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Fun & Free SAT Words Starting with “A”

Updated on March 12, 2019


Fathering a child outside of one's marriage often leads to acrimony.
Fathering a child outside of one's marriage often leads to acrimony. | Source

Learn SAT Words the Fun Way

How can you remember definitions for SAT vocabulary words? Sometimes a special sample sentence or image makes definitions unforgettable. With that in mind, here are sentences, pictures and videos to help you learn SAT vocabulary words that start with A.

You'll also get SAT practice questions. These are original questions written by me -- an actual contributor to "real" SAT practice guides. Yay. Today's your lucky day. This whole SAT alphabet series is free.

SAT "A" Words

The words explored in this hub include:

  • acrimony
  • acumen
  • adumbrate
  • alacrity
  • anathema

Gossip tabloids often feature stories about Brad and Angelina's acrimonious relationship.
Gossip tabloids often feature stories about Brad and Angelina's acrimonious relationship. | Source

ACRIMONY – noun – bitterness or discord

Sample Sentences Using Acrimony

  • Star Magazine and other tabloids relish any hint of acrimony between Brad and Angelina.
  • An acrimonious relationship became public knowledge with news that Martha Stewart allegedly mowed over her neighbor's garden.

Practice SAT Question with Acrimony

Fill in the blank to answer this question about angry anchormen.

Despite their apparent rapport during most newscasts, the anchormen expressed fierce ________ during last night's live report.

(A) resolve

(B) acrimony

(C) infallibility

(D) eloquence

The answer is B, acrimony .

  • Resolve is determination.
  • Infallibility is the inability to fail.
  • Eloquence is artfulness and usually refers to speech or writing.

SAT tip: "Despite" is a clue that you're looking for an antonym of "rapport."

Political ACUMEN or a High-Risk Gamble?

Sophia Petrillo makes calculations for a doomed potato, lettuce and bacon sandwich business. She has poor business acumen.
Sophia Petrillo makes calculations for a doomed potato, lettuce and bacon sandwich business. She has poor business acumen.

ACUMEN - noun - keen insight, deep perception

Sample Sentence Using Acumen

  • Pundits will debate whether the President’s historic decision stemmed primarily from ethical considerations or from political acumen.

Practice SAT Question Using Acumen

Fill in the blank.

On The Golden Girls, Sophia's lack of business ________ leads to her involvement in unsuccessful get-rich-quick schemes.

(A) anecdotes

(B) intransigence

(C) alacrity

(D) acumen

The answer is D, acumen.

  • Anecdotes are stories.
  • Intransigence is extreme stubbornness or an unwillingness to compromise.
  • Alacrity is speed or eagerness.

ADUMBRATE – verb – to outline in a vague way

Sentences That Use Forms of Adumbrate

  • The shady businessman has studied the art of adumbration for many years.
  • Instead of telling an elaborate story, Kelso would have been better off adumbrating a reasonable excuse for borrowing Red's saw.

Practice SAT Question With Adumbrate

Fill in the blank.

I needed specific directions but Richard only ________ his shortcut to the hideout.

(A) adumbrated

(B) refuted

(C) illuminated

(D) reconciled

The answer is A, adumbrated.

  • Refuted means "denied" or "challenged."
  • Illuminated means "shed light upon" or "made clear."
  • Reconciled relates to making agreements.

ALACRITY: Toontses Drives with Alacrity

Unfortunately, the cat's alacrity for driving is not matched by much skill.

ALACRITY -- noun -- eagerness, cheerful readiness

Sample Sentences Using Alacrity

  • Toontses, a cat, drives cars with alacrity but ultimately drives off a cliff.
  • The alacrity of Lesley Knope's loyal campaign staff paid off at the polls.

Practice SAT Question Using Alacrity

Fill in the blank.

Although she'd been excited to earn her driver's license, Ruby's ________ for driving disappeared whenever Mom requested she run errands.

(A) apathy

(B) aversion

(C) ambivalence

(D) alacrity

The answer is B, alacrity.

  • Aversion is dislike.
  • Apathy is disinterest.
  • Ambivalence refers to uncertainty or flip-flopping.

SAT tip: "Although" in the sentence above is a clue that you're looking for a synonym of "excited."

ANATHEMA: Phoebe and Ursula Are Enemies

ANATHEMA - noun - a person or thing that is detested

Samples Sentences Using Anathema

  • Although most residents had happily accepted the oil company's offer, drilling suddenly became an anathema when it poisoned Fred's water.
  • Betsy Ross joined the Washingtons' church after her own church anathemized her.

Practice SAT Question Using Anathema

Fill in the blank.

While other twins are best friends, Phoebe Buffay and her sister Ursula regard each other as ________.

(A) anathemas

(B) confidantes

(C) ascetics

(D) pragmatists

The answer is A, anathemas.

  • Confidantes are people who confide in one another.
  • Ascetics are self-denying or antisocial people.
  • Pragmatists are practical people.

Good work! Click here for B words. Follow my Hub to get an alphabet full of fun SAT word practice.


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