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Free Apps for Education

Updated on February 23, 2013

ABC letter tracing

This free app would arrange the age of K-2 grade.ABC app is a fantastic letter tracing app to help children learning to write and help recognize there ABC's.They can trace upper case and lower case letters using there fingers.Each letter you will get to hear and see alphabet letters along with objects that will relate to the letter you are learning.Trace the letters by moving your fingers or stylus over the letter outlines on the screen.

Google Earth

Google Earth is great for k-teacher.You can fly around the earth just by swiping your finger and exploring distant lands and search for cities,places and business.You can visit the earth gallery and you can find real earthquakes or planes in flight.Tour guide is easy to use and will help you discover new places to explore with 3D buildings.

Read me stories-Children s books

A new book every day on this app they are bright vibrant and sweet story's for a child that's starting to read.Your child can practice reading every day any where and any time.Great for using in the grocery store while you shop they can read books.Library has series books to and the story's will teach them how to do good deeds and meet new friends.As the story is reading the words are highlighted and by touching the characters it expands the story.

Vocabulary for SAT,GRE,GMAT,ACT

Vocabulary is very important to learn while growing up it helps with school and life and help you be successful in life.You will learn new words come across words you all ready know and see them and listen to them.Some will be difficult but this app will help you is a smart app it all so tells you the synonyms and examples of the words along with prepping you for a test.this is a great investment and easy to us.

Language central for Science

This app is more for middle school science grades 6-8.Science flash cards which are interactive help you learn along with tests and trivia challenge you can do to.This has fun fly word game.This app great for kids and parents to practice science vocabulary

Awesome Eats

This app is great for young kids teaching them healthy eating tips all while playing games.Sort,stack,pack and plate your garden foods.Each level you stack and sort out fruits,veggies and whole grains.Your kids will learn about healthy foods with eating tips while having fun unlocking levels and trying to keep the thieving birds away.


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