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How to conquer your fear and overcome negative thoughts

Updated on March 23, 2017
Copyright Maryam Morrison
Copyright Maryam Morrison | Source

The real reason for writing this article could be found back on 2008, when a constant spread of rumours concerning imminent earthquakes submerged in Hellenic territory as well as worldwide.

Rumours that exceeded the elation of seismic vibrations and caused more frustration that a real earthquake could make.

However the fear of imminent earthquakes was accompannied by new ones including world war,Earth destruction,poverty,hunger,planetary aligmnent and collision with comets and more.

Now that we've succesfully reached a certain period of Earth Time aka 2013 and just a month after the mind harrasing date Maya had spelled as a crucial point for a new coming era ,thus 21-12-2012, it's time to talk about non-rational spreading of fears and how to conquer them.

Earthquakes are not an unusual phenomenon for Greece, and for the remaining world as well.

Enceladus's horrible howls have been representing the earthquakes phenomenon since old times.

Nevertheless, have we supressed the fear that comes from such a phenomenon ?

Possibly no.

On first sight, we should comprehend what is fear.

Various Types of Fears

  • For overcrowded places
  • the future
  • death
  • the existing economic situation
  • world war and terrorism
  • loss or separation
  • pain
  • bad health
  • lack of goods
  • loneliness and isolation
  • rejection
  • professional and social re-establishment
  • relationships
  • ...and mostly for the "Unknown"

What is a fear?

Fear substantially means worry and stress.

The formations of Fear and its manifestations upon Human Soul vary .

Noticably, our lives are completely filled with fear!

It seems that people have been encircled by invisible bonds that bind them.

Mostly people do not understand, or simply overlook this situation, but usually fears are dispensed to a “time – closet” of the subconscious and they often re-appear when trying to calm down.

Usually fears are shaped within our dreams and fill us with query and even with greater fear.

Healing Music

We are, substantially, encircled with inummerable frightful energies, persons, situations, deeds, news (especcially on media!), and other incidents that basic aim is to cultivate additional fear.

The common principle of the fear scenario is the fact that they are founded upon the hallucination that happiness and joy depends on external and superficial events.

Most people are prone to imposition of control and force acquisition over people, implementing (unfortunately) techniques that yield more fear and pain.

Shouldn't we seek for the genuine source of this vulnerability to aim its complete extermination in our life?

The greatest defence, therefore, regarding this aim is vigilance and awareness

Source of Fear

Have you ever searched to find out who maintains the morbid sense of fear and perpetuate it?

Why is fear maintained, and what's the profit for its existence over a city, a nation, a planet?

Fear and all the negative thoughts create negative sentiments.

Negative thought - forms

Negative “thought – forms ” resemble small entities, which submerge in every place.

Especially, in huge cities in which bigger masses of population are assembled, people over - pressed by predicaments, oblivions, lack of knowledge and depression are substantially the means of a massive release of huge amounts of negative thoughts and fear.

Imagine how much negative energy is accumulated around us!

As it is well known, this energy nourishes again and again on tired minds of people, leading to neutralisation of resistance and hence the predominance of control.

So, next time, when succumbing to fear and negative thoughts, lets contemplate the type of food you offer to your environment and which type of feelings you nourish it with.


Light,Happiness and Joy

Long before someone is led to a dangerous slip towards the continuous creation of new fears and negative thoughts it is highly recommended to attract in the thought process a creative side of life, Light , and thus the sense of Happiness and joy.

Fear itself is decreased and eventually disasolves, when analyzed.

No more fear is constituted.

In order to make " fear shadows " dismiss, we should allow Light to intervene.

Nothing can be hidden under the luminous analysis of fears, worries and negative thoughts .

Divine Power and Awareness

When met with pleasant acceptance of our values that we're inherited by Divine Power eventually this action directs to awareness .

Love, creativity, our intuitive faculty, our force and our energy are developed.

We are powerful entities, full love and happiness and we deserve to know the Higher Force that resides within us.

This Higher Force sustains us to exceed fear and pain and all kinds of manipulation, whatever the source they emanate from.


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  • Demetre Winfield profile image

    Demetre A Winfield 

    5 years ago from chicago

    I realy enjoyed reading this hub. It also was helpful. Im glad i found it and vated up.

  • academylight profile imageAUTHOR

    Katerina Kostaki 

    5 years ago from Athens-Greece

    Thank you and welcome Leptirela.Thanks for commenting !

    Love and peace

  • academylight profile imageAUTHOR

    Katerina Kostaki 

    5 years ago from Athens-Greece

    William, it's so encougaging to read about releasing your fears and it's also wonderful that you share your thoughts on this issue with many people around the Globe.

  • Leptirela profile image


    5 years ago from I don't know half the time

    Usefull and thorough hub

    Thank you

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    5 years ago from Olympia, WA

    You covered the topic beautifully. I was trying to think of a fear I had while reading this. I guess I must have some but nothing is coming to mind. I'll have to give that some thought during the day. Thanks for this; well done.


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