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Hey! Soldier - A Letter From Grace April 6th, 1942

Updated on July 20, 2012

April 6th, 1942

About This Letter:

From: Grace Bauer (Fiance)

To: Corporal George F. Lutz

Company C

6th Training Battalion

Camp Wheeler,


Letter Transcription:

Monday, April 6, 1942

Hello Honey!

Was I surprised when I came home from work and saw your letter on my dresser. I didn't think I'd be getting any mail for quite awhile.

I was speaking to Frieda this morning and she told me that a girl in the office had the same problem as we had to face. Frieda said that both the weddings do not have to be performed the same day. The quiet ceremony could be performed the next day or the end of the week with only the witnesses present. I think it's a good idea because I think two weddings in one day is going to be too much for me. I'll probably pass out before I get half-way down the aisle. I think this is a perfect solution, don't you?

Agnes is going to be married April 25th and she asked me to go to the mass, so I guess I should. Every morning she comes over and tells me of the new things she's bought, and I'm almost as excited as she is about it.

We had a little excitement in our department today. Mae became engaged on Easter, and her ring is almost like mine but in white gold. Her "Feller" worked in the Navy Yard and I think they'll be getting married very shortly.

Darling, you shocked me when you said that about the pajamas.

I received a swell letter from Sal today. He seems to be a grand person and I'm so glad you have him as a friend. He told me that it's going on six weeks since he entered the hospital and he's getting kind of impatient. Well I guess I would too, if I was in his shoes. I'm so glad he's feeling a lot better.

Thanks for Mary's note. I'll give it to her tomorrow. She told me that he's the only buck private (EDITORS NOTE: Does Anyone Know What This Is Referring Too?) there and he's anxiously awaiting his stripe or stripes. He has an insignia like this (reference square diagram on letter scan) on his sleeve. He was home Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. She said from now on he's coming home every night.

Your Mother told me last week about that "superior" rating, and our chests expanded 3 inches or more over it. Boy are we proud of you! Mary said to see that you don't have to go on any convoy during April 11 and 18th. If you do, Mary and I will take it up with the General.

Tonight I met Doris Schaeffer's sister and she told me that Doris and Johnny's wedding was last Saturday at the Presbyterian Church. They made up their minds a week ago Sunday and in two days her Mother had to make Doris' and her sister's dress for the occasion. She was married in a street length dress. They took a week trip to Maryland and intend to be home this weekend and then he has to leave for camp again.

Did I ever tell you that Charlie Hubner was drafted? Yes he was, but Eleanor hasn't seen the notice saying where he was shipped to.

Boy, today was like a summer day. I had spring-fever and could hardly do my work. Lucy was out sick all day, and Eleanor went home sick at 3:30, so we had twice the amount of work to do. If the weather is like that down in Georgia I think you're going to have a hard time keeping me from staying there for good.

I think that's about all the news for today. After I show your folks your pictures I'll send them back. They're very good. I brought my roll of film away and I'll have to wait a week for it.

Take care of yourself, and I'll be praying for God to watch over you during your 4 day trip. Tell Sal I was asking for him, and I'll be writing him soon again.



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