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How to Have Fun in a Small Town

Updated on August 12, 2007
Photo credit: Alicia Carey
Photo credit: Alicia Carey

Viva, Las Vegas! I Love New York! Welcome to Miami! Sure, we've all heard of these neon playgrounds of nonstop hustle and bustle, but what if you live in more rural settings? If you think being a resident or visitor of Small Town, U.S.A. means a ho-hum, provincial existence, read on to discover just what treasures lay beyond the front door.

With a little imagination and effort, you can find multiple things to do that are both entertaining and enjoyable.

Figuring out what to do

  • Consider the simple pleasures that make you happy. Do you like good food, fresh air, live music, or local artists? Do you enjoy curling up with a new book, or do you long for a thrilling adrenaline rush? Once you have determined what appeals to you, it becomes easier to search for something within your environment to satisfy those needs.
  • Find out what your friends are up to. Often the best excursions are not those we plan in advance, but what happens when we are invited to try something new.
  • Give into your inner child, and don't be afraid of "fun" in its purest form. Put aside your fears about looking silly; if you've always wanted to dress in costume for the Renaissance Faire, do it!
  • Be mindful of your budget; determine if splurging on concerts and high-end dining is feasible.
  • Explore the immediate area just beyond the town's outskirts. Are there any natural retreats, like hot springs or riverbeds, for you to enjoy?
  • Commit. Resist the temptation to flop back down on the couch with the attitude of "there's never anything going on..." There is always something going on.

Where to look?

  • Local newspapers- Feature stories about community gatherings and local hot spots are always readily available in the local press. Pick up a copy of your town newspaper or go online to get an idea of what festivals, celebrations, or attractions are available.
  • The radio- As one of the most affordable venues for local advertising, you'll find that DJs will make announcements about local events every half hour or so. Moreover, many radio stations sponsor festivals or concerts, so listen up for the chance to win free tickets or other prizes.
  • Your local library- Community bulletin boards are loaded with flyers advertising new and exciting things to try and also include coupons for places like dance studios, rock-climbing gyms, galleries, and community theatre.
  • Other residents- After chatting someone up at a grocery store or hair salon, you're bound to come away with a few ideas about next week's wine tasting or that new sushi and karaoke bar.

A few examples for every season:

  • Summer- Take advantage of the nice weather and get out to some festivals and concerts. Keep an eye out for county and state fairs where you can sample home-cooking, amusement park rides, and touring performers.
  • Fall- Stroll outdoors and enjoy the rich autumn foliage with someone whose company you enjoy. Grab some hot beverages and go stargazing, or if you want to see some unique and impressive artwork, try to find a pumpkin-carving contest around Halloween.
  • Winter- With the holiday season, there is no limit to the various parties and celebratory events one can savor. Whether you enjoy caroling, spreading holiday cheer to the needy, or going to see The Nutcracker or other classics like A Christmas Carol, you can find something to do both indoors and out.
  • Spring- Right after February is a great time to go and watch a few games, like your local basketball or baseball teams. Also, if you long to throw another party after the Superbowl, you can invite your friends over for an Oscar bash, and make bets as to who will win in what category.

Hopefully when you start looking around, you'll realize your little town can be just as fun as any metropolis, and also with a lot less smog and traffic.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

    • profile image

      increase vertical 

      10 years ago

      Excellent Reviews.. Good posts of articles and very nice Hub! Thanks for the sharing up your story.. Its very much useful for all of one..A very healthy tips..

    • glassvisage profile image


      10 years ago from Northern California

      Yes maam, there's always something going on... even in SLO! :P

    • profile image

      Darth Daddy 

      11 years ago

      Some places are so full of fun that you can spend a whole week there in one day!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Plus, everybody's famous in a small town!


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