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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Updated on March 23, 2011


Using artificial substances or methods to enhance athletic performance is called doping. Doping has become such a great concern that the United States that they made an anti-doping organization. I didnt realize this and find it rather strange really because in American society all my life most of the people I come in contact with take drugs, It accepted as the norm here. So when Americans get up in arms over the entertainment industry Baseball, Football Etc. It really makes little sense to me. What next ! Hey I know lets test Rock and Roll stars to see if they are using preformance enhancing drugs.

Lets try to remember that Baseball is entertainment thats it.

Did you ever watch the popular TV show HOUSE the show is very un realistic except that House is popping pills all the time. Now I have worked with many doctors that have perscriptions for narcotics and take them everyday. How many doctors do you see in the news that have been busted for drug use. Or busted for mal practice because they were using drugs. Not many. Because your doctor is not required to take a drug test to get a job. While the box boy at the super market is subject to random piss tests.

I think we are the dopes to allow this to go on. Let the entertainers kill themselfs with steriods Its their life.

Healthcare the number one cause of death in USA


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  • stevenschenck profile image


    10 years ago from Sacramento California

    Very cool - as a fan of personal freedom I understand what you are saying.

  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 

    10 years ago from Portugal

    You´re absolutely right! I can´t agree with you more, I also see the same here in Portugal and I supose it´s true all around the world: sportsman and sportswoman of every country are the only ones prohibited of using "products" that everybody else are taking without control!

    I love every kind of sport but I´m more into bicycles and as everybody knows cycling is one of the most doping sports. I use to say that cycling classification should be award in the inverse order because last one to arrive it´s for sure the less doped one!


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