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How to Make Your Mouse "Left-Handed"

Updated on August 12, 2015

Dedicated to My Brothers and Sisters in Handed-ness: (President Obama can you hear me? And you too, Oprah; this hub's for you - and Julia Roberts, Robert DeNiro, President Clinton, Jay Leno, etc., etc. etc. You all know who you are).

So my fellow Molly-Dookers,* you didn't know you could change your mouse to be left-handed, you say? And besides, you're getting along just peachy with the same mouse your right-handed spouse uses? Pa-leeze! Wake up and feel the back-ache. Yes, it's true. Our adaptations to the right-handed world are causing us un-needed discomfort. And you thought it was just because you over-did the treadmill at the gym. Chances are that's not it, and it's time to rise up, click onto your desktop, and shout, "No More!"

Now I know what you're going to say because, after all, you are the world's greatest adaptors and accommodators. You're going to tell me that actually you're ambidextrous or that it really doesn't bother you to use a right-handed mouse. No, you are not necessarily ambidextrous - only a few of us are. You've just learned to adjust. And until you use your mouse left-handed for a few days, you really can't see what a change it will make. So for goodness sake, throw off the yoke of oppression now! Stop owin' to the man, (i.e. the right-handed world), and stand up for your right to be left !


It's quite simple to do, but before I tell you how, I have a little warning. Do not attempt this operation without first warning the other people who use your computer! (Believe me, a little "heads up" will avoid a whole lot of confusion for your right-handed partner to say nothing of dodging "down-right" anger (excuse the pun) that may manifest itself in words you wouldn't want the children to hear.


OR... Your Screen May Look Like This

Appears Like This on Windows 8


See comments below for great link to obtain pointers after your mouse has been changed!

How To:

  • Right Click on empty space on your Desktop, find Personalize. Double click to open.
    (Longer Way, but equally as effective): Go to the Start button, find Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization, Personalize
  • You'll see Personalize Appearance and Sounds at top. Go down to Mouse Pointers to tab at the top labeled Buttons
  • Under Buttons click on the box next to Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons which creates a check mark inside the box. . Press Apply (note: the mouse will be reset, so you have to press Apply with the forefinger of your Left Hand. Then press OK with the forefinger of your left hand as well!

And there you have it. (If your back has been aching when you use the computer, this switch could help. I'd love to hear your comments after you've taken this gigantic leap to freedom.)

Again, caution: Use your new found power judiciously and don't gloat when you watch right-handers trying to use your left-handed mouse. It's a great temptation, but we do want world peace which all begins in the home. (Am I "left"? - bad joke)

And don't forget, Left-Handers Day is August 13. Stay tuned for more left-handed hubs!

Do You, Did You, Will You...?

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"Left handed use is changed in the mouse preferences under primary mouse button/Secondary Click (depends on which OS and if you also use a wired mouse)."


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