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How To Have A Successful Teacher's Meeting

Updated on August 8, 2014
A well planned meeting leads to success!
A well planned meeting leads to success!

Sample Teachers Meeting

  1. Refreshments
  2. Welcome
  3. Icebreaker
  4. Update on school program progress, new staff members, birthdays, retirement, etc.
  5. Policy amendments/changes
  6. Teaching Activity: Teach new skills, crafts, concept, etc.
  7. Administration Updates
  8. Upcoming events
  9. Dismissal

Tips For A Successful Teacher's Meetings

All staff meetings are important but if you are the one in charge you may fnd out that you are the only one who thinks this way. In fact, you may not even want to be in charge. After all, who wants to be in the spotlight (or under the microscope) all the time? The good news is you can still lead a meeting and have everyone engaged and participating with little effort on your part. OK, maybe with lots of organized effort and the following tips:

  • Be Professional and Dynamic! Remember the staff will have all eyes on you and your approach and attitude will set the tone for future meetings.
  • Start on time and end on time. If you have stragglers, start with an icebreaker to get things moving. Latecommers will get the message that meetings are important when they walk in on sessions already underway.
  • Give advance notice of meetings and provide an agenda. Teachers will appreciate the extra notice to plan their schedules. Try to refrain from meetng during busy times, Mondays or Friday afternoons. Keep to the agenda topics. Ask staff for input regarding topics.
  • Include staff development topics. Staff appreciate activities that build and strengthen their skills. Occasionally, have someone other than yourself lead these sessions.
  • Give out positive praise to staff members for accomplishments, team-building ideas, contributions, etc. Have them share their success story with the group.
  • Let them know what you can. In other words, give them information on upcoming events, changes in policy, new staff hires, etc.
  • Include some refreshment. If you hold it after hours, a light dinner will go a long way in building support of your meetings. Who doesn't like simple spaghetti and salad?
  • Be careful not to give voice to complaints. Let the person know you want to hear their concern and will be happy to meet with them afterwards.
  • Have staff evaluate your meetings periodically.
  • Most important, keep a smile on your face and have some fun!

Creative Discussions and Engagement

Hosting a teacher's meeting outdoors increases the participation and enjoyment of discussions.
Hosting a teacher's meeting outdoors increases the participation and enjoyment of discussions. | Source
Hold a teacher's meeting at a unique fun restaurant.  It will be one of the best meetings of the year.
Hold a teacher's meeting at a unique fun restaurant. It will be one of the best meetings of the year.

Beyond The Walls Of Education

Most schools, due to convenience and timing, gather staff in a large conference room or assembly area to cover important agenda items. Although focused, teachers are distracted easily when the meeting area is centered in one location in the building consistently. Important lesson plans may take priority over attending; teachers remain in the room to complete them rather than attend.

On occasion, it is beneficial, productive, and refreshing to hold a meeting outside of the school building. Hosting teachers at a local hotel conference room or downtown restaurant provides a most welcome diversion. Make it the first meeting of the year to heighten the back to school spirit!

Administration can still reach their goals and establish community among peers when they go beyond the usual to boost employee moral regarding special employee meetings.

I leave you with words of wisdom to keep in mind when planning your next meeting:

Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go round. —Helen Peters, author

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. —Cynthia Ozick, novelist

Appreciating Those Who Teach


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