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Finally,Proof of Aliens?

Updated on March 2, 2013

Quispicachi, Cuzco, Peru

New Find
New Find | Source


In Peru this time, once again ancient skulls have been found by archeologists. These skulls were found in the city of Andahuaylilles in the southern province of Quispicanchi in November 2011 and once again have elongated skulls.

On several occasions in the past there have been reports of similar finds. These finds though are either lost or discredited, the skeptics putting them down to the ancient practice of skull elongation which has been proved to be used as long as 9000years ago. This practice known to be used by at least the Maya, North American Indians and Australian Aborigines, involves using bandages and boards to wrap babies heads, resulting flat or elongated skulls to depict either status or tribe. Although these practices have been proven to have existed, no proof has been shown that reflects the extent of elongation found in these discovered skulls. The skeptics though will answer, “They could be a birth abnormality”.

So the discussion continues between the Ancient Alien theorists and the skeptics, until now.


So, why is this find different?

Anthropologists from Russia and Spain have since studied the skulls and their preliminary findings are that these skulls are not human. They determined this because there was a soft spot on the skull which in humans, is only found in children up to one year old, yet the skulls also contained two large molars which in humans, are only found on older adults.

This though does not convince the skeptics but what was also found might.

The skulls, as well as being elongated have exceptionally large eye sockets. In one of the eye sockets on one of the skulls, part of an eyeball remained. It has now been determined that enough of the eye remains to facilitate a DNA test.

It could be the results of this DNA test that determines as to whether these skulls are human or alien.


Will these results then quell the skeptics?

It is doubtful, even if DNA testing shows that the skulls are not from any known Earth creature, the skeptics remain just that.

In the past similar tests have been carried out and when the results are announced, they are bombarded with accusations of flawed testing or dismissed as hoaxes. When this cannot be done, then the skeptics say that there must be Earth bound DNA that we are not yet aware of.

Why are these skeptics, mainly in the employ of Governments, so skeptical?

Why is it that Governments will go to such lengths to try and convince us that professional archeologists and anthropologists have got it wrong?

Is it possible that Governments are already aware of a truth that aliens do or did once have a presence on our planet?

If so, then why do they not want the rest of us to know?

Is there a link to possible new technologies that they do not want anyone else to find?

If this were the case, then surely mankind would better be served with the whole of the scientific world pursuing the new technology rather than just certain ones in the employ of the knowing elite.

Unless, of course, the intention is that any new technology will be used to maintain the power of the elite.

No matter what new finds are made and no matter how much proof independent scientists show, will we the common man, ever learn the real truth?


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 5 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Thank you for a peek into what may be proof that Aliens exsist. Very interesting. I voted up.

    • profile image

      gogogo 5 years ago

      As usual I enjoyed reading your hub, very interesting and thought provoking

    • Druid Dude profile image

      Druid Dude 5 years ago from West Coast

      Barring the find of an ancient spacecraft, we must then assume that 'they' are from here. Nice hub. Very interesting. Peace