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Hearts and Mind on Fire with Enthusiasm

Updated on February 9, 2015

Here goes!

He was new to the school and hadn't enough time to form judgements of the students looking up at him with disinterested eyes. The air smelled of dusty books and varnish because the room had been closed for the whole summer after the graffiti covered desks had been treated. The students looked restless as they took it in turn to shift their weight in the desks that creaked with old age. A coat hanger at the top of the class would have attracted more interest than this young man whose job it was to teach them. He watched one student collecting dandruff in a hole in his desk and another was telling an audience of four of his exploits over the weekend. The young teacher had butterflies in his stomach and was trying to muster the courage to let these young people know that he was going to make a difference. "But what if they laughed at me" he thought? "Wasn't it James Allen who said your thoughts create your reality", he thought. So before he could allow his mind to think up any more delaying tactics he clapped his hands and thought - “Here goes!”

Lend me your ears, your hearts and your minds.

"I'm not going to ask you to open your textbooks just yet because there are a few things I feel you need to be made aware of. Firstly, if somebody came up to me with a precious stone and tried for all they were worth to convince me of its value and try to persuade me to take it, I would become suspicious. In the same way a teacher carries into every class jewels of knowledge. These jewels are priceless and the student that catches them as they fall from his lips are securing their future and equipping themselves for life. I have come to this class with more than enough jewels for everyone here. But there is a price you must pay. The price for these precious stones is your attention. Anything given for free is never valued by the recipient because the price charged is taken as a fair estimate of value. Without bricks and cement a bricklayer cannot build a wall. Without timber a carpenter cannot do his job. Without the students' undivided attention a teacher cannot do his job efficiently. A focused mind can be compared to light rays being brought to a focus by a magnifying glass. This kind of concentration can cause paper to burn. On the other hand light that is not concentrated does not have the power to set the paper alight. With focussed awareness pay me with your attention for the priceless jewels I have in my head for you and let us set your hearts and minds on fire."

Nobody moved, nobody laughed, he had their attention and their eyes shone.


Meditation to Reclaim your Attention.

Attention is a very valuable commodity these days. People are paid a lot of money to get your attention. With so many people vying for our attention is it no wonder that so many children nowadays suffer form conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder?

While you watch TV in hypnosis you are being taught to desire things that you don't need. You are taught to believe that you are less of a person without the things they want to sell you.

People have forgotten how to reclaim attention so that they use it to create the lives they want rather than creating the lives that others want for them. Unless you learn how to direct your attention as you choose, your attention will be directed for you. You end up being led like a bull with a ring through his nose from one desire to the next. Nothing you receive will ever satisfy that bottomless pit you create by renting your mind out in this way.

Meditation is the ancient tried and trusted way for reclaiming attention that works. Regularly meditating helps you to become more self aware and centred. You will almost immediately notice the benefits you derive from meditating for a few minutes every morning as soon as you wake up and every night before you get into bed. I have made available a download from my website a 10 minutes meditation audio that can get you started. Simply burn the audio to CD , iPod or MP3 player and play it every morning before you get out of bed.Give it a go, what have you got to lose? You could even write a hub about the results you achieve!

>>> 10 minutes morning meditation audio - by Spirit Whisperer <<<

The Purpose of Meditation


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