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Values & Beliefs: How The 2012 End Of The World Apocalypse Affected One Man

Updated on March 10, 2013
Derren Brown: The Apocalypse
Derren Brown: The Apocalypse | Source

No, this isn't another article about 2012, Planet X/Niburu or the polar shift - not quite anyway! This is actually an article about how one man personally experienced the end of the world...or so he thought at the time!

The Apocalypse is the latest and greatest stunt to be pulled by Channel 4's 'psychological illusionist' Derren Brown who successfully convinced his subject (or should I say victim?) into believing that Earth was being destroyed by a meteor shower.

The first part of The Apocalypse proved to be quite extreme. Brown teamed up with a professional astronomer and a scientist in order to plant false but scientifically valid and credible claims of threats to Earth into the mind of his subject, Steven. The claims were centered around the Perseids meteor shower which is visible over the UK every year. A huge amount of effort and a lot of people went into making the staged apocalypse seem as convincing as possible, which included meteors crashing down from above, explosions, magnetic anomalies and people on their knees in the street crying over injured or killed loved ones.

Could the current conspiracy theories regarding 2012, Planet X/Nibiru, the magnetosphere/heliosphere, etc have provided the perfect opportunity for Brown to carry out such a monumental 'psychological illusion'? Even more importantly, could these conspiracy theories be circulating in order to prepare humanity for a similar staged event (ie hoax)?

Although the main motivation behind The Apocalypse was to get Steven, the subject, to move away from being so selfish, complacent and taking his life for granted, The Apocalypse also shows just how easily propaganda can be implemented in order to control and manipulate - and these kinds of techniques generally work on about two thirds, or 66%-67%, of the general population!

Other important psychological factors are pointed out during the show including the fact that when we strongly desire the things we want, we begin to forget to desire the things that we already have. Whilst secretly snooping through Steven's bedroom Derren finds a handbook for aspiring magicians then explains how people who want to get into magic do so because they have a desire to impress the people around them - He knows this because he has been there himself.

So, how does Brown use credible (but false) information to convince Steven that the world is truly ending?

He does so by claiming that the Perseids meteor shower is actually cloaking a much bigger threat and Brown plants these ideas in Steven's mind by hacking his mobile phone and laptop and seeding false information, which appears to Steven to be originating from official and credible sources such as BBC News and NASA (credible? Ha, yeah right!).

Whilst on a coach believing that he is on his way to a concert by his favourite band, The Killers, Steven is initially unaware that he will never make it. Along the way magnetic anomalies cause the coach to break down whilst meteors start crashing down from above causing explosions all around. The next thing Steven becomes aware of is waking up in a hospital, which has actually been set up in an old unused nuclear weapons storage bunker, only to find that a virus which originated from the meteors that crashed into Earth has been infecting humans effectively turning them into zombies. It is in this hospital where Steven meets Leona, a young girl (actress) who has been seperated from her mother.

The reason being to find out whether Steven will take the girl under his wing and help return her to her mother.

by Sparkster

Watch the first part of Derren Brown: Apocalypse below (split into three parts).


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