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How to Organize your Day

Updated on May 6, 2013

I Hate Having Goals

In the past six months, I did everything I could to organize my stuff. I've read so many blogs, watched so many videos and tried to apply everything I learned. But, I've always avoided reading about importance of organizing my time, life and goals.

In the past few weeks I realized that the reason for this behavior was that i didn't really had some interesting goals and I never liked to prioritize my tasks because they were always about something that someone else wanted from me, not myself. So, I give it a try and started reading about time management and things that person should achieve every single day.

During that period, I found out that I should find things that I really enjoy doing and have goals in that area of life. I also learned that you can't change yourself and your behavior over night. But you can try to make one little change after another until you become a little bit more satisfied .

Time Management
Time Management | Source

One Thing at the Time

Nothing happens without a reason. I recently got a new job and before I started I was thinking about my work days. I realized that, if I don't change myself a little bit, I will always be hungry, sleepy and tired because of my bad habits.

There are so many things I should change about myself if i want to have a easier life. I knew instantly that I need to do one thing at the time. This is because I never eat breakfast at home, never prepare lunch on time, never know what will I wear or if some of my clothes is clean or not.

Also, I hate mornings. I'm a nighthawk and I like to sleep. Good thing is that I don't have certain time when I need to be in the office, but of course, the later I come there, later I will come home. So, there are a few things I need to change about my life immediately.


I need to do a lot of things. But here are some of them.

First, I want to have effective night routine. My plan is to prepare clothes for the next day every evening. Also, I need to make my breakfast before I go to bed or I will not have it at home. This, of course means that I will eat some junk food or something that is very expensive, and I don't want to allow that.

This means that I have to take care that I have all the ingredients I need on time. And I don't have some specific day for buying groceries. I think this has to change because I don't want to think about that every single day. Also, when it comes to clothes, I need to take care if everything is clean, if something is torn or missing. Then, I have problem with shoes. I usually just drop my shoes somewhere and don't know if they need some cleaning or special treatment.

Until now, I didn't have much problems with my breakfasts. I managed to make it every day during this first week and I don't see why wouldn't I be able to continue doing this. It's so easy. On evenings, I have time and can use it to make great sandwiches, and in the morning I can eat them in a few minutes. I buy all the ingredients except bread before I started working, and I have bakery that work all night close to my apartment, so if I continue buying groceries on weekend, everything should be just fine.

I had to admit that I have prepared my clothes only twice this week, and that's a shame, but let's say that I was good about sandwiches, so I can probably improve in this field to. The good thing is that I clean my shoes immediately after I take them off, and than choose and check the shoes for the next day.

What Should I Do Next?

First thing on my list is to make sure that I will go to the market every weekend, and have everything I need in the refrigerator.

Second, because I can start working whenever I want, I should start getting up earlier so I can come home earlier. This is a hard task for me, but I will try to do this in a baby steps.

Third, I believe that sandwiches will become boring very fast, so I'll try to make some pies after the work that I can eat next morning. Also, I want to start eating healthier, so I should try some salads and muesli for breakfast, too.

Fourth. I want to meditate every evening, so I can sleep peacefully. I did this only last night and hope this will become a habit.

Fifth. I hope to start preparing my lunches at home, because I currently order some food with my colleagues. This way I will probably eat healthier and less expensive. But this is time consuming, and I don't know if I will start doing this during my first month.

Sixth. I will take care to always look as good as I can. I want to look professional and maturely because I'm the youngest person in my firm. This means that I should always plan when to do my hare, manicure and other things, so i don't have to do my nails and such things when in a hurry.

Help me!

What do you think? What should I do next?

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Plan of Action

I will persist in my efforts about clothes and food next week.

I will organize my menu and grocery list, as I have already explained in my hubs about menu planning and creating the grocery list.

I will try to get up ten minutes earlier every morning. Today I managed to get up half an hour earlier than yesterday, so I think that this is possible. I hope meditation will help.

I will try to make some pies on Sundays evening, so I have them on Monday. I will also try to make some salads in the evening to see if they are tasty in the morning.

When it comes to lunches, I will certainly start preparing them at home on a everyday basis during November, when I should start living with my boyfriend because it will be manageable task for two of us. Before that I hope to have one or two homemade lunches a week during the October, and I'm not going to make any promises for September.

And last, and probably the least is taking care of things like my nails, hair and that kind of stuff. I'm not saying that I go to work with dirty hair or something like that, but I want to have specified days every week when I will have special time for this activities. Until that, I will have to do that at the last minute.

Other Goals and Promises

I set myself a goal about HubPages too. I have wrote about my experiences on this site already, so I'm not going to talk about that.

But, I want to make commitment to write here at least once a week and to create list of topics I'm interested in, so I can make some good and quality hubs about them. I know that once a week doesn't mean much, but I want to have manageable task that I will actually achieve.

This post is all about that. If you want to change so many little things about your life, as I do, it seems so easy for people to do that. But you can't stop watching TV, start exercising, start saving money and ten other things at one day. If you want to change your day, you will, but you have to start slowly, so this is what I'm doing. Including one or two habits every week or two.

Also, I need to share my improvement with people, so I feel more obligated to achieve my goals, so I will write about them here on HubPages and on my personal blog (it's in Serbian language). I hope I will not disappoint my readers and I will inspire someone to try changing his or hers life little by little.

Thank you for reading. I already feel supported.


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    • Jason Matthews profile image

      Jason Matthews 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      Great hub! Voted up!

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      6 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      You have made some wonderful progress as shown in this Hub and in your life events. I am happy for you.

    • freecampingaussie profile image


      6 years ago from Southern Spain

      I am a morning person myself and have breakfast & a coffee before going to work. Because it is hot here I get out of my clothes quickly and should put them all in one spot rather than try find them in a hurry in the morning !

    • diplorging profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Serbia

      Thank you very much. I hope I'll have so peaceful and nice mornings like you soon.

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 

      6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      I recently started getting up half an hour early in the morning and doing what is known as an "hour of power". I recently wrote a hub on this and it has changed the way I start my day for the better. In this hour I meditate for 10 minutes, do some very light exercise / stretching, eat breakfast, have coffee with my husband, tidy up the house a bit, get dressed, read some positive quotes and pray. It's amazing the difference it makes!

      Great hub and good luck with getting more organized - you're already doing well by the sounds of it :)


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