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Hey! Soldier - A Letter From Grace April 2nd, 1942

Updated on July 21, 2012

April 2nd, 1942

About This Letter:

From: Grace Bauer (Fiance)

To: Corporal George F. Lutz

Company C

6th Training Battalion

Camp Wheeler,


Letter Transcription:

Thursday April 2, 1942

Hello Darling!

How are you? I hope well.

Tuesday night the club meeting was at my house and did we have fun! Connie told us that she was only working one day at Radio City and now she's stationed at Penn Station permanently. She figures counting tips and all, she makes $25 a week. Somehow I don't believe it. She hasn't heard from Al for a week, and she's worried because she thinks he's found another girl. Isn't that silly? I finally talked her out of such notions.

Pauline told me that Harry obtained his divorce, but can't remarry in New York for three years, but if he goes out of the state, he can after 3 months.

Lillian wan't feeling well so she didn't come. Being the meeting was at my house, I didn't have a chance to go up and see Gene on his birthday. The next night (Wednesday) I went up and I surely enjoyed myself. I bought Gene 3 records. They are:

Moonlight Cocktail

Anniversary Waltz

I'll Never Forget

The loudspeaker on our photography is broken, so your Dad promised me the one on the photography in the country.

Your brother played a whole bunch of April Fool jokes on me. One of them was rubber peanuts. He also gave me a pencil with rubber lead in it. The best thing was supposed to be a jar of cold cream and when I opened it a snake jumped out. I nearly hit the ceiling.

Here's a joke: What did the rabbit say when he came out of the burning forrest? "I've just be de-furred."

Thursday tonight, I went shopping and bought 2 dresses. One is a navy and white polka-dot dress and the other is a dusty pink spot dress. I also bought white flowers and veiling for my hat. This year I'm not buying much, because I'll be needing that for my vacation. I got home and who was there but Aunt Dorothy. Mother made Hot Cross Buns tonight. Ed and Auntie went for a walk and they tried to buy matzos, but all the stores were closed. We (the girls of our department), bought Margy a box of Fanny Farmer's candy for Easter. Eleanor and I bought it tonight. This may sound like a "hash", but these are odds and ends that I want to tell you before I forget.

Tomorrow we get 3 hours off to go to church, and I'll be saying a lot of prayers for you.

Your mother told me that you expect to go on a "problem," and if the mail doesn't come, not to worry about you. Take good care of yourself dear.

Don't forget to tell Sal that I was asking for him and that I pray for him every night.

That's about all the news for now, only that I love you so much, and can't wait until I see you again. Be good darling and God bless you.


Your Wife (to be)


Scan of Actual Envelope
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Scan of Actual Envelope
Scan of Actual Envelope | Source
Scan Of Actual Letter
Scan Of Actual Letter | Source
Scan Of Actual Letter
Scan Of Actual Letter | Source
Scan Of Actual Letter
Scan Of Actual Letter | Source
Scan Of Actual Letter
Scan Of Actual Letter | Source


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