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Fun Logic Puzzle for Intermediate ESL

Updated on April 27, 2015

Answers to Logic Puzzle


Intermediate Logic Puzzle Instructions

This is a great logic puzzle for intermediates. It's a lot of fun and takes about 1 hour.


Draw an empty table on the board and tell your students to copy it down.

Print out the table with the information and the clues. Tell your students the information in the box is in the wrong place and they must rearrange it.

Answers in the green and white picture above.

Name and Number
Jobs in the film industry
Movie Genres
Diet Types
1. Horace
Chasing tornadoes
Science fiction
2. Fran
Romantic Comedies
3. Cassie
4. Aslam
Wildlife Conservation
Meat diet
5. Perry


  1. The vegetarian has his own website. His hobby is writing about his job online.

  2. Number 4 likes to watch funny movies about relationships.

  3. The animator eats fruit, vegetables and fish, but not meat.

  4. Number 5 normally watches programmes about people’s lives.

  5. Perry writes the script for movies. He is between the director and the animator.

  6. In her spare time Fran films twisters in Texas. She enjoys the thrill of such a dangerous sport.

  7. Cassie is concerned about the welfare of animals and the planet. She is a member of a group that fights for animal rights.

  8. The writer eats fruit and vegetables, but not meat or fish.

  9. Aslam never eats pork or drinks alcohol because he is a Muslim.

  10. Number 3 likes to travel the world in his free time.

  11. The colleague who likes horror is number 2.

  12. The man behind the lens eats meat 3 times a day.

  13. The vegan likes to watch T.V. shows such as Doctor Who, Star Trek and The X-Files.

  14. The director likes to watch movies where he has to guess who committed a crime.

  15. The producer is number 1.

  16. Horace likes to climb inside a giant beach ball and roll down a steep hill. He usually films the activity. He has lots of different types of cameras because of his job.

  17. Number 1 does not eat meat, eggs, milk or cheese.

  18. The director likes to visit different countries.

  19. The colleague who produces films is also an animal lover.

  20. The cartoonist draws pictures of her hobby – cyclones.

© 2015 Muttface


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