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How Long Is A Restraining Order Good For?

Updated on July 27, 2015

My Recent Assault and Subsequent Acquisition of a Restraining Order...

As I have reported here on Hubpages (HP) I was recently assaulted in front of my autistic child. The perpetrator was recently released from jail. But upon arrest he was order by the court to have "No Contact" with me. This was music to my ears. After the beating I received I was thrilled to here this guy was no longer allowed to have contact with me. The judge explained the order to him once again when I was granted the restraining order. He was not to directly contact me via, telephone, email, letter or any other mode of communication and he was also required not to have indirect contact with me. That means he was not allowed to go to a third party and ask them to contact me on his behalf.

To which I might add this person told the judge he never did and would never want to. Too bad he wasn't under oath.

Sadly he was released from jail on a technicality. And this just emboldened this him to think he could do anything to me. The charges were dropped which in a way I was glad because I wasn't going to have to go through a lengthy court process but now I am not so glad.

Now I should probably tell you I was assaulted for ignoring this person. That's right!! I told him I wanted nothing more to do with him and when he couldn't get me to talk to him he beat me up. So ignoring this guy will not make him go away as it did not work before.

The Morphine Addict Who Attacked Me.

This guy beat me up in front of my child.  He towered over me,  The only way I could get him off me was to go for his eyes.  I was granted a year of court ordered "No Contact".
This guy beat me up in front of my child. He towered over me, The only way I could get him off me was to go for his eyes. I was granted a year of court ordered "No Contact".

Twenty Days in Shangri La...

After twenty days in jail I would be humbled. I would not repeat the behavior which landed me in there in the first place. And yet with in 14 days of being released my assaulter who I have a restraining order against is back at it approaching people to have indirect contact with me. He is making all kinds of claims about me to instigate turmoil in my life. This I do not understand. They let him out of jail. The judge even let him continue to live right next door to my autistic son and myself. And yet this guy with in 14 days is demanding people have contact with me on his behalf which is a clear violation of the restraining order. It is also a message he isn't through with me yet even though the judge clearly told him to leave me alone. Now I have told this person to leave me alone, the police have tol this person to leave me alone and now a judge has signed a piece of paper telling this man to leave me alone and yet he can't. I know what your thinking. While I love gay people in general this man I do not so there is nothing romantic between us. He is just a very demanding pushy person who thinks he can manipulate everyone and no one will ever hold him accountable.

They let him out of jail and dropped the charges after he assaulted me. Someone even paid to have his companion dog fostered instead of put down. And yet this guy keeps breaking the restraining order. He doesn't care what a judge says. He doesn't care about laws or boundaries. If he did he would have never touched me to begin with.

14 days is all I have had a s a reprieve from this person. And now I have to live in fear all weekend long because the warrant isn't an immediate issue unless there was a violent act committed. But when this guy demands my attention which he is currently, if I ignore him he attacks me. So now I live in fear for my son and I until this person is put in jail again.

Don't get me wrong. The cops have done their job within the confines of the law. I just happen to think we need stricker laws in the state of Florida against violent criminals and individuals who violate restraining orders. And I want a permanent restarining order now and this person to be forced to move. I shouldn't have to live in fear in a place I am paying rent.

Second Arrest for Breaking The "No Contact Order"

This was his second arrest for violating the restraining order.
This was his second arrest for violating the restraining order.

The Lies He Tells...

And did I mention this person is claiming to be physically disabled and yet he can assault me. He beat me up terribly and he is collecting social security disability??? And he also has all this time to run around and be so malicious and violate the restraining order and yet he can't work? The Taxpayer gets boned again. The only way he is going to lose his check is when he loses his life or so I have been told by the DA's Office as they claim that is a low priority and a federal matter. And yet, it is still fraud and crime.

And so a criminal walks free tonight while my son and I must stay in because he may attack us. What has the world come to?

God knows what lies he will tell to try and get out of being arrested that is even if the judge signs off on it. My faith in justice is crumbling as it seems like it is only for the criminals and not for the righteous in our society.

Victims Rights...

It is amazing when one weighs the rights of the criminal against the rights of the victim. There are volumes and volumes of laws about the rights of those accused of committing crimes but the victim has only two rights.

1) The right to be informed.

2) The right to be present.

After that it is zero.

Protecting Yourself In A Physical Confrontation

When a Restraining Order Is No Longer Needed

My happy ending from this guy did not come quickly. For the entire year I had the restraining order issued he constantly found new an inventive ways to break it. Thank you Yale as he graduated from there! Aftee a year of getting law enforcement and other agencies to break the third party contact rule for him, I dropped the restraining order. I was ready to move on with my life and he was hanging out with a drug dealers pot smoking girl friend and a woman that smoked crack. They had spent the month prior to the restraining order being over threatening me verbally.

I just wanted it to it to be over.

So I let the restraining order drop. Then my attacker went to court and sued me for each day he was incarcerated. It was a nightmare. he said I came on to him which I was like, "Dude you are Gay!!!". I have flirted with gay guys long distance but as a form of flattery. I would never do it up close and personal. I do not blur that line. But it was court so I did not announce that. he lost the case. Like I said thank you Yale for educating this psychopath who had new and creative ways to stalk me.

Well I am happy to report that I am no longer being stalked. I have actually had a year free from harassment from my stalker who was a morphine addict who took 60mg every four hours. He physically assaulted me and was impossible to beat because he never felt any pain when being hit. He had every pill known to man and did cocaine too. I was not interested in selling drugs with him and that is why he attacked and stalked me. I even told the authorities about him as I thought he was a danger to others, me, my son and himself.

I turned out to be right on all accounts. Last year he over dosed on drugs and died. I did not ask if he committed suicide but had heard rumors of it. I have to say it has been a relief to not have him constantly watching my every move worried I had turned him into the authorities. I did!!

A Restraining Order is good forever when the other person is dead!!! What doctor prescribes 60mg of morphine to someone who is operating a motor vehicle??? I am not judging those who need pain medication because God knows I am suffering without it with this broken leg but I am simply stating that individuals that require that level of medication also may require supervision as not to harm others or themselves.

I wish I could write and say I am sorry he is dead but I am not and quite relieved. His death was my happy ending.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Duchessoflilac,

      I don't own a gun and would never wish to harm another humnan being but I am willing to go the self defense route. Unfortunately, the court is going to have to order this person to move away from me.

      Thanks for the kind words. Sorry you have had to endure a stalker no one should have to endure that. And yet, it goes on every single day and it is far worse since the war on terror then before. Terrorism has been a free for all for criminals everywhere. It is time the war on terror is over and the war on crime begins.

      Thank you again.


    • Duchessoflilac1 profile image

      Rebecka Vigus 

      6 years ago from Johns Island, SC

      My suggestion is learn to fire a gun and get a concealed weapons permit. If the man approaches you and steps onto your property, shoot him. You have every right to protect yourself and your son from imminent danger.

      My stalkers never got to that point. But I still live in fear of one and far from my family because of him.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Seeker7,

      As both a human being and a victim I agree and what happens to victims who do not receive justice...9 times out of 10 they enter the world of the criminal fraternity because they know they have more rights and in all reality there is no law for them just things to break.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      I read your hub with interest but with great sadness at how you are having to live your life with your son! Innocent people today are having to live like prisoners in their own homes, while the criminals waltz around not giving a hoot what happens.

      In Europe the law is also a joke - the Human Rights law is the biggest joke of the lot!!! As you said, there are rights on every issue for the criminal, but when it comes to the victim - very little. I'm definately one member of the public who is sick and tired of hearing about the rights of armed robbers, rapists, child molesters and murderers. While their poor victims are either serving a life sentence because they are dead or serving a life sentence of mental ill health and trauma due to their ordeal. The criminals get release after a few years and the 'supported'!!!! back into society. What do the victims get? A big fat zero!

      The world is crazy and very, very unjust and it's time the criminal law and the laws of human rights were severly reviewed and acted on both in Europe and else where in the world.


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