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Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Water, How Do I Invest?

Updated on August 14, 2011

Gold, Silver,Platinum, Water,How Do I Invest?

Gold, Silver,Platinum, Water,How Do I Invest?
Gold, Silver,Platinum, Water,How Do I Invest? | Source

Drought In Texas 2011 , Houston , Texas

Greed Then and Now

Gold, Silver , Platinum and Water, How do I invest?

With the value or devaluation of the dollar, when it comes to investing in gold, platinum, and silver, the decision is in your face. In western Texas water is precious to us as these metals are to the whole nation. The gold market has edged up to and passed the platinum stage in the market at this period of our lives. It is no wonder that silver has edged its way up the circle as well. The money is on the gold market and on this day August 8th 2011, we have seen platinum become the second most valued metal to invest in. This is unprecedented and for those unbelievers that expected that gold will stay put, well you got another thing coming.

Gold has surpassed platinum prices and therefore for beauty go with silver and your platinum is still worth having yet investment wise, maybe not such a good deal right now. There use to be this object of desire with platinum and for gold to far outweigh in price this precious metal makes one wonder. Yes we are seeing de-valuation of the dollar faster than previous months now. With the government still undecided on what to do with debt we owe everyone, the cause will just get worse.

Platinum , as a precious metal has won second place to gold for the first time , in my dealings with the market. This means , yes we are into some trouble over running water, well in my state we are out of water at best also. I live in Western Texas and we are out of water, so it is going to be a commodity more precious than any of the metals or oil we drill for in my area of the country. Drought stricken in Western Texas has never seen it this bad since the early 1930s and it is to the point of where do we get water now. So precious metals are a ridiculous thing to talk about in my area of the country, we need your lakes and rightfully so. Though I sit and complain about the water situation in my area of the country, we still are drilling like mad for oil. In Forbes magazine, this area is the 4th best place to find a job, because of the oil drilling rigs that need help on. We are in a boom in West Texas, yet a bust in housing and water.

It just goes to show that greed is America’s heart and so many politicians are too use to their stable environment of living. They get their checks and vote themselves raises and look what becomes of us. We are of greed also with the precious metals and oil flowing to make some sense of this is ridiculous.

The biblical times are upon us, and even the atheist should see this for they know the bible better than the Christian . It is a miracle we have lasted this long without China taking us over, yet. There is a proposed new China dollar for America and it sure looks pretty, but what is this going to mean to our freedom. The Gold, Platinum and silver markets will continue to rise, not fall, and oil prices will sky-rocket .There is no end in sight for the precious metals and the oil to go down, until there is a crash of the dollar, and though the wreck has happened, the results are being felt in my state as we strive for liquid to drink, called water. You can make metals liquefied, though you darn sure cannot drink it.


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