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Going Back in Time -- The Places I would visit

Updated on December 23, 2014

You might wonder Why Joseph loves History?? Is in me, and will be in me until the last day or the last second before 'teleportation.'

To begin with, I would love to go places at a very unique and specific time...

I would love to go back in time so bad at any time... since I was five, i tried to grab those sequential bits of memory for any future use. What for?

I have tried to memorise dates, special moments, that were captured by my mind. Here are some examples and the dates are accurate by the day and ... by the way... is already time!!

Quantic holo-Screen--

Friday December 13, 1971

I see myself in front of this blackboard. I'm nine years old.

My eyes lids clear this white dust in front of me. Is almost noontime in our own classroom. I remember it so well, because I was already hungry. Our 2nd grade teacher chose 3 students to solve these scary divisions; we were one of them to step forward. We were around 7 years old and... we saw our teacher explaining carefully to us where we, actually, did go wrong.

The microscopic dust from the piece of chalk made us sneeze. Finally, and for the very first time, we were able to connect our brain with those dividends and divisors, and that freaking 'residual.'

We saw our other 2 friends still struggling in trying to solve their own Divisions next to me. The sensation has lasted until today: The capability of learning, and perhaps teaching ourselves, when there was not other means available whatsoever.


Friday March 13, 1982

After walking for 3 miles with my own special force commando, me and my private Ryan buddies arrived at this firing range area set in a remote place. I was in the Army of course, and it was time to learn how to shoot toward that target range in front of me. I saw myself positioning this rifle assault 'butt' against my shoulder. Our officer warned us to be ready for the big HIT that could spell as in SH*T.

Like shooting a slow motion scene, the mortal chamber released its bullet onto the target. I felt the rifle actually bouncing back against my shoulder, just as our instructor told us. The smell of powder hit my imagination as well, and...

AND.. took me back in time...

The storming of The Bastille
The storming of The Bastille | Source

July 14th 1789

Le Bastille, Paris, France

Feeling myself like a free falling bird, I'm able to see this French Revolution taking its course:

Militia joining the meek finally storms this epitome to those chains against Liberty, Fraternity and Equality. I fly myself over the smoke of tyranny and injustice. Actually I almost got forked by this peasant that is saying in clear French: 'Mort! , La mort de la tyrannt!'

A thunderous blast was heard from behind the tired and raggedy masses, advancing toward the Bastille. It was a cannon ball that was heading toward one of the Turrets. The impact reached some Royalist Soldiers that fell in pieces. The carnage reaches its top pivotal point, when A drawbridge is being raised, by the Loyalists. Hundreds of people that joined the revolution against King Louis fall into the artificial Channel that separated the Fortress-turn-prison from an impending overnight storming. I can smell these freaking rats and the unbearable stench. Urine like smelling comes from these peasants mouth. No wonder, French were... or became famous for concocting the best perfumes in the World.


Friday September 9, 1977

I see myself listening to my favorite History teacher. She was Miss SQ. The blackboard is in front of us, the students. Some important dates have already been written by her. The chalk would make that screeching and prying sound, that would carve in my memory precious moments like this one. She would point to the dates and would tell us:

"You don't need to memorise dates; you need to understand what really happened on those dates. We know that George Washington crossed the Delaware River on that Christmas day of 1775, but wouldn't be better if you could be there with him. facing desertion and abandonment of duty from his own comrades, and the icy waters? Can you imagine, if he would've stayed behind those Valley Forge encampments? Did you see any black guy in that memorable painting?"

I was like, holly shirt!! She was opening a can of worms in my mind, and I was just 15 years old. She did change my life, and these pages are in tribute to her. My mind started to set my imagination to fly... again?

The battle of Hastings back in 1066, The pre Yodda Honorable Bede, the 'Dead sea scrolls' and even those extraterrestrials from the past came to my mind, like a celestial feeder of unforgettable knowledge...!


April 29, 1998

Universal Studios, Los Angeles

After getting off from my Westin Hotel 31st floor room, that my company booked for me in downtown LA, I decided to take a taxi, and headed myself to experience this must see attraction. After having fun with this 'Water World MOVIE' aquatic show, and that J'urassic park' Splashing, I bumped into the Delorean that was at the beginning of this Hub. My eyes could not believe what I saw far into the distance I saw this Impersonator. I said, 'Doc Brown!!???'

Okay, back to the future moderators!!

Our #5/30
Our #5/30 | Source

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