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"Mondly App: Your Ultimate Solution for Learning Spanish"

Updated on July 10, 2023
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I am a mental health professional who loves to express my thoughts on diverse topics through writing.

Learn Spanish with the Mondly App

There are more languages than just Spanish that can be learend through Mondly. If you are a parent who is interested in homeschooling the child, and interested in immersing the child into a language program, there's a wonderful app that is not widely known called Mondly. There are two versions, Mondly and a version geared for children called Kids Learn Languages by Mondly. It is available on the iTunes app-finder and Google Play Store. The version I used with the children was the Google Play Store, and we tried both the regular version and the Kids Learn Languages version.

Mondly's Interface Motivates Children

My children have been around the Spanish language their whole life, but they were never indeed taught. While they feel comfortable understanding some words, they do not truly understand the language itself in spoken, everyday conversation. I tried another quite popular app that was advertised with a cute owl, but my children didn't like it immediately, as it required one to speak words into a microphone to progress. While I agree that it's important to learn how to speak the language and enunciate new words to immerse oneself in the vocation of the language fully, I didn't want to take away the children's motivation to learn a new language. Seeing as how they were shy and not as comfortable with the fast pace and talking portion of the owl-mascot learning application, I set off on a small quest to find out what language app, within a reasonable price range, works for them.

Mondly's Language Subscription and Free Tryout

In Mondly's Kids Learn Languages mode, there is a significant amount of flash cards that have essential vocabulary words in thirty languages. Parents can decide what language their child is to learn. In my case, my son was interested in Spanish, and my daughter was interested in Japanese. They both speak English as a first language, for reference. Upon beginning the program, with the free tryout, there is a daily lesson and also a little over thirty names of animals in English (or the native language) and the chosen language to learn. To look at more content and learn for more categories, like body parts, school words, etc., parents have to begin paying the subscription. Mondly doesn't use voice to active its features, which is perfect for the shy ones or those who aren't quite ready to sound out the words yet. In the lesson, the child hears the name of the vocabulary words in their own native language and the language being learned, and then they start matching to the correct images shown. There are simple report cards that parental units can reference to see how many hours have been spent in the language app and what amount of words have been learned. Mondly doesn't involve typing, but more like swiping - depending on the activity involved.

Mondly Pros

When I found Mondly for Kids, I was quite pleased. The educational value was high, as was the ease of play. A plethora of languages was introduced as well. The language app was not scary or violent at all. In fact, it revolved around a squirrel and his animal adventures in their peaceful, bright environment. There was no inappropriate content and the price was fair. It's free to try. To unlock a language, it's nearly ten dollars a month or fifty dollars a year. The size is almost eighty-three megabytes and it is published by ATi Studios. The minimum software requirements are iOS 8.0 or later, and Android 4.1 and up. Mondly has a small learning curve, which is great for young students as it is super user-friendly and helps a child develop independent skills in navigating an educational gap. Since the game is mostly the immersion of flash cards, the child isn't truly learning the language, but primarily words and word association. The Mondly for adults is nearly the same as the child's version, except it lacks the bright colors and woodland creatures. It's more straightforward and less distracting which my daughter liked more. The adult version does offer a breakthrough piece of technology called the ChatBot. It uses artificial intelligence to help people of foreign languages have conversations in a little over thirty languages. One can try it for free on iOS, Google Play Store, and their website.

Mondly Cons

Mondly does have a few shortcomings. One is that the background music is a bit loud and distracting. Some might feel that learning just words without sentence structure, conjugations or feminine/masculine pronouns can hinder the language learning process. Some may also feel that Mondly is expensive. According to Mondly, on their blog, they mention that learning words and phrases help depict an image in mind to convey meaning and that it does, indeed, help one learn a language faster. They feel that listening to words helps to learn languages by giving the child the opportunity to hear proper pronunciation and accents.

It Doesn't Hurt to Try Mondly for Free

Ultimately, what I love about Mondly is that it is self-paced and has a natural learning curve for children. The bright colors in the Kid's edition provide an engaging atmosphere. The organized daily calendar highlights lessons that haven't been done and lessons that are coming up. It's quite simple to navigate. Children are challenged when they earn points in a game-style app that is appealing, fun and engaging. It's friendly, customizable, and at the price of thirteen cents per day, it is entirely worth it.

© 2017 Charlotte Doyle


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