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San Francisco Motels

Updated on August 8, 2013

Ah, San Francisco, the jewel by the bay. Who among those who have traveled to this city haven’t been enchanted by its charm and beauty? Every place you go in this ocean-side town is more amazing than the one before. The streetcars climbing the hill towards Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge drifting like fog to the majestic hills of Marin, the sounds of barking sea lions while you eat your chowder and cotton candy at the Famous Fisherman’s Wharf, they are all memories you will cherish your entire lifetime. You will, as the song tells us, leave your heart in San Francisco.

And if you are traveling to this city of wonders, then you will need a motel, a place to put your weary feet to rest. As you can imagine in a city that attracts so many millions of visitors, the options in San Francisco motels are wide and varied. Whatever your tastes, whatever your budget, wherever in this grand city you would like to stay, there is a San Francisco motel for you.

San Francisco Motels are good place to rest and wide and varied
San Francisco Motels are good place to rest and wide and varied

The Neighborhoods

When you are choosing a San Francisco motel, you might want to think about the neighborhood you will most likely be doing much of your sightseeing in. For many visitors, getting a motel in downtown San Francisco makes sense because it is there that a lot of their activities will take place. San Francisco motels that are in easy walking distance to the department stores around Union Square and the streetcar stop will be a great choice for some. Head to Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales within minutes. If you are a traveler on a budget though, you may want to look for motels in a bit less pricey neighborhoods, those along Lombard Street on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge perhaps or even out in the Sunset district. Great deals can be found in these areas.

Another great neighborhood for San Francisco motels is the Marina District. Here, motels such as the Surf Motel and the Marina Motel provide easy access to many popular city sites in a comfortable and interesting neighborhood, and all within a short walk to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course, if you are traveling for work to go to one of the meetings at the San Francisco Convention Center, then you will be looking for a motel in the Market Street of Financial District areas. Here, you can make it to your presentations on time but have access to most municipal bus lines as well as taxi services and the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, which will take you to points all over the Bay Area.

One other area that a lot of people like to visit while in San Francisco is the famous Haight-Ashbury, playground of the hippies in the 1960s. This neighborhood is full of shops, restaurants, bars, music venues, and charming Victorian houses. Nearby, the Golden Gate Park starts its long green march to the ocean, full of trees, flowers, museums, and even real live buffalo! The hotels in the neighborhood are often quite lovely and sometimes at the higher end of prices, although some good deals can be found as well.

Looking for San Francisco Motels

Once you have figured out where you would most like to stay in the city, then you can start to narrow down your choices of San Francisco motels. To help you in your choice, you can visit a number of websites. Many of these websites describe San Francisco motels, give you a price range for the rooms, and even provide reviews by people who stayed in the motels.

Once such website is called NexTag. This site lists a great many San Francisco motels and provides prices, reviews by former guests, and even handy clickable maps that will show you exactly where in San Francisco the motel is located. What makes the site even more convenient is that you can also check out flights and car rentals to the Bay Area as well.

Another good site for San Francisco motels is maintained by This site lists motels in all of the popular neighborhoods of the city as well as many motels out by the airport. The website even has a button for listings of pet motels in the area so that Fido can live the life of luxury as well!

Deviate From the City by the Bay

While a person can spend an entire vacation time in San Francisco, there is so much to see of California that you won't want to miss out on. Here are some prime locations to check out if you have time on your vacation to explore more of California

Going up Highway 1:

For those who like to explore, Highway 1 is a long, windy, coastal road that goes up and down California. You cold make a day trip just driving up towards Fort Bragg, stopping along the way to soak in the local color, or driving down to Carmel to enjoy the posh beach side town. The drive is certainly not for the faint of heart - some of the roads huge the mountain side, and being by the coast, can get very foggy. But it's worth it to see California in a scenic way.

Napa Valley:

Napa is about a two hour or so drive from San Francisco, but a Mecca for wine lovers. It's known for it's vineyards and wine tasting, and popular among natives for weekend trips or a variation of the "stay-cation". There is a lot more than just wine tasting to do in Napa Valley, seeing as it's a tourist spot, but that's usually the main draw for people. Plus, the scenery can be breath taking.

Monterey Bay:

Monterey Bay is a town about two hours from San Francisco. Like the City by the Bay, it's also know for being a port town and it's cannery. One of it's most popular draws is it's wildlife, be it in the Monterey Bay Aquarium or going on a boating tour to see the local wildlife. This makes for a great family getaway.

San Diego:

San Diego is certainly no small distance from San Francisco - it's about a 10 hour drive and hugs Mexico in a friendly embrace. But there are a few choices on how one can get there, that if someone were interested in road tripping across the state, it's a nice final location to end up at. There is a lot to do in San Diego, most notably the San Diego Zoo - one of the top zoos in the world. However, for those with a truly adventurous spirit, they can take advantage of the beach for surfing and jet skiing, then take advantage of the famous Southern California sunny weather and go for a skydiving experience. Whatever the adventure, San Diego is a famous city in Calfornia, and there is always something to do.

Lake Tahoe:

Close to Nevada and high in the mountains, it's about a 4 hour drive from San Francisco. In the winter, it's a popular ski destination for locals, and in the summer, it's great for camping. Plus it's close enough to Nevada to hop the border in the state that loves their casinos! Lake Tahoe is great any time of year, and a recommended vacation spot away from your vacation.

Los Angeles:

Another famous city famous for it's famous people, movie studios, and smog, there are so many things to see, that no matter what you are there for, there is something you can find to do. From checking out Hollywood, to the shopping, to heading down to Disneyland and Universal Studios, there is something for every vacationer in the City of Angels.

San Francisco Motels: A World of Choices

As you can see, the options for travelers to San Francisco are wide. You can find a San Francisco motel that is right for you, and right for your traveling companions. In this world class city, there are a world of motel choices.


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