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How to learn a language in 2 weeks!!!!!!!

Updated on May 5, 2017
Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix


First of all I should be telling you why I believe that I’m qualified to show you how to learn a language in just two weeks; well that should be easy. Since my early days in High School, learning languages has always been another hobby of mine. I’ve often tried and failed many times, but what I found was that after each failure I kept developing a set of dexterous steps; with each time getting easier and easier. Now I’ve attempted a lot of languages but have only really been half successful with a couple . What I find is that when you learn a language just for the sake of pure fun, you’ll quickly forget many things if you’re not putting it to good use. For example there was time in high school when I was pretty good at French but I haven’t practiced for a while now especially since I had no one to talk to in the romantic tongue. But I figure that all it takes is two glances at a book and everything will fall back into place.

How this concept came about

Now how I came across the concept of learning a language in under two weeks has to do with a bet I made with a friend two years ago. Now this was after I already had a strong like for learning new languages. He told me that it took him two years to learn Chinese mandarin, and that to this day he still has problem speaking the language. When he said this, I all of a sudden had a great premonition that I should make a bet (little did I know); a bet that I could learn this language in two weeks. Now what I would learn later is that the length of time and the strategy for learning various languages are very different. This I’ll explain further in the next hub Learning a language in two weeks part 2.


Languages are a beautiful thing for us to explore. The world has an undecided plethora of tongues and for us to know only 1 or two really isn’t doing justice with the wealth of knowledge that there is for us to capitulate throughout our lifetime. Wouldn’t you enjoy the luxury of gibbering in a tongue foreign to your friends or family; appearing smarter than the nominal population. In addition to that you would find travelling a bit easier. Some countries that you’ve never added to your list of places to visit would quickly become another choice for a vacation. And there are a plethora of other beneficial factors one can have with learning a new tongue. What about business expansions or new job sources; leaking money into your pocket from untapped markets. All of these factors could be yours if you decided that you wanted to learn a new language.

You can pick anyone

Source: macscommoncorestateessential
Source: macscommoncorestateessential

Problems you generally have:

Now the reasons why many persons would never see learning a language as a hobby or even something that they could do to upgrade themselves is simply because IT’S HARD! That is something that I simply can’t deny. there are going to be times when you feel like giving up or stopping halfway, hoping that somehow what you know already is enough to get you to achieve your goals; however like I say one small step for your mind and one giant step for your life. The concept of unloading an insurmountable quantity of new annoying words constantly throbbing away at the back of your head; denying everything you know about your familiar tongue can never seem too easy to do unless you’re some kind of savant. But you don’t have to worry guys because I’m not one. Learning new words are a hard concept which is why I will go over this with you in my other hub learning language in two weeks part 2.

How long would it take you to learn a language?

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Finally how do I do this?

From my experiences there are a couple of tools that you must have in order to do this and these entails.

  • At least three different books: the more books the merrier. What you’ll find is that all books aren’t the same. Some will offer different concepts from which to learn, henceforth the more you have the stronger your chances of grasping important concepts. However it still helps to identify your maim text (one that suits you best) from which you’ll read. This should reduce any confusion and mitigate going back forth between books.
  • An audiotape: This is very important. First of all if you’re learning a language you have to know what it sounds like. What you’ll find is that a lot of your pronunciations are skewed. This concept of learning by audio should also amplify the power of your mind to remember words. Sometimes when we hear it we remember it better. Also if you can find an audio tape that is linked to one of your text books that will be a huge bonus for you.
  • A good language software: interactive software’s are the best for me. They are fun and they make learning easier. Personally I generally prefer to learn a few things from the books first and then test myself on the software to see how good I am.
  • A dictionary: dictionaries are very important especially since all your books can’t contain all the words you’ll want know.
  • Determination: this is the key element to learning anything. You have to be determined. Prep yourself mentally to stick through the entire process. Set goals and deadlines for yourself that you must finish. For example from studying for just the first two days, I must be able to find my way home if lost in Russia. What words would you need to know? When you’re finished and have accomplish this unprecedented goal, people may think that you’re a genius but little do they know that it’s strategy and determination that did it.
  • A friend: this is one of the most important ingredients. Sadly I couldn’t find someone who was willing to toil with me, so I always kept forgetting some of what I had learnt after a couple of months. I couldn’t talk to myself forever you know (lol). If you can find a friend to learn with this would be a big bonus for you, even after you’ve finished your two weeks.

You could use softwares like these to help

Five language learning softwares that could help you

Pimsleur Method

You don't want to sound like this


These are the perfect recipes for learning a language. I believe that almost anyone with a standard brain capacity could do this if they were to include these factors. However I encourage you to please read my other hub, Learning a language in two weeks part 2.This will break down the concepts to a microscopic level for you.

This guy learned in a week

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