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Gift Ideas for College Graduates

Updated on September 23, 2010

Excellent Gift Ideas for College Graduates

While it’s fairly easy to choose and purchase a present for a high school graduate enrolling to college since there are plenty of items that can assist them in their college life – thinking about gift ideas for college graduates is a more confusing task. The sad thing is that there is no predetermined list of presents for a college graduate who will soon join a work force, though some careful assessment will lend a hand in selecting the most appropriate gift available in the market today.

College Grad Gift Ideas

  • Household Items

For most college graduates, graduating to pursue a particular career means moving into a new house or apartment – away from the dorm room, for the first time in his life. If this is the case with your recipient, then without doubt household items that he ignores before or that could be reinstated with something better makes a great graduation present. It’s best if you can put together a few smaller stuffs such as dishes, cleaning supplies, or even kitchen towels. A more expensive but larger present would be a television, furniture, or even a functional desk where he can review his bills.

  • Gift Cards and Cash

While cash may not be on top of the list of gift ideas for college graduates, it may be the only option on the graduate’s wish list. It may take some time before a graduate can get a job, and he will need to have enough funds to eat and pay his bills until he finds a reliable job.

Gift cards on a grocery store, his favorite restaurant or even for gas can aid a new college grad to stay buoyant until he secures employment. These types of gifts can help him recompense his bills or save enough money for a house down payment. Gift cards and cash are also expedient last-minute presents if you do not have enough time to shop around.

  • Planner and Briefcase

If your recipient has a work lined up already, make sure that he is ready for his new job. He will most likely use a briefcase to carry all of his work-related items. This is a great present to help him become organized. A quality planner will benefit him by staying updated with his meetings and other special events in his career. Even if your recipient doesn’t have a job yet, he can utilize the planner to track his interviews as well as potential business contacts.

  • Vacation

After several years of studying, having sleepless nights, writing papers, and taking tests, graduates would really appreciate gifts that endow relaxation. This is why a vacation is an excellent gift for graduation.

If you have a rest house or a vacation home, you can offer and lend your place to the graduate as a present. You can also visit a travel agent to search for a gift vacation that fits your budget. If you know friends or people who consider giving this gift to the graduate, you can work together to settle the vacation present.

Coming up with gift ideas for college graduates is pretty easy by reviewing the necessities of your graduate. Also get advice on Housewarming Gift Ideas today.


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