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How to stay positive part 1

Updated on March 7, 2017

Focus on the beauty



With all the violence on the news, and everyday problems that may occur. It's easy to give energy to the negative and forget the positive. You can try turning off the tv for a while and enjoying a nice relaxing evening. Clear your mind and don't think about death or bills or anything that may stress you out. Dim the lights and and light a candle, preferably white for purity. Try a breathing exercise by imagining all the negative thoughts as red and positive as blue. Inhale positive, blue, calming, and siren thoughts. Exhale,red, negative,disturbing,troubling thoughts. Repeat this a few times until all your focusing on is the colors and not so much the thoughts The more positive thoughts we have the more positive people we ultimately become. Try looking on the bright side of things, you may have got a flat tire,but you are still fortunate enough to have a vehicle to ride around in. Relaxing your mind and body and help you feel more positive and in turn you will find it easier to be a more positive person. Don't worry be happy.


Give a hug today

Hugs are a great way to keep positive aspects in your life. They give you an extra boost,and studies show that they can increase your happy ratings. How often are you giving hugs to your loved ones and or friends? I'm sure a lot of people are going days and weeks without a hug,when it's been proven that affection has healing powers. Hugs are free and won't take much time to give and receive Also, make sure you are hugging your little ones once a day. So next time you need a little boost, give someone a hug. Affection is a basic human need that is often overlooked. It's simple and easy to do and you will feel great for doing it and the person will feel good for receiving it. Hugs are effective for curing depression,and it also reduces stress and can be a rejuvenation for your body. Who have you hugged today?


Feed your soul

Often times are souls are neglected when there are great things we can do to feed our soul and increase our positive vibes. Here are a list of random act of kindness: giving change to someone on the streets, paying for someones grocery in front of you,letting someone take a parking spot that you had your eye on,buy a lottery ticket and give it to a stranger and wish them luck,carry someones bags for them, offer your umbrella to a stranger when it's raining, pick up liter around your neighborhood, bake a loved one cookies and surprise them with them, volunteer at a homeless shelter. buy/ or adopt a pet. Pets have great vibrations and can also bring your positive levels up.Feeding your soul feels good, and when we feel good, we think more positively. Negativity can only harbor in an acidic environment, pinpoint the source of your negativity and drive it out.



Exercise can help to alleviate stress and make our bodies and minds feel good. Exercise lowers our blood pressure and also sends a chemical to our brains called endorphin's. They are a happy chemicals that act as sedatives. The signal is released to your brain and spinal cord and diminishes the perception of pain,leaving you in an euphoric state. So if were feeling good positive feelings and emotions can flow. This becomes a cycle, feeling good and exercising will also help you look good. Looking good increases are self esteem making us more positive and loving to ourselves. Meditation is another thing that can help keep you positive. A lot of what we go through happens to be replayed over and over in our minds. When we mediate we learn how to block out any negative thoughts or any thoughts of any kind for that matter. Making ourselves more balanced, more relaxed and more open for positive thoughts to flow. Positive energy can also be infectious, if you spread good positive energy to one person, they can spread it on. Open mind, strong body, beautiful soul= Positive people.


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