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Going Green: 5 Ways to Save Planet Earth

Updated on November 28, 2021

From technology to health, food to transport, home to office, there are millions of ways that we can make the earth a greener, healthier and more habitable planet. Going green means changing how you and I live our lives and how we make use of the resources Mother Nature has accorded us. While understanding why going green is very important, it is the actions that we take that matter more. If you have a resolve to go green and are not sure how, or you already know how but want to go a step further, here are a few things that you can do.


Clean, drinkable water is a precious commodity that makes earth different from the billions of other planets in the universe. If the trend of pollution goes on the way it is now, in a thousand years, water will probably be one of scarcest resources on earth. Every drop of water wasted is energy used to transport or pump it and energy used to filter it wasted. One of the simplest things you can do to live green is conserve water and keep it clean.


The government and NGOs are constantly urging people to use renewable energy such as energy from bio-fuel, wind turbines, flux capacitors, fuel cells and solar panels because they are green. Energy from generators which emits carbon dioxide to the environment is not clean. Conserve power and switch off any appliances you are not using at home. Green living also involves conserving energy when you can and efficient use of energy at your disposal.


The transport sector is the second most pollutant sector after industrial production. It is not the big companies that pollute the environment and emit greenhouse gases the most, it is people like you and me. The best way to go green is to get a fuel efficient car – an electric or a hybrid car is the most recommended – if you cannot take public transport. When not going far, consider walking or cycling and play a role in reducing global warming.


Recycle. Period. Wastes, when improperly discarded, often trigger environmental issues that affect tens of generations down the line. There are many topics on environmental conservation today, paying attention to them should teach you the best ways to recycle or discard unrecyclable materials.

Personal care

The hairspray you use, some deodorant, hair chemicals and other personal effects may be more harmful to the environment than you think. There has been an increase in awareness and education on the impact of most chemicals in these cosmetic products since the first beauty shop was opened in early 1980s but most people just do not listen. Change starts with you, make sure the products you use are green.

Educate yourself and others

Lastly, broaden you knowledge on what going green entails and strive to enlighten others because this is the fastest way we can get the word around. Unless we all take action now, we risk losing the planet in entirety in just a couple of thousand years.


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