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Gender Equality-the Targets

Updated on September 16, 2019
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Gender Inequality. A massive problem that existed before any of us were born. We need to solve this problem and fast!

Gender Inequality- The Targets

Target 5.1 End discrimination against all women and girls everywhere.

One form of discrimination, is a loss of girls in school sports and clubs. Physical fitness is very important for males and females in primary and high school. It helps maintain a strong figure, stay healthy, boost self-esteem and make new friends. But by 14 years old, girls decide not to play sport at twice the rate of boys.

Across the internet and social media, there are too many beauty and makeup models. There are plenty of beauty actors that influence the lives of girls all ages. Sometimes not in good ways. What they really need, are more superstar strong athletes. Someone to look up to. Like Anna Kournikova or Amanda Beard. Both amazing athletes. I myself have noticed that in P.E, girls sometimes doubt their abilities in new sports. While boys hardly ever doubt themselves. This is not always true but it is more likely. The main reason girls can feel disheartened about sports is stereotypical behaviour. For example: "You throw like a girl". You may have heard something like this phrase once or twice. If someone says this to a boy, then it is considered an insult. But girls can be just as good at sports, can't they?

Target 5.2 End all violence against and exploitation of women and girls.

A huge issue that affects 35% of women world wide, is sexual violence. This is a series crime, as the attacker could spend up to 14 years in prison. Women who have experienced this traumatising and horrifying abuse can develop depression and anxiety, which can lead to suicide. Is there anything that could be done? Well, there are education units for young men. This goes on so much, and so many times the attacker isn't caught. The surprising thing is, 98% of sexual abuse cases, are caused by someone known to the victim.

If this target is achieved then women living in countries such as India, United States, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and many more would benefit greatly. The lives of young women would be lived more confidently, more relaxed, happier and be more comfortable around males. But men could abuse women for many different reasons. Some are under the influence of drugs or high alcohol. Some men are encouraged by their friends. To some aggressive sex is considered part of manhood. This doesn't mean it is not there fault. So, if this problem just went away from the world completely, imagine how many lives it could save. Emotionally and physically. Real men don't rape should be a message that is promoted in society.

Target 5.3 Eliminate forced marriages

Today, the law in Australia is people have to be at least 18 or over to get married. Any younger, couples have to wait until they are the correct age to marry. But sometimes young girls are forced to marry a guy many years older then her. This is called a forced or an arranged marriage.

In some countries it is traditional to send daughters off to marry older guys. But the outcome to this can sometimes be emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Young girls need to enjoy their childhood while it lasts. They shouldn't have to grow up so quick. We need to stop this issue as soon as possible, what do you think?

Target 5.4 Value unpaid care

This isn't noticed from the naked eye but it is clear that the income rates are much lower for a woman than a man. Did you know, the average weekly woman's pay is approximately 15.3% lower than a man's? Women do not have the same access and rights in work places. To reach the same amount of pay in a year, a woman would have to work another 56 days to have the same balance as a man who works the same job in America. It isn't fair!

A woman, especially with children need the right amount of pay, if they don't then their lives can become stressful and cause them to experience anxiety and depression. Not only do they need to provide for their children, but themselves as well. This can be very challenging when their income rates are too low.

Target 5.5 Ensure full participation in leader ship and decision-making

This target focuses on making sure women have a equal say and rights in global, state or country decisions. There are organisations that are trying to help achieve this target. Such as World Vision. World Vision are helping many women pursue jobs in politics in Afghanistan by educating women to build their confidence and skills, to speak up and make decisions.

Thank You! I hope you have learnt something about gender inequality. Please, comment and let me know what you thought of my first article!

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