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Hey! Soldier - A Letter From Grace April 5th, 1942

Updated on July 13, 2012

Long Beach NY

A markerLong Beach, NY -
Long Beach, NY, USA
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April 5th, 1942

About This Letter:

From: Grace Bauer (Fiance)

To: Corporal George F. Lutz

Company C

6th Training Battalion

Camp Wheeler,


Letter Transcription:

Easter Sunday - April 5, 1942

Happy Easter Darling!

Thanks a heap for the telegram. It was such a sweet thought.

This letter is just "bursting" with news. Enclosed are the clippings which will explain it all. Saturday Mother bought the "Star" and I happened to look through it and that's what I found. Isn't it grand about Jack? There was a wedding in the Presbyterian Church yesterday, so we were wondering if it was the Winning Schaeffer one.

Well, Friday we were so busy that we didn't think we would get time off to go to church, but we did. We were practically out of the office when we were told we would have two hours off all together if we wanted to go to church so Evelyn and I went to the "Little Church Around the Corner" on 29th st. The time passed so quickly, that I only wished I had more time to stay until the finish. Eleanor got a half day off and she and Mother met each other coming out of church, so they went shopping then. In the evening I took it easy and went to bed early.

Saturday, Gene and I had a date to go to the Florist. i walked Mother up the hill because she wanted to go to Bohacks. (Editors note: any idea what this place is or even if I got the spelling right?). Instead of waiting for your brother at 4 o'clock, as planned, I got up there about 3:30. Gene played me his new records. They're in an album and all Jerome Kearn's pieces. They really are lovely. We then took our yearly pilgrimage to Maspeth. On the way up the block we met Busters and she was kidding me about going out with your brother while you're away. I just told her that I was doing it all "for defense".

Well we found Mr. Pertakowitz in his office and we went exploring through the "hot house". It was so hit in there that Gene and I lost 2 points and grew 2 inches. This year they had hardly anything. The only think they had were wax begonias and those pretty leaves, so we had to be satisfied with them. I guess the shortage was due to the war. Most of the flowers come from Holland. They didn't even have one lilly. It was a beautiful day and Gene and I could have walked to Hoboken. We said to each other that next year you'll be with us but not in an "olive drab" uniform but a blue one with silver buttons. Boy will we be proud!

When we got home Gene came in and gave my Mother a pretty wax begonia. He had to wait while Mother and I decorated the plant I bought for your Mother. We fixes it up in yellow crepe paper and a yellow ribbon on it. It took us about an hour to fix it and we had some in the "operation".

This morning Mother and I went to 8 o'clock communion to avoid the crowds. When we got there we had to sit in the third pew and chairs had to be put down the aisles. I thought we never would get up to the alter. Darling, Mother and I prayed for you especially while we were at the alter rail.

The service was over at 9:30 and there was the next group of people waiting to come in. Next year we're going to try to get to the 7 o'clock service. At 11 o'clock Eleanor and Auntie went to that service and it was the same way. We had dinner all ready when they got home and at 2 o'clock we rode Dad out to Aunt Minnie's and we rode to Long Beach. It was just like summer, walking on the boardwalk with the sun shining on us. We took pictures, the negatives of the pictures I took when you were home are being developed now.

You should have seen what the "Bunny" left me. I for an egg (chocolate one) which had a heat (Editors's Note: Not sure, what this is, if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.) which rattled. Then Auntie gave me a chocolate rabbit and Mother gave me an egg and Ed gave me a cross. We all got the same.

Now I must tell you some sad news. Kay Grubb's (I mean Rowan) Mother was buried Good Friday. I didn't see the notice until the evening and she was buried in the morning. It didn't say what she dies of. She was buried from Kearn's Funeral Parlor.

Now to get on a more cheerful topic. The vacation list came around and I'm getting the weeks of the 11th and the 18th of May. I can hardly wait until the time comes. I don't know when you'll get to read this letter as you're going on maneuvers.

Yes, your "Mrs" is in the pink and never felt better. Darling, what's going to be the inscription on my wedding band?

How is Sal feeling now? Who's this "Ed" you went to the U.S.O. dance with?

Mom's cold is gone now.

Well, that's about all the news for now. Be good, darling, and remember I love you an awful lot and always will.



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    • RichardPac profile image

      RichardPac 5 years ago from Sunny Florida!

      His fiancé is Grace and writes him quite frequently. Be sure to checkout the rest of the series!


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