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Give Yourself This Precious Gift, Life Will Change

Updated on February 13, 2020
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Can you get pregnant at 35 or over 35 Today we're going to talk about age over 35, an advanced maternal age.

Many times the events in our past take us away from the happiness we are currently getting. Our mind knows that everything is fine now, but still many past things present in the brain keep obstructing our happiness.

You can do only one thing to avoid this and that is by getting rid of those emotional moments. Many people can help you in doing this, but this is possible only if you want to come out of these memories yourself.

Do you know that many people around the world see the holidays as an emotional breakdown.

This happens because the holiday time gives us away from many tasks in which our brain forgets about past things to some extent by being busy but as soon as the holidays get, we have free time and even we don't want to, we start to remember the things that make us emotional as well as break them from inside.

In this article, we are telling you about some ways in which you can give yourself the gift in which the key to your happiness is hidden.

Take own responsibility for our own feelings

Whenever someone makes us sad or upset then we have a habit of calling that person bad. We blame, get angry and tell everyone around that he did this to me. Many times we expect to apologize to the person in front.

Such expectations are never fulfilled and when you allow such toxic thoughts inside you, then you create a Victim.

To change this kind of situation, you first need to develop a habit of taking responsibility within yourself. Responsibility for every kind of feeling that comes inside you. This does not mean that you should hold yourself responsible for anything bad happening to you and throw the bad person out of the frame.

This means that you tell yourself that you cannot feel bad until you want to do it yourself. Explain to yourself that every emotion you enter is under your control. Believe that by doing this you will stop reacting to any kind of bad behaviour done by the front and this method will stop you from making any kind of bad feeling at that time.

That is, you will not have any bad past for the future.

Affiliation and separation

Attachment or detachment are the only two reasons to join the past. If you are connected then your past will remind you of those events which have hurt you and whenever it happens then you will reveal the poisonous feelings of the past inside you.

When you are detached, that feeling will be present in you but will not bother you. To get from attachment to detachment you need to remember the feeling that is bothering you. Sit in a quiet place and remember that feeling and ask him to return. Then whether it is a person or any situation. Close your eyes and feel your breath.

Express emotion

There are two benefits to giving a word to the feeling, you clear the situation and you reach the feeling that you have to erase from inside yourself. You can do this in three parts.

First, write your feeling as a story. Remember who did what and how you felt at that time. When you are writing about your grief, do not hesitate to write anything, no matter how painful it may be. While doing this, you are the one who writes about the incident happening to you.

In the second phase, you have to write the incident from someone else point of view. Look at the story of your past from another's eyes and look at the other aspect of the story. Write your own accusations and judgments in mind. It should be in the same way that another person is writing your story.

In the third phase, you become a journalist and assess the story.

Share a story with someone

In this stage, share the story you wrote with someone you trust. Remember, if your story is very painful or embarrassing that you do not want to share with anyone, then take the help of a therapist.

If you are sharing a story with someone, then teach them the three steps of the story and then listen to them. Instead of getting their help, try to forget this bad memory.


As soon as you release your past feelings, you will feel lighter in yourself. Do follow this step because when you celebrate the chase of your bad memories, you will feel very strong and confident inside.

You would like to congratulate yourself on how big a battle you have won. By doing all the steps mentioned above, you will soon be able to come out of the bad memories of your past and start a new one which will be full of happiness and positive energy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 pratik987


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