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Gold Prospecting & Mining Equipment For Sale, Panning, Sluice Boxes, Pumps and Other Gear

Updated on January 5, 2016

Gold Mining, Prospecting, and Panning Equipment & Tools for sale.

There is an estimated $100 billion worth of gold nuggets and flakes still left in rivers around the globe.

Using the most suitable gold prospecting equipment for the individual is the first step in retrieving gold from the land.

If prospecting for gold nuggets on riverbanks and on dry land, the best type of gold mining equipment would be the metal detector.

If seeking gold nuggets and flakes in rivers, the panning gear and small and cheap sluice boxes would be ideal.

Prospecting for gold and semi precious stones is very laborious and not many prospectors can find enough gold to make a living from it.

It is recommended that prospecting should be carried out as a hobby initially without to much financial outlay. This will help reduce personal loss if it is discovered that gold mining is to difficult to continue.

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Searching For Gold Nuggets & Coins


Metal Detectors

The metal detector is the most widely used tool to detect larger pieces of gold on land. Mainly used by enthusiasts to detect gold and silver coins, war memorabilia, and other precious metals.

The metal detector can detect more gold in one day than panning gold can produce in a week. The detector will not detect gold flakes, but will detect small gold nuggets.

Using panning equipment, each person is limited to seeking gold within rivers. The metal detector can be used anywhere, especially if it is waterproof.

Modern metal detectors can detect the difference between gold, silver, iron, steel, and other metals to help prevent hours of digging up unwanted metals such as bottle tops and tin cans.

Which Metal Detecor is best ?

All gold prospecting tools on this page are guaranteed with a full warranty. Choosing a metal detector to suit a person is the first hurdle to earning a possible fortune from gold mining.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

The detector MUST be waterproof.

Even if detecting is to be carried out on land. This helps avoid rust and internal damage to cables and sensitive equipment. If it does not say waterproof on the information then assume it is not waterproof.

Do not use re-chargeable batteries. These batteries will run out very quickly and may not give enough power to correctly detect valuable metals.

The detector must be able to distinguish between valuable metals and iron as well as tin cans. Without this option, many people will spend their time digging up waste metal.

Ear phones are an essential part of metal detecting. This tool will allow the user to identify different toes without external interference.

Does the best cost the most ?


The most expensive metal detectors may be to technical and fiddly for the average person to use. The detectors also have many grades of detecting which will probably never be used.

The cheap metal detectors may only have one or two settings which are good for children or to simply practice with.

Seek an inexpensive model which is waterproof and allows for differentiating metals such as gold, aluminum and iron.

Always opt for one that suits the gold prospectors personal requirements. Used or second hand detectors may have slight faults, which is why they are being sold.

Panning Tools


The gold pan is possibly the cheapest yet most used piece of gold prospecting equipment. It is also one of the most fragile.

Many will break over time and it is always best to have a spare to hand.

The ridges are designed to help keep the gold flakes in the pan, rather than washing them straight back into the river.

In top TV shows such as Gold Divers and Gold Rush, the professional gold miners always pan an area before mining. By panning the ground they can tell quite quickly if there is gold in the area.

Click on the smaller image for full details and discounts available.

Gold pan starter kits provide several gold panning tools which are used by novices, semi-professional and professional gold miners.

The larger gauze type of gold pan is used for sifting through varying sizes of gravel. These will help remove stones from the finer gravel.

The original gold pan is then used to remove the fine sand and grit from the flakes of gold.

Gold panning kits vary with different tools included such as rock hammers, tweezers and small tubs for keeping any found gold inside. .

Gold panning is an understandingly difficult but self rewarding pastime


Sluice Boxes


Having a sluice box is not necessary, but can help sift through more land than panning alone. The sluice box is an automated type of panning which collects the gold flakes in the inbuilt matting.

As water is running over the sluice box, large gravel is washed and sent back into the river whilst smaller granules are kept for finer sifting later.

This sluice box can be placed in a river using the river water to aid in sifting the gravel. A light and easily transported machine with excellent reviews.

Remember: Sluice boxes need an ample and constant supply of running water. If sluicing on a river bank then a water pump and power supply would also be required as well as a suitable hose.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

Motorised gold prospecting equipment is quite expensive and can be problematic. Always opt for new machines rather than used. This way they will have a full guarantee.

Electric sluice boxes are ideal if gold prospecting is to be carried out slightly away from water or where there is little water movement, such as lakes or by the sea.

Once a days sluicing has been carried out, the internal mating needs to be carefully removed. The matting holds the precious gold flakes.

The flakes are very fine and can be similar size to dust. Using either a gold pan or automatic gold panning machine will help remove the last of the unwanted gravel and leave pure gold to be sold off.


Gold mining or prospecting is one of the most exciting phenomenons in the world. The adrenalin is fast flowing when discovering gold for the first time.

It is a hobby which is more addictive than smoking. Gold fever is a pastime which never goes out of date.

You may need a licence or permission from any land owner prior to using gold prospecting tools and equipment on their land.


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