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How to Keep Creativity Flowing and Your Inner Artist Alive

Updated on February 26, 2018
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Many of us struggle with expressing ourselves exactly the way that we want to. What I mean by this is that we like to let out all our emotions in different ways. Some like singing, others like dancing, and some like a bit of everything. Yet, there are quite a couple things that keep us from letting our creativity flow when we want to. It could be due a great number of reasons, but it is mainly because of either lack of time, losing the grasp of our inspiration or muse, or simply not being able to pursue what we want. Well that has to stop ASAP.

We live day by day promising ourselves that we will get to do all these things and bring to life all the wishes and creations in our mind but we never really get to it. How do we end this cycle you may ask? Along my life as an artist I have gotten certain tips that have aided me in getting things done and getting results with my drawings and music. Here are the best tips on how to maintain a steady flow of creativity and get all you want to get done actually finished:

Keep One Big Notebook At All Times:

I have no idea why this works but it does. It's simple yet has so many uses. I find that huge drawing notebooks work best. Everything and anything on my mind is spilled onto that notebook whenever I have some free time. I get to write, draw, just let thoughts out on the page and feel great about it. Then after a couple days I can look back on my work and get inspiration for bigger projects. It works as an agenda but much more interactive and fun to use. Plus there are no real rules or lines, you just let you be you in those pages and see what comes out.

Practice As Much As You Can:

Every second, every hour, every day, pursue your passion. Age does not matter, job does not matter, only dedication. If you want to learn anything, trust me, you can. If someone in this world has accomplished it then why can't you? Take this in mind though, it will not happen instantly. You will not draw perfect scenarios in hours of scribbling; you will not compose music at the touch of an instrument. There is a way to progress and you will get there with perseverance and practice. It can be small drills or hour long sessions, just make sure to never drop what makes you happy.

Enjoy Every Moment:

You don't have to be drawing or following your passion to enjoy life. Even in the dullness of work or in the comfort of your bed late at night as you get ready to sleep you can enjoy every aspect of your life and the world that surrounds you. This is your biggest strength when it comes to creativity and living a healthy and positive life since being able to see the beauty in all that is around you is what defines you as an artist. Once you can feel things like pain and happiness and see why we need them in this earth in so many different ways you will be able to open many more paths to yourself and your imagination.


This one is to be taken very seriously, and yes I know that is a strange way to put it but hear me out. Many of us get lost in the constant eat, sleep, work schedule and whenever we finally get to do what we love we have no energy. This is why I encourage you to never adjust to your schedule. Let it unwind and flow like your mind. Yes there are things that you cannot bend such as working hours but do not let them become a nuisance to your living, to your desires. Make time, create free space to dwell in different things and take a break every now and then. It is also highly recommended you take breaks in diverse ways. I'm talking spas, massages, reading, music, going out, talking or just sleeping. It all helps soothe body, mind and spirit and gives you the boost you need to keep going.

Never Stop Pursuing

Literally just do not stop following what you love. I don't care what it is, stamp collecting or hula hoop dancing, if it makes you happy and you harm no other, do whatever it takes to never let it go. This love, this passion, it's an undeniable part of you and as such should never be left behind. Imagine leaving a couple organs behind, that's pretty much the equivalent. Letting dreams and passions go only serves to cut away a bit of your life from yourself and you do not deserve that. You as everyone else in this planet deserve happiness, love and the freedom to express all that is in your own little universe. So whatever you do, remember to keep your desires strong and vibrant for they emanate joy and make for a happy life and spirit.

I could mention a couple more tips but these are the essentials I think everyone should try to incorporate in their life more, especially in this day and age where time runs short all the time and people are only living to work. People are not meant to live in dull cycles or herded as sheep, they need to be able to explore and seek what they want. Learn to be free and follow your dreams, and by all means, feel everything and anything. In this life we are meant to be influenced, learn and progress together. Don't stop yourself from enjoying such a perfectly confusing gift. To conclude this heartfelt message, I believe in you and your creative little mind and I know that if you set yourself on goals and keep flowing and living you will go to do many great things in this world.

Article by: Steven GutiƩrrez


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