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Gods of Egyptian Mythology

Updated on May 4, 2008

Egyptian Mythology

The Egyptian people left their faith up to the various Egyptian Gods. Like many mythological religions, the Egyptian faith was handled by several different gods.

The names of the Egyptian gods varied by location, but for the most part, below there is a list of the Egyptian gods.


Egyptian Gods

  • Aker- guardian of the rising and setting sun
  • Amon- Theban king of the gods
  • Ammut- demon
  • Anqet- water goddess of Elephantine
  • Anubis- god of mummification
  • Apep- serpant who tried to destroy the sun on a daily basis
  • Aten- disk of the sun
  • Atum- god of the setting sun
  • Bastet- goddess of the hom and sunlight
  • Bat- ancient celestial cow (goddess)
  • Bes- god of music and warfare
  • Buto- goddess of Lower Egypt
  • Duamutef- protector of the stomach of the deceased
  • Geb- god of earth
  • Hapi god of the Nile
  • Hapy- protector of the lungs of the deceased
  • Hathr- goddess of love, music, and women
  • Heh- god of infinity
  • Horus- god of the sun and the pharaohs

  • Imsety- protector of the liver of the deceased
  • Isis- goddess of magic
  • Khepera- god of the rising sun
  • Khnemu- god of the Nile and the Inundation
  • Khonso- Theban god of the moon
  • Ma'at- goddess of truth and order
  • Meretseger- goddess of the Valley of Kings
  • Meshkhent- goddess of children
  • Mihos- son of Bastet
  • Min- god of the male fertility
  • Montu- god of war
  • Mut- Theban mother- goddess
  • Nefertem- Memphis god of the lotus
  • Neith- goddess of war and weaving
  • Nekhebet- goddess of Upper Egypt
  • Nephthys
  • Nun- god of the primordial water of chaos
  • Nut- goddess of the sky
  • Onuris- warrior and the sky god of Abydos
  • Osiris- Lord of the Afterlife

  • Ptah- creator god of Memphis
  • Qebehsenuef- protector of the intestines of the deceased
  • Qetesh- Semetic goddess of nature
  • Re- creator god of the sun
  • Satet- goddess of the Nile floods and fertility
  • Sekhmet- goddess of war and destruction
  • Selket- goddess of magic
  • Serapis- Hellenistic god of sun and the Afterlife
  • Seshat- goddess of writing and measurement
  • Set- god of storm and chaos
  • Shu- god of the air
  • Sobek- god of crocodiles
  • Sokar- god of the Memphis Necropolis
  • Sopdet- goddess of the star "Sirius"
  • Tauret- goddess of women and home
  • Tefnut- goddess of moisture and rain
  • Thoth- god of widom and the moon
  • Wepwawet- Usher of the dead


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    • profile image

      Bumpy 6 years ago

      Not bad. Little more research will kick you off properly, but not bad at all. When showing respect to the ancestors every effort must be honored and your effort is honorable.

    • profile image

      Multiman 6 years ago

      Nice site, enjoyed the reading of it.

    • profile image

      mosstalon 7 years ago

      ok these guys do not know how to spell. hathr is hathor and don't even get me started on bast. seriously hom! great information forgot tons of details do not trust spelling. bast is not the goddess of sunlight! she is the goddess of cats,music,pleasure,joy,dancing,home,the moon and tons of other things! i should know i have been researching on her and sekhmet ( but mostly bast) for the past year and a don't trust everything on this sight.

    • profile image

      krupa 7 years ago

      egypt is always fascinating ...... save your whole lifetime for a trip to egypt ........its absolutely worth it

    • profile image

      isaac  8 years ago

      this is the best ever website i have ever been too :o :)

    • profile image

      middla 8 years ago

      omg wow that's reli deep i love it u must be reli smart i love ur inner thoughts u delectable child of the god abouv us

      thankyou thankyou thankyou i love u soooooooo much u deep beautiful one!!!

    • profile image

      kiin 8 years ago

      wow u must of gotton good grades on history :D this helped me with my homework

    • profile image

      KIMKIm 8 years ago

      love you site its truthful and the best with pictures.

      I have been to many sites that don't have the two creation story.


    • byee profile image

      byee 9 years ago

      Wow...lots of info. I hope to eventually read more about Egyptian mythology. I remember reading somewhere that the Egyptians worshipped a lot of mystical creatures--half-animal, half-human types. The Greeks later on decided to model their Gods after real humans, with human physical traits and flawed personalities (Zeus and company). I always wondered how the Egys imagined their Gods to be such strange-looking entities!

    • bright_sorcerer profile image

      bright_sorcerer 9 years ago from London, Canada

      Wow...there is a lot of very interesting reading and information here! It will take me a bit of time to get through some of the links but Egyptian gods and goddesses are a topic of immense fascination for me. I did read one account of how Sekhmet was tricked into drinking beer that was dyed with red to resemble blood. An interesting tale. I did want to let you know I've included a link to your hub here to one of mine...a poem entitled "The Illusion Of Morning" that you may find somewhat interesting. The key figure is Ra. Be Well.