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Republican Debate in Tampa Florida September 12, 2011

Updated on February 29, 2012

Cuting Taxes?


Septmeber 12, 2011

Tonight at the Tea Party Express is sponsoring the GOP presidential Debate. It is being aired on CNN so you don't carry CNN then follow this hub as I will cover the debate. First it would be nice tonight if the GOP candidates spoke to issues and not cutting down Barack Obama. I would like to see substantive issues addressed in this debate. Time is running out for the GOP candidates to make their case to be the new president of the United States of America.

Today Barack Obama submitted a plan to raise taxes on the wealthy so I would expect the GOP candidates to relinquish their ever firm stand on "No More Taxes.". Second, it would also be nice since we are just have commemorated the 10 year anniversary that the GOP candidates speak to National Security which is a staple of the RNC.

Third, fourth and fifth, jobs, jobs and more jobs.

Sixth, it would be nice to discuss how to rebuild the five pillars of the American economy.

Seven, I would like to hear something about how great the American People are.

Eighth, I don't want to hear about the budget. All of thes jokers have spent this economy into dire straits. The next one to take a hair cut needs to be the GOP. Michelle Bachmann personally can own the American Credit Downgrade.

Ninth, I would like to hear more about Science and innovation then about the Bible and creationism.

Tenth, I would expect all of these candidates to tell the truth. I will be watching and one more lie and they may actually lose my vote.

And finally I would think this should go without saying but I would prefer that the sexually transmitted disease talk be silenced and the GOP should remain tasteful.

I am going to provide you with links to each candidate so you can review their policies which they will cite but will not illuminate during the debate tonight.

Rick Perry


Mitt Romney


Jon Huntsman


Newt Gringrigh


Herman Cain


Rick Santorum


Ron Paul


Michelle Bachmann


Review of the Debate

For me this debate and the Tea Party for that matter don't matter. I believe we will not know who the real GOP candidates will be until November 1st which is the deadline for filing for the SouthCarolina primary. I still believe this field is rather unsettled. But it is narrowing the field and we are getting to know the candidates. All these debates are sucking the oxygen out of Barack Obama's jobs bill.

But it will be the life of the GOP candidates not to tear at each other so badly they fail to gain the confidence of the American electorate let alone the Republican constituents.

And then everyone claims Sarah Palinwill jump into the race before November 1st but I think that will be the death of the Tea Party Movement as it will no longer be the Tea Party Movement but the Sarah Palin self serving agenda. No to mention Sarah Palin will have a very difficult time finding any credibility no matter how much money she has.

What was clear from the beginning is that Michelle Bachmann and Jon Huntsman were fighting to stay in the race. They did not help themselves sin this debate. Where i like Huntsman I think he was a bit too desperate as was Bachmann. Of the 20+ times Barack Obama's name was mentioned about half of those mentions came from Michelle Bachmann who wanted to repeal everything Obama had done. Bachmann also claimed America needs to be an ownership society which is interesting considering Fannie Mae owns her home. She also admitted she voted against cut cap and balance and caused the the credit down grade of the USA. Bachmannwent on to claim that Rick Perry harmed girl with the HPV vaccine. Huntsman also dropped his diplomat credentials when he went after Romney and Perry which didn't reflect will on Huntsman. Bachmann tore into Perry over immigration but it did more for Perry to gain Latino votes then it harmed him. Huntmans accused Perry of a treasonous response. Again Huntsman lost his civility and i would guess he would bow out of the race shortly.

Ron Paul managed his anger and he had perhaps his best debate. He owned up tot he fact that Social Security is only insolvent because the federal government keeps raiding the trust to pay for wars. Paul also wants to end the war in the middle east as the Embassy in Baghdad is bigger than Vatican. He also wants to get rid of the Department fo Education and the Department fo Defense. Paul made a lot of sense on military spending versus defense spending. Paul spoke a great deal of sense about American occupation in foreign lands.

Newt Gringrich did well on National Security. He claims Obama scares everyone everyday which I felt was extreme. He also defend no-compromises with Obama.

Hermain Cain Had a decent plan for Social Security but his 999 plan is nothing more then a flat regressive tax.

Mitt is for cut, cap and balance and very pro corporation. Mitt seemed to more interested in sparing with Rick Perry then representing Americans.

Perry wants America to "Risk their Capitalism". He defended his policies regarding the Latino's college education. He wants to end the war in Afghanistan.

Rick Sant0orum was also against the Rick Perry over the HPV shots and he touted America Exceptional ism whichseems to be a euphemism for Elitism. and he supports legal immigration so he was wrapping up the Latin vote as well.

They all believed in tax cuts or flat regressive taxes corporate America running the country and that the Treasury Department should have over sight which I find interesting since in am under the impression our Treasury Department is an intelligence agency which answers to the executive branch.

The winners if they can be called that is probably Mitt Romney. Ron Paul did well. Gingrich has done much better. I thought Herman Cain held on. Huntsman I would imagine is out as well as Bachmann and Rick Santorum. But I will not be surprised if another candidate steps up like JEB.

The major miss in this debate was the failure to address the national security issues of this country although Ron Paul really tried to address national securty but ws cut off buy Wolf Blitzer.

The next debate is October 18th.

Winner of the GOP Debate on September 12, 2011

Who won the GOP debate on September 12, 2011?

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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi NMLady,

      I believe ROn Paul saiid he would expect local local communities and churches to kick in like they did in the 1960(s) before Medicaid. But I think there is a different mentlty in this country then in the 1960(s).

      But yeah the TPM have clapped for Death one to many times during these debates which make them totally blood thirsty extremists.

      I don't think Paul walked the statement back ad in the end sad he believed it was the local communities job to help the sick.

      But i do agree with you that we should atleast have a universal policy to cover college studeenst their families because they are struggling to make themseves better.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and providing feedback.

      All My Best,


    • NMLady profile image


      7 years ago from New Mexico & Arizona

      Well written. I only wish you had mentioned how the TPers hooted their approval at an uninsured accident victim being let to die because they didn't have (cound not afford) health care insurance. This was shameful of Ron Paul's and his followers.

      I teach that age and lower in university. MOST of them cannot afford insurance. They are working jobs that offer no healthcare. They are struggling to improve themselves. A very few have parents who have healthcare and thanks to Pres. Obama these parents can extend the healthcare coverage to them.

      Ron Paul would have the student who left my class and was hit by an uninsured drunk driver (because it is socialism to make someone have insurance) DIE. Shameful.

      Is this who we are America?

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Dallas93444,

      So you are saying that the other 59.58% of taxes is less than the 40.42% of taxes because the top 1% paid them? I have taken Calculus. How do you figure that one? Because the 59.58% of taxes paid by the bottom 95% seems to be more taxes then the 40.42% paid by the 1%.

      And you will still have to explain to me why the richest people are still paying a lower percentage of taxes as compared to the middle income or low income.

      I doubt you know any really rich people because they don't pay taxes ever unless they spend their money too quickly and then they pay tax penalities. I know billionaires who only pay tax penalties and they have foundations and all kinds of ways to hide money for the government including good old fashioned tax attorneys.

      What this economy can't take is another day of flat regressive taxes like a national sales tax that would completely wipe out the USA economy.

      Can you explain your Math to me because it doesn't make much sense?

      And I don't think Obama has lied about the rich. The Bush Tax cuts have given the wealthy a decade of prosperity while the entire nation paid for their war. It is now the rich is turn to be completely fleeced just like the 95% of the rest of the country has been for the last decade. Why should rich people be absolved from the dire poverty they allow their neighbors, friends and families to live in?

      I would like to hear about ideas the Republicans have and not attacks on Obama. I doubt the Republicans can get elected without having a plan and by just complaining about Obama. And the Tea Party are extremists just like the jihadists they fear. And extremism in all forms is bad.

      And you please explain how your arrived at the conclusion the top 1% of the country has paid the majority of the taxes when they have only paid less then 41% which is less then half of the taxes each year?

      Thanks for reading, commenting and providing feedback. I would like to deal with facts though and not hate speech based on poor mathematical calculations.


    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 

      7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Obama's lie about the rich need to pay more taxes... The facts are:

      The top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 40.42 percent of total federal income taxes in 2007, according to the most recent data from the Internal Revenue Service.

      This represents the second year in a row that the richest 1 percent paid more in federal income taxes than the bottom 95 percent...


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