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Finding a Way to Be Positive in Negative Times

Updated on September 17, 2011

Embrace Americans


Embrace Your Fellow American

I use to have a friend who died last January at the age of 96. She was old and a lone and rather battered by her family for living so long but I appreciated her companionship and camaraderie. She use to tell me I was an old soul and I believed her. She was dear and we could speak about anything. I understand her family was not happy I cared for her as they were hoping she would die but it is not within me to neglect my neighbor although my neighbor would happily neglect me.

One of our conversations was in regard to the moral decline of the United States over the last 40 years. I was not able to speak to this as articulately since I was barely 40 at the time but with someone twice my age she had a keen eye on the moral decline of this country.

Often I would say it began in Washington DC and that they were at fault and she would ever so gently tell me Washington DC is always behind the times in the country. They never lead. I disagreed respectfully but my dear old departed friend told me that it is the responsibility of the people to set the moral standard for the country and not the country for the people. I like the sound of that kind of autonomy and perceived locus of control but I doubted her.

Now that she is gone the country specifically the government has continued down this road of completely immorality. We literally have people going hungry in this country and we are bribing other countries and feeding people in other countries. We have fallen apart both morally and ethically as a country. There should not be a dime of foreign aid or trade while people in this country are homeless and hungry. It has to end.

But I don't expect you to change Washington but for you to lead. And how can you lead in a time of immorality and corruption by doing exactly the opposite. You can be kind ot your neighbor, your friend and not follow in the greed and immorality of government. You can turn your back on those who do not act morally in our government and turn your time toleding our country out of this depraved time. It could be as simple as saying something nice to people. You meet to brighten their day. Nice words don't cost you anything and may actually change the way you perceive the world. But the leadership has to begin with us and it has to begin now.

We as a nation can no longer accept homeless and hunger as a common day occurrence in this country. What is the purpose of the government if not to provide for the people? Is it to provide for themselves and the wealthy?

You can't change that unless you are willing to run for office but you can change how you view each other. We are all in this together. I don't care what walk of life, religious background or socio-economic status you come from everyone in this country everyone deserves an equal opportunity to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. And we have been denied this rights for the better part of the last decade.

It isn't a Democrat or a Republican thing but a human thing. And we all need to get back to thinking we are all human. Start small with kind words. Try saying kind words to three people a day. Find something to like about everyone around you and believe the best in them and they will not wish to disappoint you. And let Washington see your deeds and realize their game is over. We are no longer divided but one in our suffering and we provide comfort to each other in spite of them. And let them follow and learn they only have jobs to serve The People and until they embrace that part of their job description they can't get the time of day from their constituents.

I will forever miss my 96 year old friend but she was right. We lead the country and Washington always lags behind us. If we want change we can believe in it will have to begin with ourselves and how we treat each other. Because DC only has bad intentions for everyone outside of DC. Unite with each other and not with a political candidate or party and it will send a message to Washington loud and clear that their tyranny is over.

I don't belong to a political party and I self identify as an independent republican if that.

What You Believe?

Do you believe Americans will lead the country or will Washington DC?

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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi BWD316,

      Thank you for your constructive criticism. I will reread the article by the end of today and see if I can make some improvements. I actually appreciate anyone who would take time to provide me with constructive criticism.

      I don't think I suggest not giving aid to countries after natural disasters like Japan. But more specifically I think the 500 billion dollars given to Pakistan was really excessive when they were housing Osama Bin Laden especially when we have peope who are homeless and children who are hungry in this country.

      If you don't believe the United States can care for their own people which obviously you don't then you must realize that sending money around the world to aid people is fair less efficient then helping our own citiznes.

      Are we in this together? Because last I checked there are countries that are at a distinct advantage economically in these trade agreements and our country is at a severe disadvantage.

      See I realize just how ineffective sending money around the world is and in economic down turns the first programs to be cut should be those over seas which are far less efficient then those in the Homeland.

      In a natural disatser we have teams that deploy all over the world. I kow peope on these teams. I doubt that funding will ever get cut. We also have NGO programs all around the world and NGO's are usually the first to mention how ineffective those programs are like for instance Sudan, Darfur, Kenya, Afganistan, Cambodia, Haiti and lots and lots of other programs which are very ineffective.

      It amazes me that you believe sending moeny around the world is more efficient and a more practical then helping the people of this country? Just logistically it is illogical.

      Charity begins at home. It is the most practical, logical and efficient practice.

      Thank you for your constructive criticism. I will re- read the hub before the night is over and I appreciate your reading, commenting, and providing feedback. Your opinion is and always will be valued on my hubs.



    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 6 years ago from Connecticut

      overall great message, it is up to people to help other people, not just the government. I like what your friend had to say about Americans leading the country and washington lagging behind. Although we have problems with homelessness and children going hungry in this country, the programs to help these people are always the first to be cut in economic downtime. As for helping our world neigbors, like everything their could be more efficent ways but i dont see how not helping a country in need after a disaster is not the same thing you say about helping our neighbors at home, like you said we're all in this together and that includes people outside our own country. If i can offer some constructive critism, there are some sentences that dont flow to well but other than that a good hub with a good message, voted up!