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Hey! Soldier - A Letter From Grace April 11th, 1942

Updated on August 30, 2012

April 11th, 1942

About This Letter:

From: Grace Bauer (Fiancé)

To: Corporal George F. Lutz

Company C

6th Training Battalion

Camp Wheeler,


Letter Transcription:

Saturday - April 11,1942

Hello Honey!

Here it is Saturday again, and I hope by now you are back from the convoy and well. I must admit I was a bit worried. You hadn't told us much about it and there was so much I wanted to know, or is it secretive?

The first thing that had me concerned was the weather you were having. We've had the darndest weather! Monday and Tuesday was very warm, Wednesday it got very cool and Thursday we had snow. Boy and did it snow! It was just like a blizzard and the woods looked just like it did in December. Yesterday it rained half a day and today it looks as if it will start in at any minute. I hope the weather in Georgia wasn't like this.

I'll start off by telling you the news before I answer your letters.

Tuesday night was the club meeting at Lillian's. Hen, Jeannie and I walked up together. Pauline had called up Jeannie and said that her mother was ill and that she couldn't come. So the 3 of us had quite a "gab session" on the way up. Hen told me that George Becker (Auntie's friend who got married) went into the Army the other day. Hen said that when she got over there Muriel was having hysterics and she tried to reason with her, but it didn't do much good. It seems a shame that they had such a short time together, but I guess they should be thankful even for that.

When we got to Lillian's, Connie and Alice hadn't arrived. Lillian was mad because she had baked home made bread and cake and it would have only been for the four of us. Well around 9:30 they popped up and the excuse was that Connie had been sick all day and she didn't know if she should go out now. Finally Alice talked her into going anyway. The result was that she became sick twice while at the meeting. She looked terrible!

She told me that Al isn't going to get a furlough and that he's only going to be kept at Fort McClellan for 3 months and then he'll be transferred somewhere else. You know how "down in the mouth" Al gets and he has Connie feeling that way too.

About 10 o'clock we had tea and pineapple whipped cream cake. Her home-made bread was delicious too and when we're married I'm going to try it out on you and I bet you'll love it. When we were ready to go home, we looked out and it was raining, so Alice asked if she could take us home. At first I refused but when it came down in buckets I changed my mind. She's such a crazy driver that I'd rather walk than ride, but then I didn't have a hat, so in I got. There was Alice, Connie and I in the front seat and you know how much room Alice takes up. Half the time I didn't know whether I was in the car or out. Jeannie and Hen were in the back seat. I got in about 12 o' clock and hopped right into bed.

Check Out The Squid Scene Grace Mentions at 1:30

The Music During The Easter Stage Show

Wednesday night I went up to your house and told your family all the news. First I read them Sal's latter and then read them about Jack Murray. They were very glad to hear the good news of both events. I also told them about Doris and Johnny Wissing. We had quite a "fire side chat" and then we had tea and chocolate layer cake. Before I knew it, it was time to go home so Gene was my escort.

Thursday was very dismal. In the morning when I started for work it was raining and by the time I got out of the subway it had turned to snow. Well, all day that kept up and it wasn't dry snow but that wet, slushy kind. In the evening I stayed in and knitted and took it easy and went to bed early.

Friday was our "big day". It wasn't a very nice day though as it rained up until lunch time, but then it cleared up a bit. The five of us went to Radio City and saw "Reap the Wild Wind". It was wonderful! There was one scene there where Kay Milland has a fight with a giant squid and its really so exciting I almost fell off the edge of my seat. Eleanor Seaman was telling me that they used a squid made of rubber, but it's so realistic that it's astounding. The other Actors and Actresses are very good too, you ought to see it. The Easter stage show was beautiful! The one scene was supposed to be the inside of a church and as the side of the theatre stood the men and women representing images and they each held a candle. On the stage was an alter with stained-glass windows above and two boys dressed as alter-boys and the whole chorus were dressed as angels and carried lilies. During this spectacle scene they played Rubenstein's "Kammenoi Ostrow". At the end the angels all kneel and form a cross of lilies. It was really breath taking! It was the ninth time that it was presented because of popular demand. After that they showed the news and then presented the patriotic stage show. They portrayed the story which led up to the writing of the "Star Spangled Banner" and it was breath-taking. It ended with everyone singing our anthem. It sort of made the chills run up and down your back.

Earl (Now Eagle) Theatre

A marker73-07 37th Road New York, 11372 -
737 37th Rd, Queens, NY 11372, USA
get directions

The "Earl" is now known as the "Eagle" theatre. If you check out the google street view you can actually see it!

Glamour Boy - Entire Movie via YouTube!

Clip From Louisiana Purchase

After the show we thought we would get some sort of refreshments so do you know where we went? Do you know where the Astor Bar is? Well, we went across the street to Scrafft's. I sort of frightened you didn't I? Well we went into Scrafft's and was that ritzy! Waiters in full dressed suits and all. We'll probably live on bread and water for a week now. Don't feel sorry for us, as I think it would do us a lot of good. When I got home the folks were all to bed, so I hopped in too. Eleanor took the next day off so we all (except Pa who had to work) slept in until 10:30.

In the afternoon Mother went with me to Jamaica to get a tan skirt and I got a swell one too. We then hurried home because they wanted to go to the movies. The folks felt sorry for me so they brought me to the show. We went to the "Earle" in Jackson Heights and saw Jackie Cooper in "Glamour Boy" and Bob hope in "Louisiana Purchase". Both we liked very much, but had to stand almost all night. I wasn't feeling well all day and my legs ached me, and I thought I'd never get a seat. But after a long while I did. Boy the censor overlooked an awful lot in that picture didn't they? Wasn't that a scream about the girdle? This morning when I was putting mine on it me made think of it and I almost went into hysterics because I was going through the same motions that Bob Hope went through.

This morning, Sunday, I went to 11 o' clock church and came home, ate, and cleaned my dresser drawers. I then took a snooze from 4 until 6 and here I am writing you now. Mother is in the kitchen making cup cakes and she just called in and told me to tell you she was asking for you. Her cold is all gone now. She wishes you were home again because she says that since the day you left I haven't baked a thing and that "ain't good."

Now I'll get back to your letters. I'm glad you liked the candy darling, and the folks thought it was very sweet of you for enclosing that little note to them. Your Mother didn't show me the Easter card, dear. I bet it was nice.

Yes, darling I saw the moon on the third and it was beautiful! That was especially for us dear. Thank you for the lovely bunnies. I showed them to all the girls at work and they all think you're a pretty "swell guy" and I'm so proud of that "swell guy" that's going to be my husband. You know that I did? I framed the rabbits. Yes they're in a maple frame right next to my dresser and there they are smiling on each other.

Oh, Honey, I can't wait until I come down. I don't think a bathing suit would be much good to me around that time, but I'm bringing my slacks and halter.

Honey please let your hair grow by the time I get there because I want to take plenty of pictures and I don't want you to look like a "hairless Joe"

I think that's about all the news. I'll enclose the small pictures and the 2 large ones I'll send in my next letter. Darling I love you so much and can't wait until I'm in your arms again, and it won't be long before you'll never have to let me out of your arms again.



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    • RichardPac profile image

      RichardPac 5 years ago from Sunny Florida!

      My pleasure! Be sure to checkout the entire series. They read like a novel :)

    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 5 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      Awesome!!! I love reading old letters and especially those of my family!! Very Cool!!! Thanks for sharing!!