a Taoist. You only need to admit that it is possible. The energy of the Universe is plastic and flowing - it is ever changing. We can influence the Universe to make it change in this or that way or at least influence the corner it is in at his moment. If you believe in the possibility of a change, you can make it so that the intentions work.

Do you believe in the power of thoughts?

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Irrational part of human behaviour is yet to be explained while Feng Shui admits it
Irrational part of human behaviour is yet to be explained while Feng Shui admits it

Everyday and transcendental Feng Shui

Feng Shui works on two different levels of human life: the material one (sin) and the immaterial (yi). Sin is an everyday routine part of Feng Shui, that wants to mount your energy by cleaning, correcting and removing order from your room or house, by filling it up with colors, flowers and light.
Meanwhile, besides these down to earth material things, there is a transcendental yi part that is immaterial, illogical and spiritual. Science has no answer for the fact that some rituals and remedies yi are effective, because science only has to deal with the observable, physical world. But for the reasons that can never be clear to us, they work.
In fact, this is a real conviction of Feng Shui that the illogical statements work better than the logical ones. They even consider that we act basing upon the illogical and not scientific actions more often than we think. The longest part of our lives we live on intuition and believing in things that cannot be verified.

Meditation helps to connect your chi with that of the Universe
Meditation helps to connect your chi with that of the Universe
Dhyana mudra - heart calming mudra
Dhyana mudra - heart calming mudra | Source
Prayer gesture is very calming
Prayer gesture is very calming

Three reinforcement secrets

The ritual of three reinforcement secrets uses three sources of chi to fortify your Feng Shui actions: your body, your speech and your mind. By doing this ritual, you translate your intentions to the Universe by putting them on the way to materialisation. This ritual is especially effective when you make it before using the instruments and remedies of Feng Shui.
Before starting the ritual itself or any other ritual it is important to meditate. Meditation gives us the opportunity to calm down, to clear the mind, and to prepare one’s chi for the connexion with the chi of the Universe. One excellent instrument of help for better meditation is the heart calming mantra. This mantra can be said anywhere and at any time, to calm down one’s chi, whether you are going to work with Feng Shui or not. To use it, sit or stand still and repeat these words nine times:
Ga-te, ga-te, para ga-te
Para sum ga-te
Bodhi, svaha
To reinforce the mantra, you can add a spiritual gesture, or mudra. Heart and soul calming mudra in this case is very suitable: rest your left palm over the right palm, thumbs almost touching and place it against your heart, palms open.
You can also use a gesture of prayer (two palms pressed together) to calm down.
Now you can use the three reinforcement secrets. You can use all the instruments of Feng Shui simultaneously with the three secrets!

Tarjani mudra helps cast the energy of bad luck
Tarjani mudra helps cast the energy of bad luck


Put some physical energy in your intention by doing a mudra suitable for the situation. Try the exorcism mudra to cast the negative chi: raising your index finger and your little finger, click several times with your middle and ring finger against the big finger and keep your palm up.

Visualisation is a success when it is detailed
Visualisation is a success when it is detailed


This is the most important of all the secrets. When saying words or doing mudras, keep in mind the clear image of your goal. Imagine the clear picture of what your life will be like when your goal is attained. Use eyesight, sounds and emotions.
Make your visualisation as detailed as possible. Feel what it is like when your dreams become reality.
How often must we do this ritual? Repeat it every time when you improve the Feng Shui of your home and when you feel that the previous visualisation was a failure. By doing the ritual, stay concentrated and sincere and then believe that the improvement has already started.

The best time for the ritual

Make the ritual right before you are going to bring new change and improve Feng Shui. Any time is good but the best time is between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and between 11 p. m. and 1 a.m. During this time day turns into night, and night turns into day. This time brings a very special energy of transformation. During these periods the Universe itself starts moving, so you can use them also to improve your life.

What must be done when the ritual is over

When you have used the remedies and have done the ritual, thus reinforcing them with visualisation and intention, be still and observe. Even if you feel very thrilled, avoid telling anybody about your ritual and the remedies that you have used. Discussion sucks out the energy from your intentions.
Be patient. Do not wait with a growing anxiety when your dreams will start coming true. Walk through your life with a conviction that your intentions are somewhere present and that the Universe has heard you. The Universe works by its own schedule, so everything may not happen today, or tomorrow, or the next month, but it will come to you in the proper time.
Wait and be sure that the Universe will answer your intentions, although the response will not necessarily come in exactly the same form as you expect. Remember that everything that you send will get back to you. Keep your chi calm, elevated and full of hopes.

Good things are already on their way to you.


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    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 5 years ago from Russia

      Brian Burton,

      Thanks for your feedback!

    • Brian Burton profile image

      Brian Burton 5 years ago

      That is really interesting. I've often wondered about Feng Shui. Really good hub.

    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 6 years ago from Russia

      Hello. Thank you for your comment, pedrn44. And for your vote. For the mantra, you pronounce it without forcing too much any sound, better with a voice a little higher than usual. For every letter "a" you use the sound like in the word sum. Say the word "sum" as you would say it normally. In words "bodhi" and "svaha" try to pronounce the "h" sound like the sound of exhalation. Pronounce every "e" sound like in the word "bed".

      Also, for you to know, mantras are a subtle way to make an impact on your destiny. And these must be combined with entirely physical actions.

    • pedrn44 profile image

      Sandi 6 years ago from Greenfield, Wisconsin

      Great hub. I have used "Dream Boards" in the past but have never tried meditation as a way of visualizing my goals. I'm not sure how to pronounce the words of the Mantra you suggested. Can you help? Thanks:)Voted up.