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The French Revolution

Updated on November 28, 2014

Bonjour, France!

A series of revolutions have occurred throughout the world during all of history. Groups of people seeing things differently have unfortunately ended in too much bloodshed. The French Revolution is one of these wars that took a toll on many people ~ starting with the French themselves, and spreading to the surrounding countries with Napoleon. Learning about the world's past mistakes and disagreements will hopefully help us in the future. I do hope and pray that freedom and peace will come to all someday through God's Almighty love. I wish all who pass by here peace and understanding.

Below are materials I have used to teach about the French Revolution. You will find links to research about the French Revolution and / or France itself. I tried to find quality websites, webquests, books, worksheets, games, videos, and resources for the arts and other areas. I hope they are helpful to someone. If you are familiar with other resources that will help in this area of study, please add it to one of the resource lists. Merci et bonne chance, etudients!

Graphic special thanks to Mr. Phillip Martin!

More on the Revolution - Study Materials

Some of these are more graphic than others and should be chosen carefully with the maturity of students.

Historical Atlas of the Napoleonic Era
Historical Atlas of the Napoleonic Era

Read about the history of not only Napoleon, but the times and other people of the time era along with looking at maps and illustrations for deeper comprehension.


DVD's about the French Revolution - Make the Historic Stories Come Alive!

The French Revolution (History Channel)
The French Revolution (History Channel)

History Channel always put much research and thought into their presentations of historical events. This 100 minute film will tie in well to a secondary history lesson on the French Revolution over a couple class times. I would use it at the end of a unit for review.


Informative Webquests - Fun Ways to Research!

Webquests make researching a topic more interesting! Most will give an individual or group task to find out more about. Needed information is sometimes located on the site, or linked to it. Quizzes, worksheets, and games are also given at times for reinforcement of the concepts.

L'Arc de Triomphe in Paris

National Monument of France

Why is this arch important to France? How is it related to the French Revolution and Napoleon? Something interesting to research!

~ Arc de Triomphe, Paris

~ L'arc de Triomphe = Triumph Arch

Read about France

Getting to Know France and French (Getting to Know Series)
Getting to Know France and French (Getting to Know Series)

Find all sorts of interesting information and photos in small bites that encourage students to want to find out more about a topic. This book about France will definitely give your students a solid background of the country for a short unit, or provide a springboard for a longer unit.

Globe Trekker - France
Globe Trekker - France

Help students see these modern day glimpses of France with the well know series, Globe Trekker. This recording contains two full episodes of regions throughout the country.


Au revoir!

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