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Healthcare the number one cause of death in USA

Updated on November 17, 2010

The Mentailty of Medicine

Becoming familiar with the mentality of medicine in the America early in life, at a very young age, I gained considerable first hand experience as to how the medical community really worked. My father worked in a hospital lab, and I would visit the lab often on the weekends when he had to work. So I saw first hand how hospitals operate. They revered physicians as being highly educated and informed, which - even at a young age - I really questioned this mentality. They did seem to know more about drugs than most health professionals.

But were very ignorant of the dangers presented to them by prescription drugs. Over 850,000 people die in the United States every year from medical mistakes. While 100,000 are drug related. Wow, Hey lets all run to the doctor and get drugs! While you might ask, What does medicine have to do with performance drugs? It dawned on my that the publics definition of medicine was much different that the one I had. My basic definition of medicine would be a substance that helps your body to heal it self. We know that most doctors would disagree. But I say health has very little to do with drugs.

Being a Packer fan, I remember a time when Favre was taking Perocet for his shoulder I think. He had a prescription for the drug from a doctor, Yes he was taking it everyday and he used it during the games. The pressure to perform, and the ease to acquire painkillers has made this an epidemic in the sports world as well as our society. Drugs are accepted in this society prescribed by a licensed physician. Most of the population in the USA have come to trust these drug pushers (doctors) as caring individuals when they are literally killing more people every year with their expert training ,methods and techniques of treating illness.

To me, this is the issue. Doctors are really miseducated in this country.They are not taught the important aspects of the human condition. For one nutrition. Most doctors have no training in nutrition. So if you are not aware of what the body needs to properly function, how could you help people maintain their health or treat their illnesses. They give them drugs to suppress their symptoms which have more contraindications than therapeutic value. Let me ask you this, If you knew that a substance would only suppress the symptoms of a patient but had more side effects than good effects . Would you give it to someone?

Did you know that I have never heard of a doctor flunking out of medical school. Thats because they do not flunk them They hold back the lowest seniors, they grade on a curve. They are taught that there are really no cures just treatments. This mentality obviously has proliferated through out the USA. People think it alright to take drugs if a doctor prescribed it. Mostly because they think the doctor knows what That being said most sports programs have a drug testing policy, but if you have a script for pain pills that is OK. You are being treated by a physician so its accepted. You can play if you are taking medication. Is this not performance enhancing? While the effects on playing under the influence haven't really been looked at to much. Certainly we all know that if we are in pain and we take take pain pills that our level of participation in an event would be greater. Does it not help you complete the task with out as much pain? Would you even have completed the task without drugs? I conclude that almost any drug that alters your perception ,kills pain, combats depression should be considered performance enhancing.

Canadas Health Care System is better than the USA

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  • profile image

    Ty Hungerford 7 years ago

    Health-care drug pushers are a billion dollar business run by promoters. Doctors on the whole, stop learning- as soon as the money is flowing. The medical industry is a on-going learning experience as the micro-organism causing deseases strive to survive all the drugs thrown at them. It is a survival of the fittest. My approace is mostly natural as bugs cannot exist or live in certain inviroments. The key is present that enviroment to your parasite friends and watch them vacate the house. I like natural choices and building blocks that supports our immune systems. At eighty I live parasite free and still hit a mean golf ball. Seek a naturepath opinion and let the body cure itself-build your immune systems and "Make Peace with God" Pray for leadership in our nation TY

  • profile image

    healthcare 8 years ago

    Of course, everything has its two sides one is good and other is bad. We should be alert of the both sides. Least knowledge and carelessness causes to the death. So physians and nurses should be fully aware of drugs and healthcare.

  • coolbreeze profile image

    Rik Rodriguez 10 years ago from Hawaii

    Misha You are a wise man Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  • Misha profile image

    Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

    I think you described the symptoms right. I don't agree on the causes, though.

    Doctors are just a part of our society, and this is our society that demands the kind of cure you are talking about here. We all demand quick fixes to complex problems in all parts of life, not only in health care. Americans are really bad at that, but they are not alone, I'm talking the whole Western civilization here.

    Worse, Eastern countries that traditionally treated human beings as complex systems and structured health care accordingly, started to drift towards simplyfied approach with the onset of globalization...

    I don't think we can really tell what was at the beginning - society demanding such an approach or doctors "educating" society in this direction. I don't think it is important either. I think we just have to start with ourselves and give our business to doctors that understand what they are doing - and djtphn1 is right, there is a plenty of them. Then natural selection will take care of the rest :) doctors and population, too :D

  • djtphn1 profile image

    djtphn1 10 years ago from Riverside County, California

    I think like with any profession, you have the "good ones" and the "bad ones". I have worked with both. Some I respect, some I do not. The ones I don't respect, I will challenge their thinking. Yes, some are assholes. But, there are some doctors that are very caring and devoted to medicine. YOu can immediately spot the difference between the two. Anyways, nurses are usually the ones that focus on the whole person, spiritual, emotional, physical etc....doctors are not taught that. I push a shitload of drugs to patients on a daily basis. Do I agree with it all the time, absoltutely not, but hey, i need a job. If I question something, I will speak up, most definately. Anyways, I am done ranting now, surferman, you are the coolest!

  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 10 years ago from Portugal

    Now I really became your fan :)

    Both my parents were physicians and worked in hospital labs.

    A couple months ago I was operated in the major portuguese hospital and the only subject of everybody talks was "the drugs they all were taking" 8(

    It´s sad but true!

    Great hub coolbreeze