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Hey Soldier! - A Letter From Mom April 13th, 1942

Updated on September 25, 2012

About This Letter:

From: Loretta Lutz (Mom)

To: Cpl. George F. Lutz

Co. C. 6th Bn

Camp Wheeler, GA.

Letter Transcription:

Monday Apr 13, 42

Dear George,

I guess by now you're back from your problem I hope you had nice weather. It was a regular winter week here in N.Y., snow and all. We went out to Mastic from Saturday afternoon until SUnday night. It was by cold out there. Next week they are going to start saying Mass in the church so it looks as id the season is about to open. But I'll still think it will be very slow out there.

Dad finished the ceiling and it looks as if it will be a nice room when finished. After that was all done Gene went for a walk looking for deer tracks and of course found them down around Fred Serving's dock. I'll bet it was some big dog's footprints he saw.

Well in just one month now Grace and I will be in Georgia looking the place over.

It is impossible for your father to go on that trip. The vacations are all in and besides you forgot things are different up in Bors Hall wit the new Bors Pres. and all his aides. (EDITORS NOTE: I'm assuming this is an abbreviation for the "Burroughs") Even the Mayor is taking it out on the people of Queens for not giving him the note last year. They all had to work last Sat and every Sat here after that's not so hot with the summer starting. And have you forgotten Gene is a working man now? We couldn't leave hime and alone and he can't throw up the job. It costs money to get another.

Maybe you'll be able to get another furlough during the summer and then you can spend some time in Mastic too.

I got a letter from Fred Kramer last week and he said Vincent is a P.F.C. now to.

I met Dolly in the Fulton St. and she said you and here were going down by train to see him this month but he says they better wait, it seems some of the boys are only kept there for 6 weeks now.

I went down to Aunt Gracie's last week and she tole me Charlotte was home over Easter and she looks fair and is getting along good. She says it is terribly crowded in D.C. now and they have plenty of work but has to take a turn at a night shifts now and then.

Well George I guess you'll be hearing the rest of the news from Dad and Gene later in the week so I'll close with love from all.


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    • profile image

      JThomp42 5 years ago

      Amazing a letter that old is in such good condition. Very nice.