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How Women Can Become More Confident In Today's World

Updated on February 27, 2009

Of Women

God created the heavens and the earth.Then he created the flora and fauna.And then his greatest creation,Man,came into being.To look after and enjoy everything that was around him and to have fellowship with God.The last to be created was Eve,to be a companion to Adam!Not to be under him,but to support him and be his Best Friend!

Among almost every culture in the world,it is seen that women were second citizens.This has changed in some countries over the years,but in several developing countries and Muslim nations it is heartening to note that women are mere slaves and have to give in to the whims of their men-father,brothers,husband,sons-apart from not being able to step out of their homes.They live in fear.Absolutely no freedom!They have no rights,only duties!Education and nutritious food is denied.Sons and daughters are brought up differently,and the girls learn to grow up withdrawn with no freedom of expression,let alone being allowed creative pursuits!

Women who were entitled to eduation,were made to be content with studying Arts instead of Science,and stay at home after an early marriage bringing up children and looking after husband and inlaws.


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Kalpana Chawla,First Indian Woman In SpaceIndira Gandhi,India's First Woman PMSunita Williams,World's First Woman  To Run Marathon In Space
Kalpana Chawla,First Indian Woman In Space
Kalpana Chawla,First Indian Woman In Space
Indira Gandhi,India's First Woman PM
Indira Gandhi,India's First Woman PM
Sunita Williams,World's First Woman  To Run Marathon In Space
Sunita Williams,World's First Woman To Run Marathon In Space

Indian women-The Changing Scenario

India is a developing country but the world needs to understand that despite poverty,successive Governments have always given importance to the education of the Girl Child,and better nutrition for her as well.Schemes brought out in her favour have helped many girl students to go to schools and colleges,even professional colleges away from their native homes and villages.Scholarships are offered for those performing well.It is commonly seen that in every Board exam it is always the girls who score higher consistently and their number is growing.Today,female infanticide and dowry deaths are reducing because of education.Malnutrition among girls and early marriages,including child marriages are a thing of the past.

In the Indian metros,we see women vying with men for seats to the best colleges.Professonal education is no longer only for the men.Scientists,software developers,computer professionals,surgeons,doctors with super specialization,management professionals,sportspersons,astraunauts,politicians-you name it,we have women professionals at it.And many more are getting qualified at this very moment to head institutions and companies,both public and private.It is common to see women CEO's,Managing Directors,Vice Presidents and Founders of large companies.Women Entrepreneurs are a successful lot as well.

What Really Happened?

The mindset of the previous generations became progressive with the education of men and women.Government schemes encouraging basic school education for girls,encouraging them with grants and scholarships and free midday meals ensuring proper nutrition helped.Awareness created on health issues and social reformity was instrumental.The small family norm of having only two children,that was hitherto unheard of,touted to the common man so as to be able to give better education and health benefits to his children.Mortality rate reduced giving a chance at professional education for every child in the family.

Men became more open to the idea of their women becoming a professional,working and even going abroad for higher studies.First,only the daughters were allowed and now,even husbands and inlaws encourage their wives and daughtersinlaw.Banks also offer loans to women who choose entrepreneurship.Study loans are also being increasingly availed of.

Admission to the best B-schools beckon a large number of women today.Gender bias is a mindset of the past and it is common to see a number of women directors in a Board room.Finance professionals among women is the inthing.My own daughter today is an Assistant Manager of a large bank.And she is just out of B-school.

As Obama said,"Change,we can!"

The change in mindset has given rise to greater awareness,the confidence to move forward,learn new skillsets,and engage in profitable ventures for a Lifestyle Makeover!

Move over men,here we come!Indian women are known today to sometimes earn more than their husbands,acquire properties and run profitable companies with the best part being that their families are proud of them.

Indra Nooyi, Chairman And CEO,Pepsico

Dr.Kiran Mazumdar Shaw,Founder and CEO,Biocon

Chanda Kochchar,Joint Managing Director,ICICI Bank

Well Known Indian Women Who Made A Positive Impact

Self improvement is a key.Constantly putting your strengths to work and minimising weaknesses,and learning new skills,along with being able to empathize and knowing how to handle manpower,applying what was learnt to reap rich harvests and climbing to the top is recognised as the key to a successful career.

"Behind every successful man,there is a lady!" is no longer relevant."Behind every successful lady,is a man that encouraged her!"

Some important women who made,and still make a posiitive impact not only for Indians,but for all men and women across the globe are listed here.

  • Indira Gandhi-India's first woman Prime Minister
  • Pratibha Patil-India's first woman President
  • Sonia Gandhi-India's UPA chairman who renounced her Prime Ministership and brought in an experienced economist as PM
  • Kalpana Chawla,the first Indian woman astronaut
  • Sunitha Williams,the first Indian woman who stayed on International Space Station and ran marathon in space
  • Indra Nooyi-Chairman and CEO,Pepsico
  • Dr.Kiran Mazumdar-Founder and CEO of BIOCON,India's first and largest biotechnology company
  • Chanda Kochchar-Joint Managing Director,ICICI Bank,India's largest private bank


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