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How to Protect oneself from Bear Attack

Updated on July 21, 2014
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Sometimes if you come across a wild bear and surprise him ,don;t panic and run away .This will have a reverse affect and will invite the bear to attack ,instead stand up and back away slowly ,without looking at the bear directly into its eyes speak softly to the animal (no loud shouting ,though its easy to say and hard to follow)as one is so nervous that you panic at the sight of a bear .now lets be back to the safety attempt .

  • If it does not charge at you try to make yourself look large as possible .stick out your chest ,raise your arms and spread your leg,snow you can yell at the bear to frighten it ,
  • If you do not succeed in that attempt them play dead as bears do not attack the dead,clasp your hands behind your neck ,lie face down .Play dead and hold your breath and do not get up until you are sure that the bear has left .leave the area immediately in care the best returns to check again .
  • Once we came across a bear in Himachal Pardesh at Khagihar we were in the bus Tata 407 this huge creature crossed our bus where we stopped to rent a hotel it was early morning 3 am ,we all got frightened and no one wanted to get down in the fear of the creature ,though we were uncomfortable and were sitting in the chill of the hills we did not get down .The driver of the bus advised us to wait for the dawn ,which he considered a safer time to get down and approach a hotel.Latter we saw the bear was pondering around the nearby bush .we really thanked the driver for his advise .


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