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Fun & Free SAT Words Starting with “G”

Updated on March 12, 2019

Sophia Petrillo's GRATUITOUS Insult

A gratuitous insult is given without cause or justification.
A gratuitous insult is given without cause or justification. | Source

Rose Throws Insults Too... But Her Insults Are Justified

Learn Potential SAT Words With The Golden Girls

Learn SAT vocabulary with classic clips and quotes from The Golden Girls! This article, the seventh in a series, focuses on SAT words that start with G. You'll get definitions, sample sentences and sample SAT-style questions for gratuitous, gregarious and gluttonous. Additional SAT words are defined along the way.

Add your own sample sentences to the comments below. Extra points if they involve The Golden Girls. Let's begin!

GRATUITOUS - adj. - given for free or given without reason

Sample Sentences Using Gratuitous

  • Sophia Petrillo's gratuitous insults are finely tailored for their recipients.
  • Rose's gratuitous advice is typically couched in a St. Olaf story.

Sample SAT Question Using Gratuitous

Fill in the blank.

The success of The Golden Girls rests on superb acting and clever writing rather than _________ nudity or violence.

(A) cogent

(B) gratuitous

(C) fallacious

(D) hapless

The best answer is B, gratuitous. To get high ratings, the TV show did not need gratuitous nudity or violence. Here are definitions for the other options:

  • Cogent means "intellectually convincing."
  • Fallacious describes someone or something that's misleading or dishonest.
  • Hapless means "unlucky."

On to the next SAT word!

The GREGARIOUS Blanche Defends Her Flirtation

GREGARIOUS - adj. - sociable, fond of company

Sample Sentences Using Gregarious

  • While all of the women are sociable, Blanche is the most gregarious with men.
  • The gregarious Blanche could meet a man anywhere, whether it be a bar or a funeral.

Sample SAT Question Using Gregarious

Fill in the blank.

Animals are called ________ when they live in flocks or herds.

(A) solitary

(B) wanton

(C) gregarious

(D) variegated

The best answer is C. Animals are called gregarious when they live in groups. On the other hand:

  • Something that's solitary is alone.
  • Wanton describes one who is lewd, lustful or undisciplined.
  • A variegated animal might have a pattern or distinctive markings.

Here's our third G word:

The Girls Are GLUTTONS For Cheesecake

GLUTTONOUS - adj. - given to excess (usually in eating)

Sample Sentences Using Gluttonous & the related Gluttons

  • The women are gluttons for cheesecake but otherwise watch their diets.
  • Rose hadn't planned on being gluttonous at the restaurant but she was disappointed by her date's frugality.

Sample SAT Question Using Gluttonous

Fill in the blank.

While some people are _______ for food or wine, Dorothy has a weakness for gambling.

(A) platitudes

(B) polemics

(C) talismans

(D) gluttons

The best answer is D, gluttons . Some people are given to excess when it comes to wine or food, but Dorothy goes overboard with gambling.

Can you define the other choices?

  • A platitude is a cliche or common saying.
  • A polemic is an aggressive argument.
  • A talisman is a good luck charm such as a crystal or special coin.

Good work! See my other hubs for more fun & free SAT vocabulary practice.


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    • SantaCruz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Santa Cruz, CA

      Thanks for the feedback, Sharkye! I never tire of The Golden Girls :-).

      The next installment of fun free SAT lessons is coming soon!

    • Sharkye11 profile image

      Jayme Kinsey 

      8 years ago from Oklahoma

      Awesome hub! Two my favorite things: vocabulary and the Golden Girls! Love the formatting you used for this hub. Such brilliant way to introduce SAT words!

    • SantaCruz profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Santa Cruz, CA

      Thanks, mwilliams! I'm a glutton for positive feedback.

    • mwilliams66 profile image


      8 years ago from Left Coast, USA

      You hit the ball out of the park again SantaCruz. Another hillarious learning adventure. Voting up, up, up


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