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Hindi Urdu Hindustani: One Language, Three Names

Updated on January 11, 2017

What is the Difference between Hindi and Urdu?

Hindi and Urdu are basically same languages. Grammar of both the languages is same, and all basic words also are the same. It is almost impossible to distinguish between these two spoken languages.

The biggest difference between them is that the alphabets or the scripts in which the languages are written. Hindi is written in Nagari (also called as Devnagari) script, while Urdu is written in a modified Persian script.

If we write Urdu language in Nagari script, it will be called Hindi language, and if we write Hindi is Urdu script, it will be called as Urdu language.

Another difference between these two languages is that Hindi language is influenced by Sanskrit, while Urdu is influenced by Persian and Arabic. Basically one language divided in two by Hindu Pundits and Muslim clergies. They did it because Sanskrit Pundits loved and till love Sankrit and Muslim Clergies had and have a love for Persian and Arabic languages.

The so called Hindi lovers love Sanskrit than Hindi, The so called Urdu lovers are interested in separate identity than the love for Urdu. Although the Hindi Pundits avoid to use Persian and Arabic words while using Hindi, the word Hindi itself is an Arabic word!

Hindi has a special status in India, while Urdu enjoys it in Pakistan. Hindi and Urdu are called Lingua Franca in India and Pakistan respectively. But the actual lingua franca of both the countries is Hindustani, not Hindi or Urdu! Hindi and Urdu languages are limited to literature and religion. In all other fields, Hindustani is dominant. Let it be entertainment and media, public speeches, Marketing, or just speaking with one another, in home or outside.

If you watch a Hindi movie from India and then a Urdu movie from Pakistan, you will find that both are the same languages. Even if the Indians use the term 'Hindi Movies' and Pakistanis use it as 'Urdu Movies', a notable thing is that the use of Sanskrit words in Hindi movies is avoided. In case of Pakistani movies, they avoid high usage of Persian and Arabic words. In both the cases, what language comes forward is Hindustani!

Before independence of India and Pakistan, the Names Hindi, Urdu and Hindustani were synonyms one another.

-Mahavir Sanglikar

Video: Hindustani: Hindi and Urdu - A Single Language?


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  • profile image

    ken 5 years ago

    Gujarati is the only Shirorekhaa and Nuktaa free script can dissolve this Hindi/ Urdu history.

    As long as Urdu is not written in Devanagari script Hindi will remain in Bollywood.

    Hindi's simplicity of learning and writing lies in Gujarati script along with Roman Script.

    If China can simplify Chinese why we can't we simplify Hindi by writing in Gujarati script?

    If borrowed words from English language can be written the way we want then why not Urdu words?

    Why create special letters with Nuktaa for Urdu words?Do they change their script to adopt Hindi words?

    There are so many languages written in Devanagari script. Sure,they all are readable but not communicable with each other ?

    Most of Indian states are not willing to give up their state language script.So in the future,New generation may write these languages in Roman Script.

    Hindi states are not willing to learn regional languages but If non Hindi states can learn Hindi In their state language script through script converter then each Indian states will have two languages formula.

    United we stand.

  • profile image

    Samraj19 5 years ago

    Hindi is a mix of Sanskrit and Urdu. The mother Sanskrit was flourishing from the central India during medieval period. The father Urdu came through the Mughals who captured and ruled central India starting from 13th century

    Hindi is an Indian child born to Sanskrit mother and Urdu father

    Sanskrit mother got migrated to India through the passes in the Hindu Kush mountains (may be due to Trade relationship through ancient Persia)

    Urdu father invaded India through the same passes in the Hindu Kush mountains

    Both Sanskrit and Urdu has foreign origin but came to India at different period of time and their child is Hindi/Hindustani

  • profile image

    Hamari Boli: Hindi-Urdu Reunited! 5 years ago

    Absolutely! Hindi-Urdu (the erstwhile Hindustani) is 'The Language' of which Standard Hindi and Standard Urdu are two Standard Registers.

  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 6 years ago from Pune, India

    Words are not a language. Language is syntex of sentence and grammar.

    When we say Let us go to Bazaar, it is English, not Hindi. When we say Chalo Market Jayenge, it is not English, but Hindi.

  • profile image

    Rushikesh Shinde 6 years ago

    I will not say that both languages are 100% same.

    some examples:

    meal in hindi is "Bhojan" but in urdu its "Khana"

    wait in hindi is "Pratisha" but in urdu its "Intejar"

    correct me if I am wrong...

  • profile image

    Dr abdul jamil khan 6 years ago

    Most correct position on indo-pak urdu-hindi-hindustani.Above and beyond we now see all languages out of africa--a recent idea pretty much acclaimed in academia.This unsettles all that religious stuff abt holy Sanskrit,arabic, hebrew and associated racism.

    See a new stuff " urdu/hindi an artificial divide--african heritage--" which discredits all religious racism.