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Fire Science Degree

Updated on November 5, 2013

How many boys and girls grew up dreaming of being a firefighter? It seems so exciting, the red or yellow firefighter’s suit, the clanging bells of the fire truck, racing off to the fire with sirens bellowing, helping people escape from the terrible dangers of a house fire. And it’s true, firefighting is an exciting job that truly helps other people. The thing is, in today’s world, being a firefighter isn’t as simple as it once may have been. There are many, many advanced techniques and skills today’s firefighter must possess to do the job well. Thus those looking to get into the field of firefighting are increasingly looking at colleges that offer a fire science degree. These degrees are available at a number of educational levels and at a variety of types of schools.

From community colleges to big universities to specialized fire science schools, students have a wide range of choices when it comes to obtaining a fire science degree. With all of these choices available, it will pay off to do a bit of research and find out what kind of fire science program will best suit your needs.

Get a fire science degree to join fire fighters in their life changing jobs.
Get a fire science degree to join fire fighters in their life changing jobs.

Degrees and Certificates in Fire Science

For the student looking to obtain an entry level job in the field of fire science, many community colleges throughout the country are offering certificates. These certificate programs in fire science give students the basic knowledge and skills they need to find work in a community fire fighting organization. The good thing about fire science certificates obtained from a community college is that the tuition is generally lower than that for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fire science. Thus students can obtain their certificates and enter the firefighting job market and start to earn a living right away without a large investment up front. This can be a good way for them to try out firefighting and decide where they might like their career to go from there.

At the bachelor’s degree level, students of fire science delve more deeply into the science of the craft and learn how and why to apply the various firefighting techniques. Students at this level many also learn about the many specialties in fire science that exist, such as forest fire fighting and fire forensics. These students often get hands on simulated and real world experience in the science of firefighting as well as in-depth classroom knowledge. With the technology of fire science growing as rapidly as the technology in all other areas of modern life, this classroom and field experience is crucial for those wanting a lifetime career in firefighting.

There are also advanced degrees in fire science available to the students who seek them. Master’s degrees further the education of a firefighter so that they become experts in the field. These experts in fire science may specialize in community firefighting or fire forensics to trace the causes and preventions of fires. Those with advanced degrees in fire science are also equipped to take on leadership roles in firefighting and often become captains of firehouses or leaders in community fire prevention organizations. These positions are exciting opportunities for those who wish to advance the science and structure of firefighting in the coming years.

Where to Earn Your Fire Science Degree

Because fire science is a necessary component of every community in the country—everyone needs firefighters—most towns and cities offer some variety of fire science degree. As mentioned above, community colleges offer certificates and associate degrees, whereas four year and advanced colleges offer higher degrees. For those interested in fire science at any level, there are a number of websites that offer listings of institutions that provide students with degrees in this field. An internet search for a fire science degree will yield a host of resources in this area.

Seekers of a fire science degree will notice that courses in the field are offered both on campus and online. Students can thus obtain degrees remotely, through the internet, or by signing up at the brick mortal college or fire science academy of their choice. The choice you will make will depend on your needs and lifestyle. Those holding online and on campus fire science degrees are both in high demand in the firefighting marketplace because of the skills and knowledge they have obtained.

Firefighting is an ever-growing field. Fire science degrees equip students to meet the challenges of this demanding and rewarding career.


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