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How Humanity Will Destroy Itself

Updated on November 11, 2021
A step in the right direction.
A step in the right direction.

Let's begin...

There is no denying that the human race has made leaps and bounds forward in the past decades. many free rights movements, overthrowing of tyrannical dictators and more. So why do I think the past has anything to do with why we're destroying ourselves if we've progressed so much. But lets actually see what these advancements have done.

The internet, a huge success in terms of free information and a new social medium to keep people together. How could this extremely convenient, and useful tool propagate the destruction of mankind? No, i'm not talking about any Terminators. I'm talking about language. The internet has developed it's own language of sorts, and it's slowly boiling into mainstream language when speaking in person. It sounds harmless enough until you think about all the "Lulz" and "Herpderp" you've been hearing over the passed while. Is this truly that far away from incoherent gruntings of a caveman between bites of food and poking the fire with a stick? Mankind will slowly deteriorate into a "herpderp" society where the intricacies of the English language are lost to the mainstream of society. This is but the beginning.

So the internet is destroying language as we know it. What else? Glad you asked. The internet is also responsible for desensitizing people. Creating a place where mutilating animals and people are not only accepted, but in many cases encouraged. Where bullying isn't just something you endure at school, but in the comfort of your home. People no longer care about others, selfishness is becoming more and more prevalent. The internet isn't the only problem here. Watched a Saw movie? When did killing people in clever ways become popular enough to make 10ish hours devoted to it? Hollywood is guilty of moving the problems of the internet down the chain, allowing people that don't look for people getting hit by cars on the internet to view such things at their leisure.

It seems like the internet is getting a lot of hate, and the fact of the matter is, the internet is one of the biggest problems. It has changed modern society in a way that can never be mended. In a place where you can be almost completely anonymous, your true colors shine.

The human race has doomed itself. The stupid continue to procreate, overcrowding the Earth while the intelligent people wait to have kids, and only have a suitable amount. This is going to lead to a world where stupid people outnumber smart people by an even more vast majority than now. Think Idiocracy, an admittedly terrible movie, but with an excellent premise. Stupid controls the world. Nobody needs to think for themselves, the internet thinks for them. Nobody needs to communicate in person, everything can be accomplished by talking to the internet.

Overpopulation is something that nobody talks about, but is a huge issue. The Earth has way too many people on it. We're killing it because we can't stop the self-destruct sequence we started. We're using up the resources, we're using up the planet itself. What do we do instead of addressing this issue? We put people that have 18 kids on T.V and in magazines, we laugh and giggle, "those crazy people teehee." The fact is, you're as much of a problem as they are. That kind of stuff should be unacceptable. It shouldn't be accepted and applauded. It should be regarded as borderline criminal.

When it comes down to it, stupid people will destroy the world. Many things have just simply helped the stupid along in their endeavors. Childproofing, helmets. Safety equipment of any kind. These things are creating a problem with evolution. Allowing stupid people who should have died to natural selection to live long lives, have lots of kids and pass on their stupidity because they always had that helmet to protect themselves when they jumped off something high, instead of falling and smashing their skull and being unable to pass those genes on.

The internet allows people to be stupid, and helps them stay stupid and oblivious. Hollywood propagates the same nonsense. To the point where people think it's okay to be stupid. It's not okay, it was never okay, it will never be okay. It's just a shame there are already too many stupid people who think it's okay.


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