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How to Organize a Daily Schedule

Updated on March 22, 2013

Whether you are a businessman, stay at home mom or a student, there are always more things that need to be done then the hours in the day. And we all have to face this situations more often then we would like.

But the real problem in this kind of situations is that you start to feel stressed, tired, exhausted and not good enough at your job and life. Of course, this is something that you certainly want to avoid. But how to manage that? Life is just so busy and there are too many things that you want/need to do. Have you ever asked yourself if there is something you are doing wrong? Is there something that you should do that will make you fell different?

Do you have priorities?

Oh, I know, I used to hate that question too. But it was because I didn't really understand it. Usually, when asked for priorities, people start to think about things they should done by some social criteria, or by opinion of other people.

But, we are not talking about that here. Because you don't want to organize your days in order to spend it on something that your parents, bosses or neighbors want you to do. What you really want to do is to find out how to use this limited amount of time that any of us have on this Planet, in order to live the most fulfilled life that you can.

So, start thinking about those priorities. What's the most important thing that you can do for your carrier while you are at the work? What's the greatest thing you can do for yourself at your free time? What can you do to make place where you live a true home (instead of cleaning it like a crazy lady because you think that someone will notice that you haven't vacuumed for a while)?

Is there something that is truly important to you? And do you spend enough time doing that? Do you ever think about your life goals? And if you don't have time for all of the stuff that really meters to you, why is that? Is that because you never put yourself in the first place? And is that because of...

'... the tyranny of the urgent'

Isn't that right? Whatever it is that you really want to give your time, it is usually something that can wait. It's not on yours TO DO list. It's on your wish list. And that's just stupid.

Because urgent things are never something life changing or important. And jet, they always get done first. I know. You can't really ignore crying baby, impatient client or that exam (even if it is on the subject that doesn't interest you at all), but there must be a line somewhere.

What you really need is to stop doing as much as you can without thinking. You should take your time and rethink your commitments, interests and relationships. Try to find out what you gave and what you gain from any thing you do during the day. And then you will be able to find out your priorities. As you have probably realize, your priorities should be the activities that bring more to your life and take less from you.

It's like saving money

We all know that budgeting is not the funniest activity in the world. But everybody who has stable finances, recommends that. Why is that? By budgeting, you can take time and direct your money in the way you want it to go. You can analyze the past and find out which mistakes you've made and which were good decisions. Shortly, you can and should learn from the past and prepare yourself for the future.

It's the same with the time. We all have limited amount of it, and we want to spend the best way we can. So, if you are able to realize that you shouldn't spend that much money on clothing or groceries, you can certainly see if you were spending your time watching the shows that doesn't interest you or hanging on with people that you don't like. So in the future, you can devote your time to the things that will make you happier and self-satisfied and avoid activities that steal your precious time from you.

And there is one more thing. Do you know how all those financial experts say that you need to set some amount of money for fun and entertainment? The same things applies to time management. You don't want to devote every single moment of your day to some productive and goal achieving activity. You want to schedule some spare time and just enjoy.

So take your time and think about that. What is pushing you down and making you overwhelmed? And what makes you happy and full of energy? What do you want to accomplish? And what was just the waste of your time?

And one more thing, when you make a plan, try to stick to it. Do not let urgent to tyrannize you anymore!


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