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Top Five American Aerospace Companies - Space Taxi Drivers Needed

Updated on December 21, 2015

Spaceport America is Open For Business In New Mexico

Spaceport America Terminal comcept image,  after current decorating is complete.
Spaceport America Terminal comcept image, after current decorating is complete. | Source

The New Space Race Began in 2011

With the retirement of the last US Space Shuttle came a flurry of activity to outsource laid-off shuttle workers and to pursue contracts with private aerospace manufacturing firms for new space flight modalities. NASA's plan was to begin immediately to spur development of a Suborbital Passenger Vehicle (SPV), commonly called the Space Taxi.

The new vehicle is to be used first to transport astronauts between Earth and the International Space Station (ISS), reducing dependence on Russian vehicles. As such, it is to be a 7-seat capsule that is larger than those of the Apollo Program. A look at the first iteration is an eerie recall to the past (see video below). It makes us think of Gemini and Apollo Astronauts and realize that only two from the original Mercury are still living at this time: John Glenn and Scott Carpenter.

After the Space Taxi, or concurrently with its development, NASA plans to launch a heavy-lift rocket to propel people and freight once again to the Moon, and then to asteroids and on to Mars. NASA salvaged equipment destined for snuffed out projects like the space shuttle and the stillborn Constellation Moon Exploration Program. The heavy-lifter will be called the Space Launch System (SLS), to be launched in 2017.

SpaceX Taxi History

In May 29, 2014 SpaceX supplied the First New Manned Spacecraft completed for the United States since the Space Shuttle Program ended in July 2011. In December 2015, the spacecraft was contracted to fly to the International Space Station twice annually with passengers and freight.

Historic Space Taxi

NASA Is Hiring Again: Taxis Are Busy

The demand for astronauts, aerospace engineers, engineering technicians, flight mechanics, spacesuit designers, and other workers increased markedly throughout the private space industry and at NASA beginning in 2015.

Investigate the possibilities of future employment in emerging careers at NASA Jobs and support the American Space Program. From 2015 - 2035, NASA will be advertising for candidates for asteroid mining and space taxi driving as well.

A new class of astronauts began their mission in 2013, readying for Mars and you could be in the next class. The 2016 class will accept applications until mid-February 2016. Requirements are changing in order to include a wider diversity of people in the astronaut program.

Real Warp Speed Research In the Private Sector

Top Five Spaceship Companies in America

Top Five Spaceship Companies in America are producing and flying Taxis, Dream Catchers, Starliners, and more.

1) Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) - California and Texas

SpaceX already has a heavy-lift rocket called Falcon Heavy, billed as the most powerful worldwide and able to lift twice the payload size as the old Shuttle. The NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program contracted with SpaceX for the Dragon reusable space vehicle as well.

Approximately 180 jobs are already open with this company in mid-October 2011, with the most in-demand titles listed below. Jobs in California and the Texas test site have been increasing since August 2011. Apply online at

  • Astronaut Safety Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Integration Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Manufacturing Technicians - Check with your local vacational schools, career academies, and county jobs offices for short- to medium-term training and certification. The demand for these employees will increase for several years.
  • Navigation and Controls Engineers
  • Product Developers
  • Production Planners
  • Software Engineers
  • Welders
  • Others

The space taxi was once only a toy. Today, it is reality.
The space taxi was once only a toy. Today, it is reality. | Source

SpaceX Internships

2) Sierra Nevada


  • 444 Salomon Circle; Sparks NV. 89434

This company manufactures satellites, Space Exploration Systems (SES) space taxis (7-seaters), space vehicle propulsion systems, and technologies for security and defense in space.

  1. Aircraft Inspectors
  2. Avionics Technicians
  3. Engineering Technicians
  4. Logistics Specialists
  5. Maintenance Administrators
  6. Mechanics
  7. System Safety Engineers
  8. Software Engineeers
  9. Structural Technicians
  10. Systems Engineers

Concept: Sierra Nevada's Dream Catcher Space Taxi

3) Virgin Galactic, The Spaceship Company and The VSS Enterprise


  • 1223-A Sabovich St. Mojave CA 93501
  1. Aircraft Mechanical Systems Engineer
  2. Materials and Process Engineer
  3. Many more to come

NASA was serious about outsourcing their laid-off Shuttle employees -- Mr. Mike Moses is VP of Operations for TSC, and formerly the Deputy Space Shuttle Program Chief at NASA.

A larger number of jobs is set to open as Virgin Galactic opens its new operations in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Space tourism is a reality in 2012, depsite many that believed manned space flight was a thing of the past for the USA after the retirement of the US Space Shuttle fleet during Summer 2011.

NASA was already serious about contracting with private companies and took effective action to being about contracts. Virgin Galactic in late 2011 began its gear-up to take tourists to the 70-mile suborbital locus above Earth. Tests were already underway with the carrier ship and the new spaceship or spaceliner. Excitingly, the spaceship is to be routinely launched in mid-air.

The test ship is SpaceShip Two, which holds 6 human beings in flight. Once ready to transport passengers at a ticket price of $200,000 in 2012, the spaceliners will take off and land from Spaceport America in New Mexico not far from Las Cruces. A $209,000,000 start-up cost created the spaceport.

Meanwhile, Virgin Galactic has named a passenger ship The VSS Enterprise.

North America operates 13 spaceports, 12 of which are in America and one of which is located in Canada.

The VSS Enterprise, Ready for Lift Off

Permits Secured for Take Off Given in 2014

Wired Magazine - January 2005: Richard Branson / Virgin Galactic
Wired Magazine - January 2005: Richard Branson / Virgin Galactic
In addition, Sir Richard Branson received permits to fly his space vehicles from Spaceport America in 2014.

Spaceport America Is In Business

Virgin Gallactic/Spaceport America, New Mexico:
Spaceport America, NM 87901, USA

get directions

Virgin Galactic Spaceliners launch in 2012.

Sierra Nevada Aerospace Company:
444 Salomon Cir, Sparks, NV 89434, USA

get directions

Spaceship company.

The Spaceship Company (TSC) :
1223 Sabovich St, Mojave, CA 93501, USA

get directions

4.) Boeing Company

Boeing Company

  • Employee Information Hotline 1-800-899-6431
  • HR 866-473-2016
  • HR 800-755-6363 (TTY/TDD)

This is a long-time government contractor of aircraft, and now spacecraft -- 5,800+ jobs and Internships are available in locations across America and in China and other countries.

Already in June 2011, Boeing had developed its CST-100 capsule, the size and shape being between that of the Apollo and Orion models. Boeing workers prepared to fly it to the ISS themselves before the end of 2015.

The Orion capsules from the scrapped Constellation Program will be used as Space Station Lifeboats (SSL) for emergencies.

Boeing/Bigelow CST-100

Space Planes and Starliners

Spaceplanes: From Airport to Spaceport (Astronomers' Universe)
Spaceplanes: From Airport to Spaceport (Astronomers' Universe)
Starliner is the popular name for spaceships that carry passengers. In 2015, permits have been issued for their use. Pilots and other related employees are needed.

5.) Amazon CEO's New Origin and New Shepard

A surprise to some observers, this company was founded by owner Jeff Bezes of Website:

Located in Kent, Washington the company provides indoor bike racks for employees.

The Blue Origin taxi vehicle is the New Shepard, central to the New Shepard Research Flight Demonstration Program.

Apply online at the company website for the following positions and check back often to Blue Origin for new jobs in aerospace and aeronautics.

  • Aerothermal Engineer
  • Aerodynamics Engineer
  • Avionics Engineer
  • Integration Engineer
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineer
  • Mechanical Systems Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Propulsion Design Engineer
  • Propulsion Development Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Integration Engineer - West Texas
  • Test Engineer - West Texas
  • Opportunities for Research Positions also exist

Nov. 2006. Blue Origin's Goddard Rocket Leads to New Shepard Suborbital Passenger Vehicle (Space Taxi)

Blue Origin Test Facility in Van Horn, Texas.

Western Aerospace Companies

Blue Origin:
Kent, WA, USA

get directions

SpaceX California:
Hawthorne, CA, USA

get directions

SpaceX Texas:
McGregor, TX, USA

get directions

Spaceport America:
Spaceport America, NM 87901, USA

get directions

Boeing Defense, Space and Security:
St Louis, MO, USA

get directions

Boeing Commercial Airplanes:
Seattle, WA, USA

get directions

© 2011 Patty Inglish MS


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