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How Were Ancient Structures Built?

Updated on August 26, 2015
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The capstone of this Russian dolmen in the Caucasus weighs about 150 tons. It would take 350 strong men to lift it physically. There's no place to position all men. Lifting was done mentally.
The capstone of this Russian dolmen in the Caucasus weighs about 150 tons. It would take 350 strong men to lift it physically. There's no place to position all men. Lifting was done mentally. | Source

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Part V: Potentials of People During High Yuga's

The potentials of people during the Satya Yuga is almost limitless, with full control over matter in any form. Our view on how stones are lifted belongs typically to the Kali Yuga/Dwapara Yuga - meaning that we cannot comprehend far beyond raw matter and raw methods of movement.

It is therefore that we try to explain how (very) heavy stones were moved in the way we would do, with our current mental/spiritual capacities. And that's not scientific. That's projection.

Putting hundreds of men as mules in front of a huge stone and pull it to its destination. This is our projection how it is done. Most of the stones are simply impossible to lift. Some would require even 100,000 men to lift. Thus, there must be other explanations for this.

It means that many structures were built during the Satya Yuga and have to be placed in another time frame and another mind set.

What Do You Think

Where was Stonehenge Used for?

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Stonehenge is in fact also a kind of dolmen, a collection of dolmens shaped in a certain pattern. Stonehenge is a highly sacred and spiritual site, with enormous spiritual powers, despite the dilapidated state of preservation.

Stonehenge is older than formerly estimated by archaeologists according to this article. Stonehenge would be at least 9,500 years old. It means that Stonehenge was built during the last Satya Yuga period - the period of the highest consciousness. It is therefore likely that we won't understand its purpose until we reach the highest state of consciousness, that will still take at least 5,500 years.

The Guardian published at September 10, 2014 an article about a new huge series of discoveries around Stonehenge, that makes science believe it was a spiritual site of enormous dimensions. According to Vince Gaffney, from the Birmingham University.

"This radically changes our view of Stonehenge. The importance is not that we found yet another set of strange archaeological monuments, but that they have a spatial relationship with Stonehenge. The project has revealed that the area around Stonehenge is teeming with previously unseen archaeology and that the application of new technology can transform how archaeologists and the wider public understand one of the best-studied landscapes on Earth,"

The human skeletal remains found around Stonehenge makes science think that Stonehenge could be used as a ceremonial complex, as a temple of the dead or perhaps as a kind of solar calendar to track lunisolar movements. A fact is that still no one has the faintest clue. The most likely explanation is that Stonehenge was initially a kind of tracking device, perhaps to allocate the movements of Brahma. In later times of lower consciousness it could have been used by druids for sacred rites.

It is not unlikely that Stonehenge could be much older than 9,500 years, regarding the amount of erosion found on some of the stones and that it might fit in an earlier Satya Yuga cycle, or even many Satya Yuga's earlier.

The way how scientists determine the age these structures, by looking for indirect related organic materials, is principally wrong. But also understandable since they don't have other means and are bound by ways how scientists are supposed to work. Science is about gathering indisputable materialistic evidence and when it comes to history this appears to be nearly impossible.

Many ancient civilisations made use of ancient constructions, like they used caves. But that the cave isn't as old as the organic material found at the site is obvious to all of us, nevertheless is this what is done with humanoid constructions.

The stones of Stonehenge are not as heavy as many other monolithic structures, but still lifting the cap stones of about 10 metric tons would take 250 men. This is unlikely, because it would indicate that all these strong healthy men had nothing better to do.

There are also other smaller stones in the inner circle that weigh 6-7 tons, that are believed to come from 300 kilometres away. How were they transported? The traditional view is to bind ropes around the stone, role it over straight trunks and put hundreds of strong men in front of it. This would take hundreds of strong healthy at least two months to do this. This undertaking would cost too much human resources and contradicts with our perception of the suffering barbarian in bear skins, running around catching beasts and to maintain their families.


Tiahuanaco is probably one of the most mysterious ancient treasures discovered up to now. How the many stones of Tiahuanaco are crafted remains the largest mystery and is still open for any speculation. The precision in which these stones are machined is still far above current industrial standards and this makes Tiahuanaco very intriguing from a technical point of view.

The current explanations of archaeologists are still inadequate when they are trying to explain the applied building techniques of the Tiahuanaco's - with hammer and chisel.

With our current 'advanced' technology it would impossible to duplicate Tiahuanaco. Who were these people?

Tiahuanaco is officially estimated to be built around 300 B.C.. Other sources estimate Tiahuanaco around 14,000 to 15,000 years old, based upon controversial estimations of Arthur Posnansky. Posnansky was a well established and intelligent engineer, who dedicated his whole life on Tiahuanaco and therefore his theories cannot be written off as pseudo science, like the office scholars of Wikipedia do.

Although the estimations of Posnansky are also a shot in the dark, his explanations seem to be still the most likely, much better than the indirect scientific estimations that are based upon organic residues found at and around the site - which says nothing about the age of structures itself. If Tiahuanaco was built during this period it would mean it was built during the increasing Satya Yuga, during the highest mental state in a period of bloom. It indicates that Posnansky's theory is supported by the Yuga cycles.

The Milankovitch cycles of 41,000 years where Posnansky based his theory upon, could also easily point out that Tiahuanaco could be built one Yuga cycle earlier - 56,000 years ago, although this doesn't appear to be likely, because the Satya Yuga was going down at that time. In a downward Yuga Humanity slowly loses their capacities. During a Satya Yuga, Humanity must have been aware of the phenomena of Yuga cycles, what in this case could mean that Tiahuanaco was built to maintain something when Humanity would enter the lowest regions. Tiahuanaco could for example be a kind of temple where Humans could directly connect with Brahma, even when Humanity lost all capacities by themselves.

Why it became abandoned is still a mystery. Some think it could be because of disruption of some kind, like immense earthquakes. It is more likely that Tiahuanaco became abandoned after the latest Earth Crust Shift.

Explanation About The Bosnian Pyramids Could be More Than 25,000 Years Old

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun at Visočica

Since the year 2000, messages started to pop up that a new kind of pyramid was discovered in Bosnia by Semir Osmanagić. Osmanagić claims that the pyramid might be over 25,000 years old. The carbon dating used to date the pyramids are indirect, meaning they used artefacts inside the pyramid to date the construction itself. This could mean that this pyramid could be much older as well.

If this pyramid is actually this old it would mean it was built during the deepest valley of the former Kali Yuga and this seems very unlikely.

How is it possible that this pyramid is so suddenly discovered? Everyone thought it was just a mountain, because of the vegetation. It seems altogether likely that Osmanagić is right, since the pyramid is covered with fertile soil, that could have brought there by the Great Flood.

It seems that mainstream archaeology has no interest in this object, which is strange, regarding the clues that are found in the past years after the discovery. It might be that there were 'unwanted' discoveries that change the views on the antiquity of the Pyramids of Giza, which would have huge implications.

The traditional view on history of mankind would be totally disrupted and this could be devastating to the ignorance of the mass.

The Pyramids of Crimea

In August 2012 Ukrainian scientists claim to have discovered in Crimea, near Sevastopol, the oldest pyramids in the world. At first hand they estimated them to be 65 million years old. The reason for this initial estimates was that these pyramids were buried under what seemed to be a natural formed earth layer. Later the scientists estimated the pyramids around 10,000 years old, without giving a proper explanation why they are totally covered or sunk under the ground.

None of the official channels has reported this discovery which is strange, because it is a world changing discovery. This Russian website explains more about the pyramids. There are currently no scientific institutes that have data about these pyramids. It seems that mainly sensationalists are busy with these discoveries.

What is very interesting about these pyramids, is that they appear to be aligned exactly with New York and Satu Qala (where since 2013 the ancient city Idu has been discovered).

On some sensational websites they claim that the pyramids are aligned towards Stonehenge, which is obviously incorrect. The alignment is on New York - 100% sure and verified.

That the pyramids are buried, made the scientists think they must be millions years old, but they overlooked the fact that the Black Sea is the youngest sea on Earth that very likely was created by the Great Flood that also buried these pyramids under great mudslides and rocks.

A summary:

  • The Crimean pyramids are aligned, which could mean they are pointing to somewhere. It could be a former Geographical North Pole or probably something else. A fact that is verifiable is that they are exactly aligned on New York and Idu.
  • The Crimean pyramids are estimated to be around 10,000 years old, not 65 million years old, this violates every logic sense, although all possibilities have to be kept open.
  • The Black Sea is estimated to be 10,000 years old.
  • There is a submerged city found at a depth of 100 meters, claimed to be at least 7,000 years old.
  • It is very likely that the latest Earth Crust Shift caused sloshing oceans and seas and also caused enormous mudslides, burying these pyramids. This possibility makes it less likely the pyramids are millions years old.
  • It would indicate that the latest Earth Crust Shift that caused the Great Flood took place around 10,000 years ago, that is approximately in line with the many indications like the end of the last ice age. The ice age was in fact not an ice age, but a shift of the geometrical poles.
  • It could indicate that the Pyramids of Giza are built in the same period, 10,000 years ago and not as often assumed, 4,500 years ago.

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Shortlist of Unexplained Ancient Sites

Possible age
7,500 BC
12,000 BC
Pyramids of Bosnia
25,000 BC
Pyramids of Crimea
10,000 BC

It is clear that our history is not as simple as we learned at school.

There are limitless signs of very high civilisations that don't fit in the classical imaginations of bearded hairy barbarians running around with spears in bear skins. Our ancestors were much more sophisticated than this.

They were able to built immense structures with the least effort.

© 2014 by Buildreps


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