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Where to Pan For Gold In The U.S.A. Top places for Panning and Gold Prospecting in the US

Updated on July 29, 2017

Top places and How to Pan for gold for in the U.S.A.

Individual, family panning or prospecting for gold in the U.S. should be perceived as a hobby.

Gold prospecting is a very laborious pursuit if panning is for returning a profit. As a hobby it is full of excitement and adventure whether money is made or not.

Investing in much gold prospecting gear or equipment should not be carried out unless determination for prospecting is overwhelming and time can be spent panning.

The rewards of panning for gold across the states could be less than the actual cost of the necessary prospecting equipment.

The best places to pan for gold are usually off the beaten track. Glory holes where more condensed materials such as gold collect, are very rich with gold flakes and deposits, although may of already been cleared out

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Arkansas River Corridor.

This river runs through some of the richest ore deposits in Colorado. Many stories depict riches being made and lives lost in the great rush for gold since 1858.

Doc Holiday and Oscar Wilde were visitors to this site. Many prospectors found their fortune panning the rapid flows of the Arkansas River.

Although the main strikes were silver and lead, gold was also panned for and found in large quantities. Obviously today there s fewer lakes of gold to be found after generations of gold diggers have descended on this area.

Today, most of the river area is either private property or people have staked claims on the land. But many people prospect for gold with permission or even use metal detectors in the local hills.

From Mosquito Pass to Independence Pass visitors can pan for gold and can obtain leaflets depicting local bike and vehicle tour routes.

This area has been extensively panned for gold for years. There is still a certain amount of gold flake still about, but possibly not enough to make a fortune.


Quartz Crystal
Quartz Crystal

The Spanish found gold in the rivers surrounding Ouachita Mountians during the 1500's.

Recent gold prospecting in this part of America has turned up little gold, but there is the possibility of finding diamonds or other crystals.

Gold is still found in some of the streams draining from the mountains, which means there is a gold streak somewhere in there, but finding the mother load is difficult.

There are many streams and lakes with the Ouachita Mountians and the highest peak is Magazine Mountain at 2,800 feet.

The mountains stretch for 225 miles, so there is plenty of scope for camping vacations in the hunt for the elusive gold.

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Be Prepared

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Alabama has an area defined as 'The Alabama Gold Belt'.

The world famous Alabama Gold Camp, on Crooked Creek, offers potential gold prospectors the chance to pan for their own gold. They provide the use of sluicing machines and other panning equipment and a license to pan for gold within the area. Deposits may be required for certain equipment.

This is for fun only and will not make anyone a fortune. It gives an insight into how to pan for gold and shows how tedious and laborious gold panning actually is.

Shacks are available for overnight rental with Wi-Fi and metal detecting is encouraged.

As the fast flowing waters erode sediment and rocks on the rivers rapid decent, flakes of gold are washed into the river bed. Finding them is the hard bit.

Precious stones such as garnets and citrine can also be found in this area as well as ancient Indian artifacts.


Montana is the seventh largest gold producer in the U.S.A. Gold has been proscpected there since just after the gold rush began in the late 1800s'.

Montana has produced some 17, 752, 000 ounces of gold, and it is still producing. Libby Creek had almost 600 separate gold mines within seven years of the first gold being found here.

Estimations as to the amount of gold left in the area range from 10 - 20%, meaning there is still at least another 17,000 ounces of gold left to pan for.

Permission from the land owner to pan for gold in any river or creek is required prior to any panning.

23 miles south of the old Libbyville gold mining town is the Libby Creek Recreational Gold Panning Area. Situated in the Kootenai National Forest, the camp provides an excellent opportunity to pan for gold with permission.

All the gold people pan, they can keep.


1928 saw a very low key gold rush in Appalachian region of Georgia. It was this late discovery of gold in the area that made many people believe there is much more gold to be produced from the area.

Panning for gold within the hillside where time and torrents of water have gouged out paths through rocks.

Underground streams make excellent places for flakes or nuggets of gold to be trapped waiting to be picked.

Gold mining tours and day camps permit panning with on hand professional gold panners to give advice.

The Consolidated Gold Mine provides a fantastic insight into the gold prospectors of yester-year.

Some of the thrifty priced or cheap gold panning equipment is as much fun as the expensive brands.


Where to Pan For Gold In The U.S.A. Top places for Panning and Gold Prospecting in the US.


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Wow, always thought I would love to pan for gold. Wouldn't that be the dream come true to find a big fat gold nugget? Thanks for the fun of dreams! ^


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