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How To Teach Kids

Updated on October 22, 2011

There is a problem found almost every where that for teaching old typical methods had been used till last few years. Yet we have many countries where old traditional methods are used in education system.

This is something that does not bring up good learners or successful practitioners because their knowledge is all based on theories and not on practical learning. This is the core issue. The adoption of theoretical studies and methods while teaching kids does not develop their skills as they could be.

There is a clear thing kids of different ages learn through different means and methods. Like at each age children have interest in different things and activities. But one thing that is clear at each level is that kids always learn best while using toys or through activities that are creative.

Like, for example you may find a kid of age two to three years enjoying hand or finger painting. So it can go like if you want to make them learn about how many fingers are there in a hand you may make them print their hands on papers. This would be interesting and learning activity.

What Toys To Be Used?

Different people are found to have different approaches regarding teaching kids through toys. The learning process through toys is most effective, is something that is proved but each person have a different thinking as to what types of toys and how they should be used.

For some people they have a concept like just but loads and loads of toys for your kids and then let them play whatever the way they want to. While on the other hand some people believe that kids should be provided with toys that are activity based or from which there are more chances of learning for a kid.

These people have view that only the toys that help in mental or physical development of a kid should be provided to them. And for that even they prefer their kids to play with those in an environment that is actively administered.

Some Advices Regarding Games and Toys To Be Used

When it comes to young kids who are too small to digest class room environment with all theoretical learning from teachers, the best strategy is to involve them more in outdoor activities.

You want to teach them about things around? Trees, buildings, cloud any thing around, just take them out and provide them with legos. This will inspire them to make their own world. They would be designing and building a world of their own by looking things around them. See this is simple, your kids learnt about so many things and they did not even get bore.

This activity of making things through Lego also helps in developing imagination capability of kids. For more you can use video games. Definitely not of Mario brothers type but the ones that have educational prospects. 

These games could be like the ones based on puzzles theme. Or that are about forming words and many other such activities. With these games at least you would have a satisfaction that these are safe for your children and more over they are learning too through them. So it’s a good mean of entertainment plus education. 

Educational Stuff For Girls

You would find most of baby girls inspired of Barbie dolls and Bratz. So if it’s about girls, you would find dolls very effective mean of making them learn different things.

Through these they may learn about every aspect of life too because these dolls come with thousand of accessories. Their imagination their creativeness increases with use of these. More over as girls share their dolls while playing and other things they learn a social skill.

Educational Stuff For Toddlers

For toddlers toys that are safe for this age kids could help a lot. Like those which are big and that can not cause the danger of choking. Most of these toys are different blocks with numerous textures and balls like helium ones that are inflatable.

These toys help toddlers differentiate between colors that they see in them. You can easily make them recognize colors by using the color name with each different color ball. More over through blocks they may learn attaching things to build up their imagination skills.

So now being a parent I would want to advice you that although toys are really effective in teaching kids but you just can not leave the responsibility completely with toys.

You need to assist your children and give them proper time so that they may learn things well.

It is not possible that you buy toys and games for your kids and them shut them with their toys in room and expect them to learn everything.

You need to set a time table for them and at that particular time keeping yourself involved too, you would help your child in learning everything.

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